Poetry 2014

IN Bursts



Dirt stole His blood

sin took His breath away

yet His last words

told us all

It Is Done!

His tears dried

as He rose for me

rose IN me

lifting my life

with His!

You may scatter these bones

turn my being into dust

but my soul follows Him

bursts into wings

with only one path

heading straight

to Him!




an ocean of tears swelled from his eyes


by a fire filled sunrise

the salt poured down rising peaks


rivers into his cheeks

a tide of emotions erupted and crashed


his fevered hope dashed

a briny grit scraped his skin raw


the world below he saw

drying into a puddle of hate


at the base of a golden gate



she stood completely still

hands over her heart

as it stopped beating

she gasped for air

became a mirror

reflecting her world

full of thunder

winds wailing

yet time stood still

ending with her tears

streaming a river

into sobs

as he gasped

his heart stopped

and he was completely still

and time began

Teach Them Well



Teach Them Well


the horror He endured

was planned far ahead

by His Father who sent Him

to die for us and said

You are my only Son

full of grace from within

You already love like I do

now go save them from their sin

it will be very painful

but only humanly so

it will last for a few days

in human time far below

but it will be so very shocking

such an amazing thing to do

they will speak of it forever

for Your love will make them new

they will weep and cry out

knowing its so very wrong

it will teach them clearly and well

that they too can belong

through faith and righteousness

they can fill their world with love

and with kindness and forgiveness

that like You… they will rise above

He’s With Me


He’s with me

through the hopeless years

the pitying tears

the stupid fears

He’s with me

when I know He doesn’t care

when I don’t feel Him there

when all I have

is an empty stare

He’s with me

when I choose the wrong door

when I step off the wrong floor

when I think

I need more

He’s with me

under that nine foot wall

under that last straw

under that deathly pall






He says, “Come to me as a child.”

Innocent, open in wonder.

He says, “I am the light.”

Bright, leading the way.

He says, “Forgive.”

For your self to live.

He says, “Just love.”

Simply, everyone.

He says, “I Am.”

Just like His Father.

He says, “Behold.”

To see the truth.

He says, “I Am the way.”

And was with every step.

He says, “I will die for you.”

And He did.

What part of that don’t you get?

Denny Creek

Denny Creek

What the…


The wind chilled my skin

as the hairs raised alert

and goose bumps rose

below like sourdough.

The only sound footsteps

snapping a dried branch

fallen since last winter

as my heartbeat pounded

in rhythm to the deep

throated growl just

three feet away.

Frantically my eyes

searched the overturned

base of a huge fallen tree.

Dirt and grey roots surrounded

the only hole I saw

but the blood racing

through my veins

forced my feet to match

the pace of my heartbeat.



her howl draws him out

his little green eyes

peering into the darkness

his nose twitching

with interest

but his hair stands tall

as his back rises up

he thinks he’s a lion

who will be king

yet the fur will fly

either way

his loins throb

at her wanton ways

but he knows

it’s a fight

worth fighting

Never Far



like time

slip away

become a whisper

a gentle touch

in our thoughts

as the essence

of jasmine

swirls in

my mind

on a breeze

made of laughter

I remember



her time


A Gentle Nieve


“oh what a tangled web we weave

when at first we practice to deceive,”

