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In An Instant


beauty and death swirled into one

the light a pale kiss upon deep magenta veins

the Creator’s design to teach us Hope

for life is evolving in front of our eyes

one minute opening like a slow dance

the next withering into a curl of loss

darkening into dried silken ash

but before falling softly to the ground

another slow dance peels open God’s heart

blossoming into Hope in an instant


A Million Thorns

cactus flower


filled with a million thorns

treachery and pain at every turn

can still bring forth blossoms

filled with tenderness and beauty

I say

look for the beauty

crave the tenderness

never commit to treachery

and you can always

tiptoe through the thorns

This I Know

This I Know



At the age of five or six my Father held my tiny hand

through terrifying incest and nights of unholy unrest,

even then as small as I was I knew He had a plan

if only I could rise above this evil disgusting quest.

Then again in my twenties due to decisions I had made

I found myself beaten to a pulp and barely hanging on,

reached out and found His hand upon my soul He laid

I walked away from this man no longer his stupid pawn.

Guilt filled me that time as I broke the most solemn vow

hurting my soul inside my faith tested deeper still,

I could hear His whisper through the hell even then

He reassured me sincerely this would never be His will.

Half a century later now walking on this hard worn path

twisting and turning away as I spread seeds trying to sow,

not once have I incurred the tiniest bit of my Father’s wrath

He’s held my hand since the day I sang…

“Jesus loves me this I know.”





 good morning wild world

you still look beautiful

through the bruising rain


pounding in rising waves

of wind fiercely gusting

a spirit just barely sane


trees swaying to and fro

leaves hanging on weakly

exhaling their last breath


as the tiny twigs sever

falling freely gracefully

sensing their future death


the wind catching them

in playful swirls dancing

falling stars in a wild life


landing softly then spun again

before catching the soil

feeding the circle of life

Being Blossoms

pink pedals on a tiny tricycle
balls and bats strewn about
13 new puppies to find homes for

blossoms in the spring

surprised smile at your first kiss
hands accidentally touch then hold
lambs bounding across a hillside

blossom with innocence

bloom with an unadorned smile
be nearby for the loneliest eyes 
dancing with the flowers on the wall

blossom like sparkling champagne

bowing your head in awareness
realizing the humblest truths
forgiving because it's so simple

blossom with the glow of your beliefs

wear your heart on your sleeve
show the world there's no reason to hide
let your love pour out like Old Faithful

blossoming is teaching with the petals of your soul