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Snagged by Thorns



like a voodoo doll, poking and stabbing

your friend one moment

your frenemy the next

the gossip shared behind another’s back

crushing, slicing through

with endless unknown effects


the Holiest mountain stands just out of reach

while you’re stuck below

snagged by thorns piercing everywhere

your mouth firmly rooted in jealousy

held in place by envious boulders

you never once noticed were there


beguiled into thinking you can climb

past the cruelty

past the unsympathetic crime

a devil of a feat to overcome

this shutting off of evil words

slaying your heart and soul for all time


where blackness is the least of magic

driving up from deep below

your mouth moving in a downward spell

the trick behind gossiping

is you thinking it’s harmless

raising the mountain above your own hell


Psalm 15 A Psalm of David.

LORD, who shall sojourn in Thy tabernacle? Who shall dwell upon Thy holy mountain?

He that hath no slander upon his tongue.


Technically, it’s the commandment stating, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” but it seems to get less attention than, thou shalt not murder or thou shalt not lie. But Yeshuah said, all sins are equal.  Like I always say, joking, when someone lies straight to my face and I know it… “You know, you go to hell for lying, same as you do for stealing and murder.”  Just my little way of reminding people… all the commandments are equal!

All demanded by GOD!

Not just one or two….


Dis Grace

Dis Grace


Beauty comes from way deep inside,

Loving others you have nothing to hide.

Lowering yourself causing others pain,

Seems extremely cruel for little gain.

Thinking before you injure another,

Lessons learned early from a good Mother.

Maybe she just didn’t bother,

Leaving it to a careless Father.

Both fail before the Light from above,

Compassion is truly greater than love.

Because love can be with out discernment,

but, compassion is always without judgement.

Teach your children to take the high road,

Wisdom and kindness are a very light load.

Those careless words drag you far below,

They carry that pain longer than you know.


Gossip I fear takes the wind from my wings,

My greatest sin,

I can’t seem to stop and think.

My mouth has a mind of its own,

my brain rushes ahead spewing crap,

before I blink.

I write notes on my hand to remind me,

it’s one of the Ten,

I pray for forgiveness but don’t feel I deserve it.

I despise it in others,

and I know exactly why,

we all hate our own worst characteristics.

Anyone out there know how to change this,

how to stop from responding when others begin,

how not to join in?

Of all the commandments I truly try to follow,

barring my two failed marriages, (smirk)

this is my greatest failing, makes me sad within.

As I write this I pause once again, for a prayer,

Dear Lord, help this fool at your feet,

(peace comes into my heart in an instant, thank You again.)

Yet, I wish You would take my voice instead,

making me mute every time I start to sin,

love you My Messiah, My Holy Savior, Amen.