For God Alone… Poetry 2012 – 2014

Jesus Saves

A Single Rose



He rose today ~ The Father, the Son

His broken body no more,

He saved us all ~ In one cruel day

Touching me to the core.

I praise His name ~ It’s never enough

For how he died for me,

The sins of our world ~ Gone forever

Yeshuah rose for thee.



His Majesty


watching over His kingdom

an eye for the fleeing and foolish

His patience displayed

in His embedded nail…

most watching within half a mile doomed

by the unwrinkled cloudless haven

yet dreaming in the cascading light

of a mate on the cave-ridden side

just moments before the King rises

judging his spirit to be worthy

and his life to be worth more

than he could ever dream of





His blinding face

fills the sky

fingers of darkness

smudging try

to alter His glory

block His divine

yet help us to see

without we’d be blind





Blatant Glory shining at its finest

He rose above His own sky as the artist

Lighting the way gleaming and bright

Knowing the dark will continually fight

He was our very own spotlight to Heaven

Soaring for us the broken and unforgiven

He might have only been here momentarily,

but, His Beacon is brilliance …

for us to grasp eternally





holding me again, He’s still there

lifting me up, easing my pain

at moments like this

emptiness threatens

a hollow black tear escapes

a song rings true, I lift my eyes

and see, only You

reminding me

I’m an ocean, beaching

rushing in to me

spread so very wide

curling wispy thin

across the jagged rocks

I feel the cold, yet float away

rising on a wave, of peace

crashing now and again

while seagulls cry for me

“see me”, “hear me”

I smile at You

swaying above me



He’s With Me


He’s with me

through the hopeless years

the pitying tears

the stupid fears

He’s with me

when I know He doesn’t care

when I don’t feel Him there

when all I have

is an empty stare

He’s with me

when I choose the wrong door

when I step off the wrong floor

when I think

I need more

He’s with me

under that nine foot wall

under that last straw

under that deathly pall






The Light Over Yonder


birds fill the sky with song

flowers open as I wander

through life swaying gently

breathing in the light over yonder

shining through my soul

breezing all hurt away

blinding at times

inhaling peace this day

amongst my ripples

the shine of glory

smiling at the light

of the Son of the Morning



The Mystery


the mystery of faith

believing in the unknown

hearing the unseen

faltering when alone

patience never ending

forgiveness in a blink

His smile of pure glory

in a jot of smeared ink

feeling His touch

answering His call

feeling the deep deep peace

cascading through it all

warmed by a covert faith

filled with a heavy love

believing in a Holy Father

waiting breathless above



A Blood Stained Sky


a blood red whipped sky

ripped the fabric of time

folding wrath into divine

the loneliest path taken

now crumbled and shaken

strewn with the boulders

we created with each step

of well worn hide shredded

beaten and bloodied for eternity

shed forever upon sacred ground

reaching beyond the heavens

where no man can fly

in a blood stained sky


Your Time Is Over


Your time is over, it just slipped away

like pollen in the wind of a summer day.

You had more chances than a bird takes wing

or the number of songs in a day it will sing.

You’ve heard each word He spoke to us all

like a wolf longing in the night will call.

You know in your heart what is truly right

as an eagle soars in a grace filled flight.

You heard His pleas touching your soul

His own lamb skin turned into soft wool.

You’ve watched His sunrises warm the day

glowing inside while He taught you His Way.

Your heart should’ve been made pure by now

like honey His sweetness showed you how.

Your time is over, He’s given all His Love

the day has arrived… see His Glory above.

(This is the poem on the back cover of my novel, Your Time Is Over.)



That First Rung


there’s always that bit inside of you

who holds a grudge deep down

the one who never really forgives

you make a list of “why’s”

what did they do to you

stabbed your trust

spoke the truth

emptied your heart

crawled over your back

up that enormous ladder to where

you think they don’t deserve to be

you make another list of “why’s”

but don’t forget about Jacob

his ladder was like a DNA strand

he climbed to his own humanity

ascending spiritually one rung

at a time

now make a list of “why”

