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Ode to a grown up Cat in the Hat!

he was near-sighted and didn’t see

eyes watching him shake his bootee

bustin’ a move across the kitchen floor

tryin’ to reach the swingin’ back door

slippin’ and slidin’ a power moon walk

the eyes soon followed in an eery stalk

just as he thought he was about to be free

four fat kitties leaped powerfully

the little mouse who had no chance

the little mouse who shat his pants


Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men


Which way do I go, up through the gloaming of despair,

boldly across the zebra walkway, out in the open?

Or skitter along the corners, leaning under the shadows,

melting into the lamppost obscurity?

Hidden from a burning hate that hunts all night,

the weak scurry silently while rugged sinew subdues.

Jarring the motionless dirty mote, crunching gravel,

the adrenalin peaks with a bumped pallet.

Freeze, until all is settled, swallow my breath,

tiptoe past grim unrest, thrust into a bleak cast.

Almost there, the haze falters with a switch,

sprinting, leaping, run, run, not there.

Distorting the last moment, looking back,

stumbling into the dim, smacked by a wall.

A beer can flee’s with an echo, alerting the hunger,

the stalker closes in, the trap bitterly forecast.

Around a lopsided corner, falling brick crumbled dry,

a bright rainbow of reflected grease, mocking my digression.

Splashing through a relief of puddled disdain,

nose twitching, I reach the dumpster of desire.