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Grafted (Travel Theme: Wind)


A lifetime of fury

grafted into a push

leaves rioting

amongst the broken boughs


trees bent in Oregon

Only to be cast off

into a hazy purple mist

where the strong reclaim their home

from what was once a dusky dream

house in fog in Oregon

My trip through Oregon a few years ago… there was no wind in the trees of the upper picture, they grew that way; and isn’t that house too cool? Nothing like placing the house where you get the most shade!  LOL 

This is part of the “Weekly Travel Theme” http://wheresmybackpack.com/2015/07/31/travel-theme-wind/

Thanks Ailsa, fun challenge 🙂






the wind sings a haunting tale

spreading life in a mighty gale

a song of love ripping across the sea

now missing the northernmost lea

surrounded by mountains craggily

frozen heights sharpened gustily

it used to echo across the hills

blasting snows with glacial chills

but something pulled it back south

like an inhaling gaping mouth

forcing it to stay below a breeze

warming now instead of a freeze

it cries nightly missing wild falls

of chaos and tempestuous squalls

calling out in a careening wail

blustering and filling a seaward sail

it swirls now dancing across meadows

hanging in the air it sadly billows

a whisking flurry of eerie harrows

barely able to bend a few willows





 good morning wild world

you still look beautiful

through the bruising rain


pounding in rising waves

of wind fiercely gusting

a spirit just barely sane


trees swaying to and fro

leaves hanging on weakly

exhaling their last breath


as the tiny twigs sever

falling freely gracefully

sensing their future death


the wind catching them

in playful swirls dancing

falling stars in a wild life


landing softly then spun again

before catching the soil

feeding the circle of life

Closer than the Wind


Closer than the Wind



The praise of evensong,

the Hallelujah of a sunrise,

the presence of light,

balance of dark,

making light shine


Wolf call longing psalm,

sunset of peace,

whispering wind a hymn,

belief in the beyond,

today fawning enough.

Questions rising from an owl

echo back Holiness,

each time we love.

Birds honoring the Son of the Morning,

beasts raving obedience,

shining loyal devotion.

No selfish thoughts;

see their instinct

 drawing them

closer than the wind?