you wish to remain here

you wish to ruin your soul

to run away from the peace

you would feel you know

it doesn’t matter what they feel

its eating away at you

becoming a cancer

this path you choose

at first in anger

but even then you only hurt you

your peace inside is what matters

it’s not about who wins

you have the wisdom

now step up and live it

step onto that first rung

choose again

for your soul



Thy Mighty Essence


Out of Thy Mighty Essence comes all there is

each sunset and sunrise, each star above

each breath you take or breeze blowing by

each moment you feel deep love

From Thy Mighty Hand comes all that we see

each flower and beetle, each worm inching by

each time your child’s face lights up

each second before you die

Out of Thy Mighty Kindness comes all grace

each wrong and injustice, each mistake

each silent scream at all that is unfair

each tragedy He will forsake

From Thy Mighty Heart comes all we need

each meal and roof, each loving friend

each breathless whisper in the dark

each hand to hold at the end




when I think of the Holy Spirit

being YHVH’s own incredible soul

the breath of life flowing through us

whispering pure love His only role

we can hear this ancient breath

as it calls to us each tiny moment

if we ignore the sounds of poison

pouring out around us in discontent

I love the idea that the wicked shudder

each time my feet hit the floor

as the Holy Spirit teaches me

each time I open the wrong door

His love blooms like flowers in the spring

His voice nags at my willful heart

His song sings to me incessantly

His pureness and light the only part

He speaks to me of righteousness

my heart hears the beauty of His story

imagine every single soul blooming at once

changing our world into daily Glory


Rising Within


its always darkest before the dawn

someone once said

but what about the dark that creeps

inside our head

clawing its way out screeching

in despair

blocking the light that resides

already there

do we let it tunnel around

our eyes

or wash over our every


or do we open our mind

and reveal

we already know it was paid for

and bought

with dark crimson dripping

down a pale skin

punctured hands and soul

rising within

while lightning streaked across

the sky

showing us clearly darkness is

all just a lie



The Holiest of Spirits



do You hear me when I think in my head

or only when I speak out loud

is my heart whispering to You

or is that You calling me out

how do I converse with You

when I only hear myself speaking

do I use my soul to sing to You

or are You the Holy Praises singing

for me in my place You stand tall

freeing me of my fear and doubtful ways

are You YHVH’s little bit of soul in me

the one bit who continually prays

I know You are the Holiest of Spirits

inside me the Ruach HaKodesh

speak to me in the words and love

of YHVH’s Almighty Holiness



A Hallelujah Moment


even the silence stood still

the stars froze in a twinkle

and YHVY breathed life

kissing his forehead

his heartbeat began

the wind stirred joy

he inhaled the beginning

and exhaled his soul

across a timeless moment

angels burst into Hallelujah

saving a trillion souls

in an instant

blinking for the first time

his lashes brushed away

darkness with a smile

lighting his gentle eyes

YHVY’s eyes looking out

hoping against hope

we’ll see


In a Second




they say… someday soon

this may all be gone

just one crazy person

could send us all home

in a blink of an eye

a push of a button

survivors living in dust

a desert all the sudden


they say… are you ready

at this exact moment

without a single prayer

or one begging lament

to face the Holy One

who created the mountains

who’s loved you long enough

who’s done forgiving your sins


they say… He’ll be merciful

but He will judge you fair

I too can’t imagine it all gone

surely He will still care

today is all we ever have

look at the beautiful view

you may go home in a second

you may not in two





He walks with me everyday

holding my hand

humming a tune

through mountains of clutter

rivers of blue

sunsets of dumping rain

and cloud filled news

never blowing me off

to tend to another

I always come first

He’s my true lover


Sacred Whisper



A whisper said, “I AM” one night

the language an ancient Holy Flow

a swirl of hand formed a galaxy

a kiss of breath the beginning and end

He inhaled dark matter

and exhaled light

Author of creation

Above All

speaking us into being

with just a Sacred Whisper





reflecting in His Image

bees, birds, mammals and trees

it seems so simple for them

knowing just how to please

squirrels reverberate His Awareness

eagles echo His Searching

lakes mirror His Grace

praying mantis express His Holiness

fawn rebound in His Joy

trees emulate His Sacrifice

whales resound with His Call

while we parrot His Love

imitating but not quite being

striving for a look instead

missing His Meaning of Reflection

pondering while our soul lies dead


Mystery of Existence



He has given you authority

over an inheritance of Glory

so seek His favor continuously

never wander aimlessly

it sprinkled eternal secrets to ponder

Angels of Fire are doors of wonder

this fountain of living waters

said walk away from the plotters

exposing the mystery of existence

in a light spray of Holiness

the mystery of being a simple naked walk

each step in righteousness and so in talk

its ways are carved in suffering youth

the spirits of clouds lying down in truth

seeking understanding with all your might

for every hand be given increased sight

an eternal planting of Holy seeds

a meadow of honest loving reeds

a pillar of secrets standing tall

blooming bliss eternal for all


((taken from several different scriptures from Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q416,418 (plate 22) Children of Salvation (Yesha’) and the Mystery of Existence))



Wild Explosion


a bird stared at her endlessly

wondering why she had no petals

but she was no ordinary flower

she was fireworks frozen fractals


at the moment of wild explosion

forever splayed open celestially

a moment of joy displaying

God’s Divine Supremacy



The Golden Hour


Bewitched by the risk

of the battle going on in the sky

the last rays of hope

fighting against the darkness

creeping slowly

like a player on second base

pushing his luck

knowing it’s not his time

determined to increase his rule

of the shadows shivering

below his belligerence

playing with fire

reckless and rash

itching to take over

every inch of the sky

fusing dirt and air into

menace and fear

when being early isn’t gracious

and changing time perilous

created by YHVH

before He imagined shadows

below His feet 





never hurting

or causing pain

only beauty

inside and out

innocence of a child

insight of an elder

kind and gentle

humble and




Mirror of My Soul


longing to soar

settling for sailing

I gaze at my life

before me paling

next to sweet glory

in one moment full

looking out across

the mirror of my soul





the ghosts of the past

wretched rise slowly

as morning dawns

floating into shadow

where they whither

haunting and jealous

for another chance

to swirl and dance

like Yeshuah did

across the unknown



His Blue Eyes


fly to me, His blue eyes said

as the love and kindness poured out

so she ran and threw herself off

a mountain top and soared about

falling into His outstretched hands

a blur of winds rushing through His shroud

He hummed a tune only she could hear

and they danced on cotton-candy clouds






Mr. and Mrs. Eagle

snuggle coo snuggle love

making new eagles

watching from above

interrupted momentarily

from noisy walkers below

ruining breakfast in bed

for a lovebirds’ alpenglow

hoping once is more than enough

to produce what’s pure and right

one of God’s greatest gifts

His Majesty in flight



I will dance!


