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her sunny side

blushed beneath

sparkling eyes


echoing truth

in a harmony

lapping softly

into a sonnet

lifted up


radiating a glow

beneath her smile

blooming afresh

her brilliant side




love comes in all colors

see the beauty in a glorious rainbow

even though blood is always a deep deep red

we all blush and can vibrantly glow

anyone know what these are called??

They look a lot like milkweed, but the leaves are darker, more veiny, and the flowers seem a tiny bit bigger???  They stand up tall like milkweed when they aren’t beaten by the rain.

Anyone???  I’d like to know before I swipe a bunch of seeds…hehehe

Breeding a Sigh

hiding and peeking

in dapples and shades of glances

hoping to end in a corsage of love

a bouquet of childhood dances

or a prayer for the lost placed in pain

to brighten sadness deeper than the sky

tiny petals of tears and joyful winks

pleas and laughter breeding a sigh

violet whispers

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bugs and bees hiding about

glorious sunshine brings them out

pausing here and sipping there

saying hello to big eyes that stare

violet fills their eyes with wonder

draws them in to taste the splendor

their eyes may be small to a hunter

but see millions of images saunter

they also watch his every motion

his sneaking causes a wary commotion

the stalker knows he’s being watched

they flee at his attempt now botched

the bug kingdom rules the day

a fat slow kitty slinks away

November may be over….

November may be over…

but look at the glorious wild

Purple Majesty Millet cat tails,

Red currants to feed the birds,

Pink primroses still budding,

Purple Calli Carpa beauty bush seeds.

Even the dried seeds of Indian Pink,

cascade in a gentle arc of beauty,

dried and curly Pampas grass,

a sprig or two of Red Barberry,

like Christmas lights around the tails.

All snuggled in a bed of Blue Fir,

Conifers, Maple and Rhodie leaves,

and of course a few wild Washington Apples, 

… winter beauty in the Great NorthWest.