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Sway Away


1 abstract

finding your tree of life

Glory kisses a seed

grow towards the light

rinse in the falling rain

shine and bow

once rooted sway away

for the light is grown in you

and hope is your seed


find the Messiah in you

the Hope of Glory

burning in the light

leave darkness to fall

shine from your soul

stretch your branch of hope

resting in the Messiah

the Hope of Glory






like a hummingbird

flitting in and out of a turtlehead flower

flitting in and out of my heart


like a butterfly

fluttering up and down in a breeze

fluttering up and down my spine


like a bird in flight

soaring high over life’s doubts

soaring high no matter what lies below


like a busy bee

buzzing in circles around my head

buzzing in circles is eternal


like a mockingbird

repeating a phrase such as:

he who has hope, has everything


therefore in this very moment

I have everything

… everything


Prayer: for Earth

Prayer: for Earth



tolerance: for other’s choices

freedom: for more than a few

food: to feed a starving world

children: laughing as they do

kindness: to blanket them all

warmth: on a cold hard road

health: for a nice long life

ease: to carry a heavy load

peace: in every single soul

justice: never needing to fight

hope: in a world of darkness

love: reaching towards the light

Pride & Self Esteem…three words that ruin our Children’s hearts!

Most people learn as they age, that yes, Pride does goeth before a fall.  Or at the very least it rides along with you as you fling yourself over that cliff.  But rarely do people understand the damage that Self Esteem does.  It is only half an inch from Pride, in meaning.

Sure we want our children to grow up with confidence in their abilities and mental capacity, and of course we want them to feel valuable!  To us and themselves.  It’s a fine line, I know, but the step over to complete conceit and vanity and worst of all narcissism, is just an inch wide.

The vanity and conceit are blatantly seen across the United States, thrown in everyone’s lives minute by minute on TV and now the Internet, to the point that they are accepted, even rewarded in the work place when it poses as confidence.  But it is not confidence, it is conceit; thinking you are better than someone else for ANY reason.  Putting others down, thinking it will make you look better is just ridiculous.

Who ever came up with this idea?

So when George says, “Tom (his coworker) can’t handle it, I’ll do it!” to the boss, HE IS NOT BEING CONFIDENT, he is literally helping to get poor Tom fired at a future date.  When he could easily have said, “Oh sure boss, I can do that, no problem” without ONCE putting down poor Tom, NOT even mentioning his name, eluding to the fact that he may really be too busy, or not able to do it.   Instead, if George knew he was already valuable, and was truly confident, he would understand the greatness that comes with always being your best self.

I hear parents saying ALL the time, “You need to build up Sally’s self-esteem, or she’ll never fit in!”  THIS STATEMENT makes me want to PUNCH YOU!!!  Do not ever say it around me!  Because NO YOU DON’T!  You do not need to BUILD up ANYTHING, and especially nothing that is false.   What you NEED to do, is give Sally things to do, that WILL BUILD her self-esteem, with each step she takes and each thing she accomplishes.  YOU CANNOT GIVE someone THEIR self-esteem.  What you can give them is the opportunity for a self grown DIGNITY!  Knowing they can do what they set out to do.  This is SO much more important to them in LIFE than an ego.

You can give them Morale, if done properly, or you can give them Vain Hope.  When you falsely try to build them up, with fake “attaboys” and “way to go’s” when all they have done is the simplest of human activities, I think you are merely giving them False Hope.  The only example I can think of right now, that comes to mind, but mind you there are millions of them, is this: the practice of giving every member of a sports team a tiny trophy … just for showing up each day and dressing like every one else.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  All the child needs to know, is they had fun, and enjoyed it, and if so, do you want to do it again.  PERIOD!  WE are turning our little leagues into factories of children who have NO REAL FEELINGS OF WORTH!

As an adult, for example, when your boss tells you that you did a good job today, YOU KNOW IMMEDIATELY if this is the truth or just crap.  YOU KNOW!  Do you REALLY think children are THAT STUPID?  That they don’t pick up on your LIES?  OH THEY DO!  Instead, you tell the child or adult, “well that was a tough day, lets hope tomorrow goes smoother.”  HONESTY is SO EASY!  So much easier, and healthier to a human soul.

When you lie, all you are giving them is a HUGE EGO!  That NO ONE wants to be around, so why would you?

And when it comes to Pride, well I have only ONE word for you:  God!  YHVH!  Either name will do.   For GOD created Every single thing, every single atom, every single one of your children, every single opportunity you ever had, EVERY SINGLE BLESSING YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED!

Therefore, YOU have NO RIGHT to PRIDE in any form.  Period.

Nuff Said.

Beyond the Visible

only our Soul can judge

up that hill you trudge

how far you need to go

wandering to and fro

straying over what you think you know


only Hope can dream

light a path in a beam

push you to accomplish

feel a bit foolish

reaching beyond cowardice you banish


only Faith can humble inside

arrogance runs to hide

a promise an ocean wide

stretching out past empty dark space

relinquishing doubts you can finally face


only your Soul shines and sings

only Hope ends forebodings

only Faith can give you great wings






wander my soul

inhale sigh

smile at me

grin at the sky

feel the soil

tug draw still

breathe deeply

gulp the hill

miss a cloud

wonder if they

play outside

on a yo-yo day

dance with a tree

skip a creek

step on shadows

hidden hollow seek

canvas of jesting

silence dashes be

bushy-tailed chill

frostbit tea

singing woods

springing leave

wild with hope

whimsy of me

You Are


You Are



You are the shine that is Glory,

The wonder that is life,

The sparkle in each tiny piece,

The peace after the strife.

You light the world,

With spectacular Glory,

Shining love in each atom,

Known before history.

Your Son loves brighter,

Than our sun below,

He shone like no other,

A forest fires’ glow.

Pure as crystal ice,

A Lamb led the way,

Glimmering in Hope,

Taught us to pray.

Decided to save us all,

For some strange reason,

Not caring who we’d become,

Forgiving each season.

Shining He inspired us,

Forever now and then,

You are Light and Majesty,

Holy loving sin.

Humble Hope


Humble Hope


Heads tilted in thought,

A prayer for us all,

Babe’s taking their first steps,

Please Lord,

Don’t let them fall.

Innocent and unaware,

Frightened to their core,

Unprepared for the shock,

Fear gushing from every pore.

These first steps take away facets,

Ideals and dreams shattered too soon,

Rocking their faith, testing hope,

A family carved out in platoon.

Changing, glittering, sharp form,

Reformed by honor, altered by hate,

Haunted throughout the seasons,

Never knowing their chiseled fate.

Our Sons and daughters,

We’re praying for, Lord, humbly,

Tilting into danger,

Tipping forward free,

Giving their precious life for me.