I think I’ll dance for You

on that day we meet

face to face

I won’t be able to stop

when my joy erupts

I will dance

like there’s no tomorrow

I would fly

if you give me wings

I will scream


I’m pretty sure

Yep, that’s what I’ll do.






how can you not see

His blatant Glory

shining from above

falling in love

rays of majesty

portraying honesty

blazing every day

He lights His way








in full bloom, a teenager at best


perfection, longing for love

from the birds a sweet suckleness


bittersweet, from the bees

tip toeing across her innocence they meet

she is almost



sought after

beautiful blossoming here ever after



radiant, to honor her mother

forcing lyrics from another

a poetic dither waiting just hither

for one more sunbeam

to fulfill her dream

for she is







so simple

and fragile

He smiles

at the perfection

one of many


in an ocean

of wine


in His chalice




The Valley


He held my hand

as we walked along

through a rolling pasture

in a valley of afternoon shade

to a pond deeply green

silent as it listened

this was where

He laid down

looking up at the sky

in wonder

I followed of course

so He showed me

His path of love

the one with lights

restoring hope

no longer yearn

I lay there at peace

as the darkness

fled my soul

I had no fear

He was with me

looking up at the sky

in wonder

in the valley

of the shadow of death





life here suffocates me

especially after being light

I miss my elegant wings

peace and wild flight

clouds envelop me like ropes

meanness rules harshly

barbaric tribes devouring

children impotently

violence enjoyed


by sick twisted desire


watching starvation

en mass unashamed

I feel the filth

an oily cruelty untamed

feathers muddied

with callous corruption

hand in hand with charities

darkness invades every single nation

I’m done here now

they destroy everything

Dad, please grace me

with another pair of wings


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin





there’s something about

brilliant orange and deep purple

that fills my soul with butterflies

taking my breath away

forcing me to inhale

a bit of splendor




right here in front of me



Around the Bend


what lies around the bend

unknowable answers transcend

following blindly a broken path

unknowingly brings a severed wrath

twisting around once peacefully

scraping along dividing blissfully

moving banks from side to side

crashing through never breaking stride

around a corner down a hill

through a forest of shadowed will

the answers lie not a wash away

discovered in an ascending spillway





they stood waiting like a forest of ghosts, bowing with a sway

wondering why they couldn’t get in, going below I dare say

a shepherd appeared to round them up, just about midday

if only you had truly believed, you wouldn’t have gone astray

they cried and raved and ranted, down the long gangway

swearing at the shepherd, we had no one to show us the way

he shook his head at their lies, knowing how they betray

showing them the path they chose, with much pain and dismay


its doomsday

no more foreplay

they chose an alleyway

maybe the wrong doorway

many moons will pass as they repay

staring back in time at the bright crossway

longing eternally for the Truth, the Light, the Way





failing into an unworthy ethereal

life wisps by endlessly surreal

floating here or flying there

no point now having to care

a tuft of sparkles burdened fall

leaving behind a ghost of gall

enduring forever completely alone

bearing unimaginable grief atone

glitter disturbs what’s actually seen

flutters from the past shift between

darkness, shadows, or glorious light

rub against the anguished twilight

wafting whispers torture the air

a draught of smoke curling unaware

flying here or floating there

existing eternally in ethereal despair





Recovering you

from a deep pit

with His Blood

every time


Releasing you

from having to choose

between hate and



Restoring you

each heartbreak

to peace

and happiness


Redeeming you

deeming you worthy

no matter what

once again


its like releasing a new blue butterfly

caught in a nasty web

recovering it in a glorious shine

floating in an ethereal ebb

restoring its very freedom

for every thing has a soul

redeeming it’s purpose in life

it must fly to be whole



Glorious Day


I feel sorry for people looking down on me

they say I joke around too much

yet when I’m speaking a truth for a moment

they say, oh no, that’s just too much

I don’t think they understand

how much peace I truly feel inside

living my life humbly for God

its like a wild rollercoaster ride

they just don’t get that it’s so simple

loving others every chance you get

the love coming back, even when not

giving to others you have zero regret

the peace I feel inside every single day

comes from knowing how hard I tried

not from how far I’ve risen in stature

or worrying about to whom I’ve lied

when you find yourself trying to be a light

of joy, love, compassion and giving

you will find yourself in a new grand world

amongst the Glorious Living



Jacobs Ladder


Theres something about trees that connects me,

a pull to the soil below.

Their roots go deep, their arms touch the sky,

they suffer the moss to grow.

The light plays across their shoulders tenderly,

quietly the branches glow.

They bend gallantly to cede to peace

their greatest seed to sow.



Beyond the Visible


only our Soul can judge

up that hill you trudge

how far you need to go

wandering to and fro

straying over what you think you know


only Hope can dream

light a path in a beam

push you to accomplish

feel a bit foolish

reaching beyond cowardice you banish


only Faith can humble inside

arrogance runs to hide

a promise an ocean wide

stretching out past empty dark space

relinquishing doubts you can finally face


only your Soul shines and sings

only Hope ends forebodings

only Faith can give you great wings


Blessed Waters



the sun is trying to peek through the clouds

contrasting colors of flowers to a deep glow

the rain has raised the river levels to flooding

mountains protect us from most winter snow

the elk have coats that are waterproof slick

living in a town with seven bridges seems risky

a rain forest that is truly a cascade of waterfall

fishermen love the quiet calm pools of plenty

the birds fly like bats in a wind storm of glee

the greens of moss and trees are emeralds

eagles play hide and seek in the stormy sky’s

the mountain lakes are majestic royals

green-blues of Glory paint all year long

the cathedral beauty of batholiths of rock

the winds sway back and forth the arms

of sheltering giants gathering their flock

the trash of humans is hidden under ferns

so many greys of shadow hanging darkness

try to hide glorious rainbows reminding us of Him

but He has clearly Blessed the great northwest




Being Blossoms



pink pedals on a tiny tricycle
balls and bats strewn about
13 new puppies to find homes for

blossoms in the spring

surprised smile at your first kiss
hands accidentally touch then hold
lambs bounding across a hillside

blossom with innocence

bloom with an unadorned smile
be nearby for the loneliest eyes 
dancing with the flowers on the wall

blossom like sparkling champagne

bowing your head in awareness
realizing the humblest truths
forgiving because it's so simple

blossom with the glow of your beliefs

wear your heart on your sleeve
show the world there's no reason to hide
let your love pour out like Old Faithful

blossoming is teaching with the petals of your soul


Through the Thorns



rocks crushing tenderness

rods and vines ripping reason

a searching look for peace

a mirror of disbelief

looking through the thorns

at the jealousy and spite

spewing from their eyes

a volcanic flow of baseness

their mouths breeding cruelty

arms flailing at inner loathing

rising misery erupting the horde

outwardly killing to the core

knowingly they slaughter

their souls


The Truth



a wee duck told her one day
as she sat near a river blue
“Words are mightier than the sword
soon you will be given the truth.”

