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Just Water and Knowledge



we are all

just water and knowledge


little dust at the beginning

remaining only on the surface

‘til the breeze has it’s way

rippling with laughter

across years of wash

while a moment is filled

with a flowing grace

unrecognized or shunned

by a will diminished at each turn

as desire pulls at us

like roots wrinkled with age

as the seas loom in the distance

forgetting we were made

from beneath the sky

rising slowly after each fall

to cascade with light

while mercy covers our soul

and wisdom wanes into a well


On the Edge


On the Edge

poised for the moment
on the edge of humanity
a tiptoe through a kind moral
a fall from the depth of disgrace
turning to lucidly look back
lost in a syrup of decay
the deepest beauty too far
to fly to on wings of despair
destruction etched in the brim
aching to arch away freely
spiraling inward visibly
untwisted to the untrained eye
drawn to folding on the fringe
a society of unkind amity
mercy a mild sufferance
blinded by colors of greed
a sorrowful stock of flesh
in a race to outrun transience
rivaling an ephemeral
waste of the dawn

I Used to Give Thanks…

I Used to Give Thanks



I used to give Thanks from deep deep down

a lost sheep who’s finally been found

for every little meaningless thing

that fills my time like a bell will ring

loudly echoing from side to side

taking over thoughts far and wide

not realizing how stupid and selfish I was

when He gave His Son’s very life for us

while we murdered every indigenous soul

gave them small pox and then we stole

their land, homes and lives then celebrated

how bountiful our God was, we proudly stated

while He was shamed and raged from above

“How could you do this with My love?”

so today I give Thanks for God’s Graceful Care

His Forgiveness and Mercy is always there

Blessing His children although we rarely see

His Tender Heart and Humaneness Given Fully

Benevolent Compassion His Amazing Way

This is what I’m truly Thankful for today!