words of wisdom I didn’t write

still these words you can truly believe

like the words I write will spare you not

for I rarely give a moments reprieve

from the insightful beliefs I share

my only goal I strive to achieve

is shocking you with a faithful mind

I never ever aim to try to relieve

I desire to wake your sleeping hope

leading some doubters to often grieve

but much like the horror and screams

remind you of a swastika on a sleeve

or the death of a single Son shows you

if you love deeply darkness will leave

I want you to search your soul instead

my only aim the light you shall receive

sparing you from an unnecessary death

as a child who continues to disbelieve

No Longer


the wind was bold and arrogantly free

higher now gushing above the lull

the trees suddenly obsessed with the wind

aching with desire to bend and wave

the sound of a single tear the last echo

while the stillness roared as it was held back

a rage ready to storm still unaware

that time had stopped weeping

its hands dry and empty of opinion

the thrill of rushing with fury over now

its lust now a pride filled fuss

craving to turn around and start over

begging for one last moment

but wonder and marvel were gone

their calm no longer stirred by zeal

as miracles hugged their final goodbyes




he hungered for what will never be

an uproar only he could hear

his ardor quiet as a soft snow

a phenomenon known as done

his temper now chilled by tears

a wrath of thirst hurting bone

a fever rising with a hopeless urge

a canyon of hollowness turned hard

he remembered the insolence

the appetite for ego and greed

as he walked away sobbing inside

the emptiness filled quickly

much like hate does


Blinded by the Light


as the Son rose

lightning flashed

and darkness

curled in thunder

and after three

days of weeping

the Son rose


lighting the world

so brightly

they were all


and still are

to this day



after the bunny’s


and the eggs


where do you hunt

for truth

is it inside

a basket

behind a tree

sheltered in a meadow

of grasses


its in the spring

of tulips

and the glory

of a dawn

after a single


gave his life

for yours

enjoy that moment

of bittersweet


for it was covered

in blood

not chocolate


After the Fall



like a leaf


over and over

its journey over

piled in grief

becomes belief

warming new life

the pain of rain

slicing into splatter

one last time

but a single fall

giving its all

in a river below

a nourishing flow

a broken branch

becoming fodder

for an otter

to make a home

not rotting alone

a sheltering zone


a fall

becoming more

than before


what we call


No Matter The Darkness


Boring people to tears on a Sunday

I never really wanted to be a preacher

I’d rather be a happy camper example

much like a bubbly first grade teacher.

Filled with love and great joy each day

passing along my happiness and cheer

bouncing around the room like colors

of a rainbow splashed across a mirror.

When I write the truth I smile inside

filled with a sweet holiness to bursting

trying to pass on to those missing out

who plainly to me I see are thirsting.

But this wall they place firmly around

not only blocks out my flowing love

but they don’t see how it isolates them

in a bubble of loneliness also from above.

They don’t need any silly beliefs or faith

they continue to say they’re fine this way

they’ve got money, a nice house and car

a good job, a family and their friends all say,

they’re a nice person just leave them alone

they passed on their useless fortune instead

giving the only thing they thought worthy

then died and were buried with few tears shed.

They passed on nothing of real true value

they left behind an empty cold shell

not realizing their selfishness and determination

would lead them in the end to a cold dead hell.

Sadly they never know that this is not all

they will end at this moment in rotting bugs

when instead they could’ve made one last climb

to spend eternity filled with love and hugs.

They were so sure that this was all there was

just this short 100 years of painful existence

having no idea it was just a short test

to prove they were worthy of God’s Presence.

So each day I continue to shine my light

no matter the darkness I run into each day

my rainbow colors sparkling across the sky

I reach out reflecting in a warm array.

Hoping to teach and reach just one person

my quota low in 5 billion souls unconscious

knowing if I shine bright enough I might save them

from their final death, already paid for by Jesus.




holding me again, He’s still there

lifting me up, easing my pain

at moments like this

emptiness threatens

a hollow black tear escapes

a song rings true, I lift my eyes

and see, only You

reminding me

I’m an ocean, beaching

rushing in to me

spread so very wide

curling wispy thin

across the jagged rocks

I feel the cold, yet float away

rising on a wave, of peace

crashing now and again

while seagulls cry for me

“see me”, “hear me”

I smile at You

swaying above me



veins running across bone

pores now a map of life

hardened calluses roughly

show an author’s strife

rolling folds over knuckles

gripping time in cells

bitten brittle dry nails

a writer’s simple tells


On and on and on…


life just goes on and on and on

some days happy others long

wind is blowing like nature’s pissed

hiking not possible terribly missed

rain pounding off an on always

making winter bleak cold days

talking with friends far and near

some bringing me down I fear

others hold me up to see

life just goes on and on to be

one long hard road of ache

trudging along I need to take

time to smell the roses out there

if they were blooming it’d be rare

my path rarely sees them at all

still I hear their budding call



the Lord said to never take His name in vain

adapting His Word so it fits your gain

when it means never say, He told me ‘this’

changing His words, some obviously miss

but I hear ‘Christians’ say this a lot

when it’s painfully clear… He did not

I worry for their souls, using Him thus

spouting, judging and full of puss

corrupting His Word in a sick evil way

knowing soon they will painfully pay

for maligning His Word with their own

shaping it, abusing it, He won’t condone

for with His Word He spoke us into being

created the universe we were seeing

with just a whisper of graceful thought

He gave us life and then He taught

that in His Word we’d find all we need

His Love, His Hope to grow as a weed

His Word to teach us only His Way

Never ours, so be careful what you say


Happy Birthday Son


You’re out every day this week

tearing up fresh white powder

It pales in comparison to your life

I’ve never been prouder

Strong, determined, full of love

a man after my own heart

Generous, smart, and damn ornery

some days you’re just a fart

But perfect to me in every way

making my life complete joy

From the first time you said

“I love you, Mom”, as a little boy

You’ll never know the happiness

I felt “30” years ago

The blessing God gave me was the

greatest love I’ll ever know!


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