she waited in the beauty for hours
no inspiration came to her mind
getting cold and soon shivering
she left the Glory behind

days went by, she hoped and prayed
but nothing came from her fingertips
then one day she felt a warm breath
lean down and lightly kiss her lips

her world changed from grey to green
the sky melted into orange and red
her heart pounded drums of Djembe
even though He still wept and bled

paused in awe, excitement to burst
colors, scents and sights now flew
she had every cast and tone she’d need
yet none enveloped in a belt of true

she knew the Way, she’d seen the Light
she knew not to carve images above
yet no words were given to her
no thoughts of His Almighty Love

sitting with her pen poised over paper
looking out at pure clouds of white
a face slowly appeared floating by
with sun beams encircling His Light

smiling at the loving look portrayed
she wished she had her camera ready
an unthought thought tickled her mind
“Hear, my little girl,” Said He

“Write it out however you dream it up
‘I Am the Truth, the Light and the Way
My Blood and Breathe have saved you all!’
that is all you should need to say.”


On Her Knees




The old woman got down on her knees that night,

her bones shooting stars to brighten her pain,

the hard cold floors a batholith of wall,

the nightmare still playing like rain.

Normally she would just chat with God,

like one old friend to another,

but tonight it needed to be official,

on this night she was just an old mother.

She’d prayed, and asked, begged on end,

to smite this evil that had taken him,

trapping his days, stealing his youth,

destroying his life on an evil whim.

She cried out, ‘It won’t let him go!’

but no one seemed to hear,

she needed a true massive Miracle,

to save the one she held so dear.

She worried that it was her lesson to learn,

not real Faith in God’s Will to be,

His decision, His plan, it wasn’t necessary

now stop nagging Him incessantly.

Yet no answer came, she held on to the bed,

while praising her Lord with each word,

her knees were screaming ‘Get off the floor!’

but she vowed to stay ’til she was heard.

Her prayers went on quiet and intent,

thinking her suffering might be enough,

yet a voice in her head said ‘Look to Jesus!’

‘Was His anguish and suffering tough?’

She knew she could never measure up to that,

her rheumatoid pain was just too much,

pulling herself up off the floor slowly,

rejected… she felt a gentle touch.

A hand was helping her up off the floor,

her legs shaking, the blood rushing in,

Then she heard the voice in her head say,

‘God will cast out the evil within!’


The Holy Spirit Teaches My Soul



My soul soars with Eagles

circling the sky at sun setting,

the Holy Spirit whispers to me

“Land my love, you’re forgetting.”

My soul is chastised once again

I’m not here to play a part,

the Holy Spirit comforts me

“I know you’re a child at heart.”

My soul is fickle, one day filled with joy

the next running from the hell of hounds,

the Holy Spirit rides the rollercoaster

“I’m here through all the ups and downs.”

My soul longs to join its Miracle Maker

the Holy Spirit knows this place will cease,

I’m just tired from a long, hard journey

“Eternity is an infinity of peace.”

My soul reaches out like fingers

I pray to reach at least just one,

trying to touch those lost like me

the Holy Spirit says, “Well Done.”



Closer than the Wind



The praise of evensong,

the Hallelujah of a sunrise,

the presence of light,

balance of dark,

making light shine


Wolf call longing psalm,

sunset of peace,

whispering wind a hymn,

belief in the beyond,

today fawning enough.

Questions rising from an owl

echo back Holiness,

each time we love.

Birds honoring the Son of the Morning,

beasts raving obedience,

shining loyal devotion.

No selfish thoughts;

see their instinct

drawing them

closer than the wind?







You Are



You are the shine that is Glory,

The wonder that is life,

The sparkle in each tiny piece,

The peace after the strife.

You light the world,

With spectacular Glory,

Shining love in each atom,

Known before history.

Your Son loves brighter,

Than our sun below,

He shone like no other,

A forest fires’ glow.

Pure as crystal ice,

A Lamb led the way,

Glimmering in Hope,

Taught us to pray.

Decided to save us all,

For some strange reason,

Not caring who we’d become,

Forgiving each season.

Shining He inspired us,

Forever now and then,

You are Light and Majesty,

Holy loving sin.



a walk

A Walk



following in His footsteps

a toddler stumbling along

tripping over twigs

stones to big to cross

a river impossible

to contemplate

without Your hand to hold

shadows confusing

losing sight of Your back

I’m here, I’m coming

please wait for me

Your Words calming

I try to catch up

Your footprints too big

too far apart

I fall to my face

You pick me back up

swing me around laughing

walking slowly but surely

towards Home





I must admit, some days are better than others; today is his birthday, but I won’t see him.

He was just here for a week of joy then off he walked into a sunset of doom… again.

Each time he come’s he stays longer, yet each time he goes, he’s gone longer.

My heart aches, I remember this day so long ago, fearing for his life that day, too, and many more.

His whole life has been hard, a one way up hill, through snow, barefoot, in an old Nor’Easter.

Michael has been guarding him for years now, a warrior friend of mine keeping him alive.

But why?

For another day of living hell?

Should I give up and let it become an eternity of hell, for both of us?

It’s one thing to know, I might not make it, but how can I reconcile giving up on him?

How can I walk away from a tiny limping bird, with broken wings?

Do you end its misery; its sad little dragging and crawling in pain?

