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The Quilt Ate My Pen

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Ever have one of those days? Lounging in bed, rolling smokes, keeping up my checkbook, calculating whether or not I’ll have enough money to buy a new harness, lightweight, reversible, oh hell yeah. My goal, to hike and fly… anywhere I can. I’m making little notes, and at some point I lean over to light a cigarette and when I sit back up, my pen is gone. Gone! lol This is a true story, just now! lol

I have a patchwork quilt that is in the great 60’s grandma style of gaudy polyester pieces that were actually worn at the time. I know, shocking… lol  Just hideous squares of light purple dots on an orange background; dark green and red plaids; giant red flowers; bright yellow rows of puckered dashes; puckered lime ‘x’s; geometric designs in dark blues and OH MY GOD they threw it all together into a quilt. Can anyone say ‘coordinate’?  I can actually remember seeing my grandmother in the plaids and navy blue geometric suits, lmao… that was the 60s I remember. Grandma quilted with the best of them, and 8 grandchildren needed to be kept warm. She used the scraps. Grandma always made her own suits, dresses and skirts, and she looked sharp… for the time. Miss you Grandma.

My mother made all six of my brothers’ suits for Easter Sunday one year, hahahahaha, they were pale colors in purple, blue, lime, pine, and I can’t remember the other two, must have been peach or beige, anyway, my friends called them ‘the rainbow from hell’. But stand them next to each other, and we couldn’t quit laughing. They hated them. Which made me happy. I had to wear a stupid dress, so … ha!

Still, I can’t find the damn pen anywhere.  It’s RED!  If you see it, could you mail it to me.

Have a BLESSED day all, Smile




love comes in all colors

see the beauty in a glorious rainbow

even though blood is always a deep deep red

we all blush and can vibrantly glow


My pal Edie and I swapped Rhodies last year, because I didn’t like the white one I had.  It was getting huge and taking up all the space in my flowerbeds.  I wanted a tall one so I could see it from inside my house and plant flowers at its base.

So we dug up one of her purple ones, just this tall skinny dude, and he has 9 whole blossoms on him this morning, busting out!

What shall I call him….George?  I don’t know, but he made my day this morning!!  Have a great day everyone, and may you all have Many Blossoms Blooming!!!