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This I Know

This I Know



At the age of five or six my Father held my tiny hand

through terrifying incest and nights of unholy unrest,

even then as small as I was I knew He had a plan

if only I could rise above this evil disgusting quest.

Then again in my twenties due to decisions I had made

I found myself beaten to a pulp and barely hanging on,

reached out and found His hand upon my soul He laid

I walked away from this man no longer his stupid pawn.

Guilt filled me that time as I broke the most solemn vow

hurting my soul inside my faith tested deeper still,

I could hear His whisper through the hell even then

He reassured me sincerely this would never be His will.

Half a century later now walking on this hard worn path

twisting and turning away as I spread seeds trying to sow,

not once have I incurred the tiniest bit of my Father’s wrath

He’s held my hand since the day I sang…

“Jesus loves me this I know.”