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dainty, scalloped and ruffled in pink

like a child in church clothes

forced to sit still so as to not crinkle

or mess their special dress

but God doesn’t care if you come

in tatters and filth, wrinkled with loss

surrounded in the darkness of your past

He only cares that you come…

to Him

that you love as He does…

with every torn petal





Thorns tear at my heart, scratching and ripping

as he walks down that lonely road

pulling the threads farther apart

he needs a knot to hang on to

just a snag in that wore out groove.

Scratching at the welt left behind

swollen and angry stupor

filling every shiver with ache

tangling across the silent trail

tripping him up, holding him down,

torn away too soon,

confused by the rambling brambles.

Too old to ask for help,

too young to admit defeat

spurred on by a point

a burr sticking to the wrong side

the way not a fork or turn.

Briars slashing his dreams,

cutting down his will to tread

drained by bloody barbs,

thistles or roses,

their scent wafts through the closed doors.