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driving through streets

of potholed people

you only dodge

driving around

telling story after story

jaded into a green essence

melting over them

like an evil dripping syrup

or a heavy haze of justice

you are not divine enough

to execute

yet able to walk by

the stones left by

the beaten

while you look upwards

to GOD… in avoidance

for you have a job

because your parents earned it

a character absent as an alien

a mettle of concern

only consumed with you

teaching forgiveness

from a hilly multitude of greed

strangling your own heart

with an almost organic


of thou shalt not JUDGE


this may ultimately be

God’s reason for denial


On the Edge


On the Edge

poised for the moment
on the edge of humanity
a tiptoe through a kind moral
a fall from the depth of disgrace
turning to lucidly look back
lost in a syrup of decay
the deepest beauty too far
to fly to on wings of despair
destruction etched in the brim
aching to arch away freely
spiraling inward visibly
untwisted to the untrained eye
drawn to folding on the fringe
a society of unkind amity
mercy a mild sufferance
blinded by colors of greed
a sorrowful stock of flesh
in a race to outrun transience
rivaling an ephemeral
waste of the dawn

A Frozen Soul


when confusion sets in over a frozen soul

locked in a spiral floating in the wind

a shadow standing dark and long

looks on at the blinding light

not quite understanding warmth or a touch

its icy indifference a crystallized drop

among a trillion cold tears falling silently

gathered together yet acres apart

a crust of vanity chilling to the core

where wisdom is shattered by a breath

and greed becomes a frost of evil dusting

Killing our ONLY Habitat!

the corrupt powers that be, deeply scare me

ruling worlds unseen, their greed the epitome

of power feeding their blood, genetically altering

all of our lives, while we waste time worrying

about the price of gas, or an ear of corn

modified to be useless, completely forlorn

their killing our world, with every single flight

spraying every inch of atmosphere in sight

I want to string them up, strangle them just right

kind of like a tomato plant, surviving a windy night

hang them high, from the closest tower or tree

rotting from aluminum poison, killed near every stream

before they manage to kill us all

with their arrogant grave stupidity

killing our only habitat

their greed greater than eternity