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oh, how I LOVE SNOW…

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way up high, where I rarely go

its’ beauty shining brightly in a pure clean white

blanketing the darkness in a majestic sight

a miracle in physics in each tiny amazing flake

unique amongst a billion copies gloriously remake

a lonely barren mountainside longing to lift its face

to smile brightly up at God, shining back His Grace


Oh, but the horror…



Oh, but the horror ringing in our ears

doesn’t come close to our hate and fears.

The injustice wielded and unfairly meted out

didn’t even bring the right change about.

They hoped to achieve a chaotic government reign

but instead achieved multiples of innocent pain.

Corruption still holds true each and every day

changing our world for the better, on a hill they say.

Yet, stalling and greedy they waste valuable time

hiding behind doors concerned with their climb.

Filling our politicians with just more desire

not for truth or honesty, but only to rise higher.

Why bother to compromise and pretend to tolerate

when they know for life they will still be inveterate.

Only caring for their bank accounts to greatly grow

not caring in the least if we already know.


Oh, but the horror ringing in our ears

doesn’t come close to the real truth and tears.