Or do you think, only 2 or 3 months of horrible pain and you should be all healed and… walking.

I’m at a point where… I’m so tired, I want to give up.

But then… my faith steps in, demanding to be heard and says…

He’s teaching him, He’s holding him,

His plan is always better than yours.

How many times have you fallen?

None of this makes me truly feel better.

Although, I AM thankful, my name is not Mary.




The Truth


a wee duck told her one day
as she sat near a river blue
“Words are mightier than the sword
soon you will be given the truth.”

she waited in the beauty for hours
no inspiration came to her mind
getting cold and soon shivering
she left the Glory behind

days went by, she hoped and prayed
but nothing came from her fingertips
then one day she felt a warm breath
lean down and lightly kiss her lips

her world changed from grey to green
the sky melted into orange and red
her heart pounded drums of Djembe
even though He still wept and bled

paused in awe, excitement to burst
colors, scents and sights now flew
she had every cast and tone she’d need
yet none enveloped in a belt of true

she knew the Way, she’d seen the Light
she knew not to carve images above
yet no words were given to her
no thoughts of His Almighty Love

sitting with her pen poised over paper
looking out at pure clouds of white
a face slowly appeared floating by
with sun beams encircling His Light

smiling at the loving look portrayed
she wished she had her camera ready
an unthought thought tickled her mind
“Hear, my little girl,” Said He

“Write it out however you dream it up
‘I Am the Truth, the Light and the Way
My Blood and Breathe have saved you all!’
that is all you should need to say.”



A Sacred Whisper


A whisper said, “I AM” one night

the language an ancient Holy Flow

a swirl of hand formed a galaxy

a kiss of breath the beginning and end

He inhaled dark matter

and exhaled light

Author of creation

Above All

speaking us into being

with just a Sacred Whisper



YHVH  or Yod Hay Vav Hay

To pronounce it in English, the “hay” is actually a breath.

HE was the breath.

So you don’t pronounce the 4 syllables, you add the Yod sound and a forced breath together,

same with the Va.

It literally means, I Exist!  or I Am.

The two syllables sound like Yhaa Vhey, but they sound to me like a sacred whisper.






He walks with me everyday

holding my hand

humming a tune

through mountains of clutter

rivers of blue

sunsets of dumping rain

and cloud filled news

never blowing me off

to tend to another

I always come first

He’s my true lover




1black and white

What if there were no colors…


What if there were no colors,

our world in just black and white,

would you wake up each day,

thanking God for the glorious light?

No rainbow trout to slink through the blue,

no sunrise or sets in orange, purple or red,

no human differences in skin tone seen,

or deadly excuses for condemnation said.

Would you miss the peacock feathers,

hummingbird views from my window sills,

only oceans of black sea to drown me in,

no fall colors to flame the hills?

What if sunshine was plain old white,

or flowers were shades of grey,

would you still see the Glory,

God created for us each day?

I can’t imagine ever being blind,

missing the colors in a fresh wet rainbow,

birds, animals, insects, and mountains,

Dear God, I pray, we will never know.




Restless Promise




storm casting fury

exploding from above

God wild with light

the essence of restless creation

swelling with mirth

foreshadowing the promise of birth








He whispers to me

each inch I crawl

I feel Him seeing all

the cruelty clinging to me

waiting to see if I’ll inspire


He whispers to me

when I see the beggar

don’t judge little one

just give him a rope

he’ll find his way, too


He whispers to me

each denial I shake

why would you do that

you’ll just be the one hurt

was He too gentle


He whispers to me

as I stick to the web

fluttering my heart

so I know I did right

being a blessing


He whispers to me

as I teeter on the edge

with the feeling of peace

you know I’m always here

just ask me


you dive that shallow

you jump that low

you rise too high

you fall below

A Holy Whisper saying

you know I’m always here

just look inside


you’ll hear!



North Fork, Snoqualmie River

At the End



He was standing at the end, waiting for me

my heart pounded, in my mind

the trees swayed above Him

the sun sparkling like crystal

lighting His hair to gold

love swelled inside what was me

He enveloped my soul

we smiled wildly

like children on a swing

and wandered into His world




The Holy Spirit Teaches My Soul



My soul soars with Eagles

circling the sky at sun setting,

the Holy Spirit whispers to me

“Land my love, you’re forgetting.”

My soul is chastised once again

I’m not here to play a part,

the Holy Spirit comforts me

“I know you’re a child at heart.”

My soul is fickle, one day filled with joy

the next running from the hell of hounds,

the Holy Spirit rides the rollercoaster

“I’m here through all the ups and downs.”

My soul longs to join its Miracle Maker

the Holy Spirit knows this place will cease,

I’m just tired from a long, hard journey

“Eternity is an infinity of peace.”

My soul reaches out like fingers

I pray to reach at least just one,

trying to touch those lost like me

the Holy Spirit says, “Well Done.”






frozen in God’s idea of glitter

loved by a chill ’til spring

dreaming of spreading

into a humble carpet

frozen in God’s idea of glitter

loved by a chill…






funny how the rain

makes me smile today

hope in tomorrow

that was yesterday

a few hours or days

makes no difference

joy rises

drip by drip

spilling over

drowning the sky

turning grey to blue

don’t care why

glasses aren’t rose

more an indigo hue

shimmering stars amid

a deluge of You



One Breath Away from Eternity


I watched her eyes glaze over,

emptiness filling, yet

getting a bit brighter,

I’ll never forget.

Seconds away from Eternity,

a heart-stopping shock,

feeling her last breath,

my world began to rock.

Did she see His face,

or still just her friends’,

before she came back,

losing herself in pain again?

Did she know what was coming,

as she cried her last words,

seeing a glimpse into beyond,

her meeting with her Lord?

