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some people…

some people say…

there is no God

but I know different

they believe in themselves

achieving only grandeur

for a moment, maybe two

in a bazillion moments

I believe in The Creator

they believe in nothing

a reality they make up

to fill their emptiness

they will have this reality

in the end

seems a sad way to live

empty and alone

I believe in the obvious

the sky speaks to me

the stars answer me

I feel His touch

holding me

and I get goosebumps

I feel it inside me

growing larger


I feel it the greatest

when I think about meeting Him

my throat aches with longing

my heart rises in joy

and tears come to my eyes

just the thought of Him

descending on that final day

makes my heart beat faster

my adrenalin race

yet I feel incredibly


you can’t change my feelings

you can’t change my mind

or explain that away

I dare you to try