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through the forced rain

trampled without thought

bending her elegant bow

abandoned to rot

lying alone she trembled

her color fading fast

the cold creeping about

her future lucidly cast

unable in any way to hide

unwilling to spiritually stray

her natural light shines

before a pallet of gray

her sole purpose ingrained

giving life to others fully

God’s Glorious plan

her soul purpose Holy

never waning once

grasping no longer growing

now quenched of thirst

faithfully she’s glowing


Sacred Whisper

A whisper said, “I AM” one night

the language an ancient Holy Flow

a swirl of hand formed a galaxy

a kiss of breath the beginning and end

He inhaled dark matter

and exhaled light

Author of creation

Above All

speaking us into being

with just a Sacred Whisper



YHVH  or Yod Hay Vav Hay

To pronounce it in English, the “hay” is actually a breath.

HE was the breath.

So you don’t pronounce the 4 syllables, you add the Yod sound and a forced breath together,

same with the Va.

It literally means, I Exist!  or I Am.

The two syllables sound like Yhaa Vhey, but they sound to me like a sacred whisper.