The pain was too great,

it was all she spoke,

I pray for her soul now,

knowing she was broke.

I didn’t pray then, it haunts me,

now knowing what I know,

Forgive me my lost sister,

So I can let go.

They say, this too shall pass,

but that is for me, not her,

it doesn’t help much,

I’ll never be sure…

You were only one breath away,

from an incredible serenity,

I pray for your soul now

to always be loved in my Lord’s Eternity.

Amen.   Rest in Peace.




His Shoulders



some days

God surprises me

answering a prayer

a repeated prayer

repeated until

the end of time

’til I’ve humbled myself

reached like a child

for my Dad

to lift me up

upon His shoulders

to see His sunsets

to know and be still

while He carries me

covering His eyes in play

He grins up at me

granting my only wish







He warned us there would be fire

and brimstone when angered,

purifying from the deep,

a  seeded heat.


from another dimension,

disguised as a volcano,

creating and destroying life;

a meteor rod

from out of the blue,

rendering judgement.


scalding sanctions,

we’re not meeting

His expectations.

Will He let loose

the fire and brimstone

of evil’s daughter…

or is it just water?




Divine Riot


swaying malachite whispered to a wind splattered

His rushing heart of opal ice shattered

leaving behind garnet swords of soggy quiet

in an amethyst anointed riot


hillside tree



How do you reach the lost, confirmed in their own mind

stumbling around angry unsure, so sure they know what is fine?

How do you teach the lost, broken from bad teachers before

no parents to imprint, no friends except the forsworn?

How do you touch the lost, they run from embrace

reach for material fake, miss life’s purpose and grace?

How do you give to the lost, the one thing you see clearly

they simply can’t see, blinded by emptiness wearily?

How do you love the lost, bent on only a hundred years

in a universe of universes, when eternity is eternity’s fears?

How do you pray for the lost, knowing the incredibly missed love

the peace they will never feel, the Glory of God above?











Every Living Thing


His heart bleeds even in winter

Surrounded in chilling enchantment

After spending a wonder sculpting

Etching essence to behold

Creating this Glory in Grace

Everlasting yet overnight

Crocheting sunshine through clouds

Knitting doves watching over

Each sleepy leaf, idle twig, they will return

Woven stronger stark winter growth

Not just weeping icicles of life

His blood

His promise in every tiny living thing

His Spirit is everywhere


Is His Spirit

He nourishes everything


Is His Glory







dawn will be tough

gawking at a candid pain

well-meaning friends

wondering why again

and again

repeating we’re here for you

one tight hug and that’s a wrap

see you soon and soldier on

alone I will shudder

into the universe I will send

forgive me my friend

pause by a tree to wince

needing time with my shadow

still vividly intense

shards broken bits

splintered into fractions

God give me strength

I’m coming as a child

hold me tight

while I miss her light

just a spark below the wick

a flickering cast below Yours

hardly visible at sunrise

but missed deeply by sunset




Pondering Majesty


I see the Majesty of God looking back at me from a pond

and wonder if He’s watching too.

Does He see His own Glory from all the way out there,

us a tiny spec of dust.

I AM the universe, He shows me His Grace, His Glory surrounding I AM.

I gave you eyes, He scolds, witness the testament of My Majesty.

What more could I possibly need?




Dear Lord,

please bring me a new digital camera, so I can properly capture your Majesty…

if I could capture it, if I were ever proper, this too would be majestic…


UPDATE:  Dear Lord

Thank you! You are so good to me.  God, I love you so.

Thank you for sending S.P. to send me a camera.

Please Bless Her and Her Family Mightily Lord.






God creating a frill of lace

a melody in this place ~ amidst a raging race

leaving behind a chilling trace ~ etching a restless face

Glorifying Grace



A Fallen Feather


We walk hand in hand for a bit,

stopping at the sight of a butterfly,

green and blue, cousin to a hummingbird,

nosing around the amethyst cones.

Drips of pine scented stillness

fell lightly encircling our pause,

His hand squeezing mine tenderly,

His thoughts easily unspoken.

The rock I chose to rest upon,

cold and slipping dead leaves,

an anchor to my lonely drift,

soaking through my bones.

He lets go to speak to a Blue Jay,

it chatters ceaselessly making no sense,

bringing back a fallen feather,

He lets it fall at my feet.

I reach for it foolishly,

His eyes warm,

saying she’s flown,


just beyond my aching grasp.


rock with cross on it

A Huge Rock


The trail of footprints I follow,

are steep and ever climbing,

they disappear on a windswept day,

turning back darkness ever winding.

In faith and on a huge rock of hope,

I stumble each step of the way,

tripping over the angled pebbles,

the thorns amused while I play.

I thank the Lord for carrying me,

across the lava floor,

breathing underneath my sails,

fetching me through a yawning door.

I pray my heart is pure enough,

leaving not a minute bitter trace,

when my faith is no longer needed,

I shall behold His Holy Face.



his way

His Way!


His blood flows freely down the edge of a tree

His love flowed over every inch we see

His tears flow daily to cover the Earth

His sight grows weary judging our worth

His thoughts are chaos patiently calmed

His hands gripping us slightly palmed

His mercy drenches in a thunderous roar

His healing comes through tears before

His light alone shows us the way

His life given on that righteous day

His angels sing a harmonious praise

His hope in us never leaves His gaze.




An Author Who Listens


He relaxes all day long, creates a rainbow,

And a moon beam,

While listening.

His wife completely ignored.

She hustles and bustles where He needs her to go,

He carves a mountain, He’s a bit busy,


Cries and begging, accusing and fear,

Ecstatic one minute, suicidal the next,

He exhales love,

Answers with mystery,

And listens.

One second He feels overwhelmed with sadness.

The next He’s crying too.

The third second He’s flooded with joy,

Thundering in a storm,

He listens.

