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A Stencil of Life

mountain in the clouds


Man hasn’t ruined, stepped upon this ground

not sacred, not lost, blessedly not found

high upon mountains reaching for the sky

only paws and claws had been this high

Revealing life through a pale purple mist

untouched, serene as a cool soft kiss

a glimpse into the future, a peaceful sigh

Glory silently spilling… just across the sky


Its a stencil of life, simple and honestly true

loving God first, all souls, everything under blue

spreading joy, honor, innocence and candor

no reason for deceit, for this is much grander

Wildly simple, cherish it all, living off this wonderland

now see His son, head bowed, reaching for His hand

nothing else to speak of, or see, only birds flew over today

but Yeshuah cut the path, knew the truth… knows the way


It may have been covered in His precious blood

preempted by warnings of His Father’s angry flood

dripping below into caverns, pooling on His mercy seat

His love for a lost species not once wavering in the heat

Flying like a bird, soaring on pure white wings

a million angels laughing, rejoicing, a massive choir sings

landing on these untouched mountains, a divine dome

then He rose beyond… following that same path home


My Dearest You

My Muse:

My Dearest You

For more beautiful paintings by Biljana Zovkic, click below.



My Dearest You


I flew away

with my heart still in her hand

my sister, my friend, my strength.

The clouds called to me

she’ll hold it safely

return it to me someday.

My being seemed to shrink

crumpled in lonely doubts,

yet she smiled fiercely

through her tears,

only for me.

She burst love across

a hillside of flowers,

scattered beauty stretching

for miles,

and miles,

to reach me.

Her honesty falls like

a summer rain of mischief,

a fresh white snow cleansing my pain,

a butterfly’s kiss needed each moment.

I’ve always trusted her hope in me,

inspiring me to follow my dreams,

when others won’t.

Her spirit baffles all torment,

her belief in me forever soars.

She is the essence,

she is the meaning

of Sister,

My Dearest You.

Daily Prompt: Plead the Fifth

an instant hush


I have a real lifelong problem with blatant honesty.  If you ask me a question, no matter how personal or private you make think it is, I will answer your question.  Sometimes I am even blunt about it, if you happen to be an idiot and need to know the truth in an instant.  I am also very good at telling you you’re an idiot, without you even realizing it, because I will phrase it in such a way as you will not even recognize it.  Which isn’t very often, and I find more and more I do this with management types, especially where I work part-time.  (smirk)

Otherwise, you may ask me anything, and I will tell you the truth.  I find it is easier and over the years I have learned how to condense myself, by omitting information that wasn’t asked, but still not afraid to let the world know just who I am, what I believe and the giant shoes I am trying to follow along behind.  I have told complete strangers about my sons and huge family and my opinions about government are well-known.  If you’re crazy enough to ask me about my beliefs, I will go on and on until you walk away.

I’ve always tried to live by the honesty code, which in my mind, is “always be honest”, unless speaking directly to a police officer.  hahaha  There I tend to draw the line.  Only because in my experience, when I tell the officer,

“Did you see the moron in front of me who was talking on his cell phone, eating a burger and driving with his elbows….?”

This gets me nowhere.  Honesty usually results in me getting a ticket.  Wether it be swerving to avoid an elk, a mouse, a butterfly, or into the ice cream store I didn’t see a second ago, it never fails, I get a ticket.

Thus in all I do I am completely honest, with this one exception I have learned over half a century, where I will always plead the fifth.

Leave it to our great country, the USA, to include the one option of just keeping your mouth shut, because what comes out you may have no control over, and will most likely get you thrown in jail.  This is why we live here…we are the greatest country in the world.  hahaha