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Grafted (Travel Theme: Wind)


A lifetime of fury

grafted into a push

leaves rioting

amongst the broken boughs


trees bent in Oregon

Only to be cast off

into a hazy purple mist

where the strong reclaim their home

from what was once a dusky dream

house in fog in Oregon

My trip through Oregon a few years ago… there was no wind in the trees of the upper picture, they grew that way; and isn’t that house too cool? Nothing like placing the house where you get the most shade!  LOL 

This is part of the “Weekly Travel Theme” http://wheresmybackpack.com/2015/07/31/travel-theme-wind/

Thanks Ailsa, fun challenge 🙂


Jacob’s Ladder

Theres something about trees that connects me,

a pull to the soil below.

Their roots go deep, their arms touch the sky,

they suffer the moss to grow.

The light plays across their shoulders tenderly,

quietly the branches glow.

They bend gallantly to cede to peace

their greatest seed to sow.

Daily Prompt: Writing Room


I leaned against the crust of a tree, my laptop open and fingers paused on the keys.  The cold wet seeping through my jacket and jeans.  The Genie appeared again in a pale puff and asked,

“Your second wish is for a writing room?”

My first wish he had already granted, my laptop and battery would never die.

“Well, yes, I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a luxurious tree house, where I could write in peace and comment on the Glory I see each day.”

“If this is your request, say it now.”

“Ok, I wish I had a luxurious tree house where I could write in peace and comment on the Glory I see each day.”


Directly above me, a magnificent tree house appeared, with a spiral staircase leading up to it and a small covered porch.  I jumped up, dropping my laptop on the ground, and began to climb.

It was beautiful:  created in all wood, windows on all four sides.  There was a tiny bathroom off to one side.  A small sink and refrigerator and of course, a coffee maker plugged in, brewing, with a cup next to it, in an alcove next to the bathroom.  A huge skylight above let the sunshine stream in.  I opened a window and could hear birds chirping.  I open the freezer and it’s filled with frozen pizza’s.  I opened the fridge and there is fruit, salad makings, cheese, and a case of Sutter Home White Merlot.  Two wine glasses hung from a shelf nearby.

There is a huge soft, purple recliner next to one window.   I noticed immediately there were several hundred green peas piled in the chair, and instantly realize my Genie has a hearing problem.

I turn smiling hugely to thank the Genie, but he’s already gone.

I ran down the steps to retrieve my laptop, then back upstairs to my new dream writing room.  I look in a drawer and find a wine opener and bust open the wine, my favorite, and Christen my new writing home.  I realized I should’ve added a bed, so I could live here forever, but it hadn’t occurred to me.  I have tunnel vision when it comes to writing.  I tend to block out little unimportant details like a bed, or a media center, or a hot tub and olympic sized pool.  But hey, I still have one wish left.

Maybe I should make a list.

Daily Prompt: Through the Window

A sky so white that it’s almost blinding.  Not what you’d call overcast because it’s so bright, but the Sun is clearly losing a game of Red-Rover with the rain clouds.

Teardrops dangling precariously from each needle, winking coyly in the bright morning light.

The rise of a mountain top just over the trees;  Western pines, Douglas firs and a few wayward Cedar, towering over the rest in a forever Christmas state.  An Alder or two trying to blend in, but labeled an outcast by all the aforementioned.  A weed sucking up their water, they try to shade it to death.  The simple row staggeringly tall, yet mowed into submission and forced to wait in line.  Waiting until the evil insurance company comes along and demands they die now, rather than at the end of their life.

The mountain a few miles in distance, rising above everything else by 1000’s of feet, it’s only competition its sloping front, cut and severed from its Mother by a river that was just a trickle of runoff a million years ago.  I love this mini-me of a mountain, because if you sit at the top of it, Eagles will fly right by you less than ten feet away through the small canyon that has formed.  Birds will eat from your hands:  I have a picture of my son when he was only 8 or 9, holding out his hand, with a small bird eating a crumb, from this same rocky spot.

The peak of the mountain looks much like a haystack, and from the angle of my home, this is what we see; just a giant forest-covered mountain with a giant rock on top, resembling a hay stack.  Reminds me of a Russian fur hat worn by women, not too tall.  Plugging the volcano that reared its ugly head a billion years ago, blasting out the huge tilted crater we see below the rock.  I have friends who live directly below this blown out section, who say the soil and rock they live on used to reside at the top.  Which looks to be true, if you know anything about Geology.  It’s the perfect picture of a collapsed volcano that has blasted down the mountain.   This is the back side of Mt. Si, rarely seen or talked about, because the front is spectacular.  But here on the back side, or east side, I can also just make out Wallace Falls, just a stripe of grey on its face of green peaking through the hanging clouds.  Even from here, a few miles away, I can still see it moving.  It’s pounding with runoff from the snow above, just icing the top of the grange behind it.

If you were Sasquatch and living in the peaks to avoid humans, from Mt. Si in front, along the peaks going North, you could make it all the way to Alaska.  Which, by the way, is on my bucket list!

Hiking Through Heaven

You can’t kill me….

Energy in every living thing,

Chop off the top, the bottom doesn’t know.

Storms and fire can rage above,

Its’ soul safe deep below.







Snoqualmie River, North Fork

Each step I take connects me,

I blend into the serenity.

Dew winks at me playfully,

mi amor always faithfully.






in miniature

A grove of tiny trees,

struggling to survive.

Brings peace to my soul,

Each one is alive.





Franklin Falls



Surprise, God Blesses me,

the shades of greens uncountable.

The pounding water energy unleashed,

the beauty insurmountable.