He smiles at His children,

Like the way you feel, watching two kitties play.

The epitome of Author, caring ferociously,

Aware and vigilant,

He molds love,

He Is,

He Was,

And Will Always Be,




My Lord Lives Here


hills crest into neon green honey

folds of velvet whisper to the sky

while the tears of the leaves dry


stark and lonesome the trunks sway sadly

the branches forever waving goodbye

a pillar of strength weathers a sigh


canyons filled on one sheltered side

hiding from the scrubbing gale

soon under snow barely hearing the weary wail


my Lord lives here in a humble shroud

a brilliant hue grazing the hill

His Majesty Blessing His will.


Beyond The Emptiness


She cried, He let go,

He looked beyond the emptiness,

eyes glassy and fixed on a far away rock.

One lifetime not nearly enough

to prove it’s possible to walk in love,

watching the rise and fall and sway of the flock.

Speaking love, showing love, being love,

He came,

knowing the end before the beginning.

Why would He waste his time,

with Glory waiting,

the lost still consumed in sinning?

His heart swells to bursting sun,

saddened He’s the only one,

He wanted us to feel the Grace.

He cried, she let go,

she looked beyond the emptiness,

eyes weeping and fixed on His face.


Word of God Speak


Speak to me of peace and love,

how to echo the holiness of You.

Speak to me of kindness,

how You shroud it in the truth.

Speak to me of how to live,

revealing Your grace to the world.

Speak to me Your Word in the silence,

when You know my faith is unfurled.

Speak to me lighting the darkness,

when I’m scared to speak alone.

Speak to me through Your Majesty,

giving me wings ’til I’ve flown.

Speak to me how worship is easy,

just singing For You any ol’ time.

Speak to me musing Your Amazing Glory,

Lord, teach me how to shine.


His Majesty


Creation seeming random, an unplanned heavenly chance,

a circle in time never-ending, a merry-go-round of happenstance,

doesn’t make sense to me, for even Einstein was in awe,

for every action there is a reaction, the same in reverse, his law.

If everything at that time, was condensed into a tiny ball of light,

going BANG, sending stars far and wide, in the middle of the night,

Who or Whom, How or What put the mass of energy there that day,

Before it went BOOM and spread out a billions light years away?

This theory of men doesn’t make me believe, it confuses me more and more,

I can’t explain how I know it’s not right, it saddens me to the core,

studying in college the root of all evil easily illustrated in math,

it seems our arrogance has taken us down a galactic straying path.

Why wouldn’t we believe an ancient figure whose honesty was well-known,

fighting the Lord every step of the way, he wrote down what he was shown,

the sheer number of universes spawned on that very special day,

are still spreading outward in a singular line, showing us the way.

Scientists appear to be hiding the truth of the vast unknown skies,

all eternity is a number greater than the depth of human lies,

if we live long enough to understand just what God ensures,

we must first believe in His Creation, behold, His Majesty endures.


I See in Flaming Color


I ponder meanness in the world,

the selfish and cruel who demand to rule.

I wonder what horrifying feelings they must have,

corrupted by an evil, oozing black fuel.

I weep for the afflicted, the used and abused,

forced and beaten like dogs in a fight.

I fear for the brave and righteous,

who give their life for a human right.

I dream of a day, I pray not too far,

I see in flaming color each night.

I hope you wish for the same day, too,

where color disappears from sight.

I love that we’re all human beings,

no crazy enraged animals here.

I wish our species would become humane,

stop posing as kings of fear.

I know way down deep in my heart,

goodness and kindness will always win.

I wait smiling with my arms open wide,

knowing exactly where they’ve been.

I pray for each and every soul,

although sometimes I think it’s a waste.

I cry for each and every lost soul,

determined to reach hell in haste.


To Walk In Love


To walk in love, just put on your shoes,

Head out the door, you have nothing to lose.

Your heart will guide you, follow your nose,

People are everywhere who still need to know.

Bring on the anger, walk in the rain,

God is with you through any pain.

Walk to the very first person you see,

Instead of saying hello, say Bless You Times Three.

Smile at the world, show your joy from below,

Shine like the sunshine, let your heart glow.

Try to be an example for all to follow,

Bite your tongue, remember to swallow.

Never hate, slander, gossip or cause discord,

You will be responsible for every single word.

Each day you will climb closer to His Amazing Glory,

Don’t let today be the end to your story.

Walk in His shoes, Put on His love,

Show the world you love ALMIGHTY GOD ABOVE!




He watches clearly from a cloudy storm,

He’s hoping you realize you’re never forlorn,

He’s waiting patiently since you were born.

Watching you ferociously like momma bears,

Hoping always you know how much He cares,

Waiting for a request to answer all your prayers.

He’s watching to see if you will ever trust Him,

He’s hoping today you will go out on a limb,

He’s waiting happily for your journey to begin.

Watching you stumble trying to walk in His shoes,

Hoping eternally you will come to choose,

Waiting for the Angels to bring the good news.

He’s watching in pain every day you’re gone,

He’s hoping like hell you won’t be long,

He’s waiting in Glory for you to come home.




His brightness temporarily blinds

My breathless heart skips a beat

His myrrh a lumbering touch

My spirit springs a rushing rapid

His reach encircles my heart

My hope calmly holds on

His patience waits with longing

My needs meet a forest of pain

His nearness alters taut vibration

My dancing soul bursts into song

His glorious rising honor

My falling grace


Darkness Let Go


Some of you may know this about me, some of you may not,

my dreams come true, no matter how sweet or the horror plot.

If someone dies in my dreams, they’re gone the very next day,

it shatters my heart into shards of glass, what could I say?

I tried for years to stop them, suppress the coming grief,

asking God to please make them stop, still no relief.

