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Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men


Which way do I go, up through the gloaming of despair,

boldly across the zebra walkway, out in the open?

Or skitter along the corners, leaning under the shadows,

melting into the lamppost obscurity?

Hidden from a burning hate that hunts all night,

the weak scurry silently while rugged sinew subdues.

Jarring the motionless dirty mote, crunching gravel,

the adrenalin peaks with a bumped pallet.

Freeze, until all is settled, swallow my breath,

tiptoe past grim unrest, thrust into a bleak cast.

Almost there, the haze falters with a switch,

sprinting, leaping, run, run, not there.

Distorting the last moment, looking back,

stumbling into the dim, smacked by a wall.

A beer can flee’s with an echo, alerting the hunger,

the stalker closes in, the trap bitterly forecast.

Around a lopsided corner, falling brick crumbled dry,

a bright rainbow of reflected grease, mocking my digression.

Splashing through a relief of puddled disdain,

nose twitching, I reach the dumpster of desire.