But two days ago, I had a dream that was a vivid, brilliant glow,

that shattered the path of darkness in my dreams, darkness let go.

I know I’m blessed now, since that time long ago when I hid,

Fighting the truth like an animal in a trap, He just lifted the lid.

The brightness startled me, the love flowing through my chi,

I knew as He came slowly, His Hand held out to me.

My first thought was “Please, oh please, let me soar once more,

like an eagle in flight, my greatest delight, just once more before?”

But I looked into His Eyes then and the wish fled from my mind,

the incredible kindness poured into me, His Eyes honestly shined.

My old desires were gone, only one thought remained, I said,

“Thank you for coming for me!”  He smiled and nod his head.

My soul filling up to a bursting explosion, love like a heavy sand,

Grinning wildly, The Son of the Morning … was holding my hand.

(this was truly my dream! thank you so much Blessed Jesus!)


In A Second Of Silence


Haunting like an old ache, throbbing in the wound,

The pain rushes in again, breaking on the beating edge.

She lost the only reason she had to get up,

He tosses and turns trying to escape his mind.

Resounding horror, lifted up by thousands,

The shock echoing off the second of silence.

How many pleaded with God Almighty,

How many slipped off into the unknown too soon?

Voices ripping His Heart to pieces,

Tears washing His Feet in a tidal wave.

He Cries to the Angels, “WHY?”, oh why?

The Angels perform the introductions in awe.

Trumpets sound, tears fall, pleas fade,

His Heart haunted by an old ache.


Once Upon A Time


Is it really that hard of a concept,

One species in harmony JUST ONCE.

Pick a Day, ANY damn day you want,

Love every person you see FOR ONCE.

Put down the weapons, swallow your fears,

Forgive on a Mass Scale, PRAY ONCE.

Skin color determined by Sunlight, Oh My,

Science right there to see, OPEN ONCE.

Money does not bring genius nor wisdom,

Look deeply inside, for truth will SPEAK ONCE.

Compassion will fill you with Glory, brimming with Grace,

Lifting your arms, judging NOT ONCE.

Encircle with hugs while holding on dearly,

They may be gone in a flash, BLINK ONCE.

Admit WE are all related, yes, family,

Human race with NO RACE… TRY ONCE.


Today I Pray…


For sons of daughters going off into danger,

for all the children who wander off with a stranger.

For all who love, Love All, a small reminder,

for all of mankind to try to become kinder.

For daughters of sons fighting far from home,

for the lost in life always seeming to roam.

For God So Loved us All, He gave His Only Son,

To Love and Protect Each of Us, to one day become One.




Wedding by the river, incredibly serene,

Flowers a gently swaying screen,

Shyly, each taking their first steps,

Sisters watching as they softly wept.

Birds singing, the sun shining on,

A melody in harmony with river song,

Brought together by a few guitar strings,

Future spreading like an eagle’s wings.

Mothers laughing, their hearts aglow,

Wisdom passed on by elder’s who know,

Friends and family embrace their love,

Blessed I’m sure by God Above.




Watchin’ My Baby Bird Take Flight,

God’s Greatest Blessing in My Life.

Exploding with Joy at that Very First Step,

Flying Through Life Each Day He Lept.

Conquering His Fears He Flew Highest Of All,

Diving Past Fletchlings In a Free-Fall.

He’s Left the Nest Searching High and Low,

For Excitement and Love Both to Grow.

This Special Pride Bursts From Deep,

Thanking God He Will Always Keep.

Blessings Rare Fall From Above,

Soaring Through This Motherly Love.

Spreading His Wings He Dips One Last Time,

Calls Out With Hope and Starts to Climb.


Dis Grace


Beauty comes from way deep inside,

Loving others you have nothing to hide.

Lowering yourself causing others pain,

Seems extremely cruel for little gain.

Thinking before you injure another,

Lessons learned early from a good Mother.

Maybe she just didn’t bother,

Leaving it to a careless Father.

Both fail before the Light from above,

Compassion is truly greater than love.

Because love can be with out discernment,

but, compassion is always without judgement.

Teach your children to take the high road,

Wisdom and kindness are a very light load.

Those careless words drag you far below,

They carry that pain longer than you know.




Gossip I fear takes the wind from my wings,

My greatest sin,

I can’t seem to stop and think.

My mouth has a mind of its own,

my brain rushes ahead spewing crap,

before I blink.

I write notes on my hand to remind me,

it’s one of the Ten,

I pray for forgiveness but don’t feel I deserve it.

I despise it in others,

and I know exactly why,

we all hate our own worst characteristics.

Anyone out there know how to change this,

how to stop from responding when others begin,

how not to join in?

Of all the commandments I truly try to follow,

barring my two failed marriages, (smirk)

this is my greatest failing, makes me sad within.

As I write this I pause once again, for a prayer,

Dear Lord, help this fool at your feet,

(peace comes into my heart in an instant, thank You again.)

Yet, I wish You would take my voice instead,

making me mute every time I start to sin,

love you My Messiah, My Holy Savior, Amen.



11 thoughts on “For God Alone… Poetry 2012 – 2014

  1. I could only about 70 percent. These are wonderful poems. You should probably have spread them out so people can follow each better and comment. Rea…lly wonderful. I can’t point to a single favourite, seeing as I have many. Really lovely bunch.

  2. Hi Deb, so beautiful each and everyone, I want to share the beautiful stained glass of Jesus on the cross wasn’t sure how to do can let me know and I would love it
    such beautiful words and images…so love them..God Bless you for all the work you have done for Jesus..

    • Sherri, I think you can just copy and paste if you want, if not, just click on it to go to it alone, and maybe you can reblog it. I know there is an actual post I did, with poem called Blood Stained Sky, I think, so search for that post and you can reblog that. 🙂 thanks, love all your kind comments!!

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