For God Alone… Poetry 2015


Serenity… Eternity… Majesty… thus, Absolute Glory!

All Glory To God Almighty, YHVY! The ONLY GOD!



Daring the Air to Weep


the earth felt it deep in the vibrating stone

with each crash echoing as thunder cracked the sky

rolling darkness swirled into being

while the son fought to gain entry

heat rose fuelling the clouds daring the air to weep

as the pure beacon of light broke free it streaked across Heaven

scorching the mountain

and became Him

exploding in a glorious burst

for it had found the reason it existed





(I know it’s bright, but do you see the two Great Blue Heron’s fishing?)




Clouds on a winter day, a million shades of gray

But the sky is a blue gem, God’s choice on a whim

Water a cold deep blue, hiding nothing from a birds eye view

Ripples behind the breaking rocks, against the trees it knocks

Newborn twigs fighting for light, fish stay clean out of sight

A typical day on a river, glorious life in a sliver





someone drew the veil

letting the sunshine pour in

warming life into living

fold’s in a thick blanket

wrinkled at the edge of hope

curling over an insignificant

trifle of eternity

a forever green comforter

covering miles

and miles

the perfect size

for God





I reach out

I pull back

constant chaos

stranded on that cliff

a tempest raging

you need Him so badly

He’s right there


His breath against your soul

fluttering your hair

open your heart

you’re one step away

take it


run like the wind

before it pushes me off





God loves me, this I know, very, very much,

I know by His constant forgiveness and His Grace filled touch,

He has never forsaken me, never left me behind,

Not once in my life, not in one moment I can find.





a whisper through the trees called to me

as silence settled into my soul

nothing stirred but the light’s rays

touching me in tiny bursts of peace

the sky a halo swirling above

in blue wisps between the leaves

as the breeze spoke in a hushed murmur

“no matter the number

or darkness before you

His kingdom shines beyond

the breadth of the gap”





bursting up from the earths core

rocks formed from deep below

reach for the sky with earnest

a fiery desire began long ago

rising with dignity scraping the sky

guarding the valleys of shallow lands

pure majesty transcending glory

created by God’s own graceful hands




Just Up Ahead


tiny steps


beneath the frozen boughs



like wet snow

such a long way to go

pressing on

pressing in

I can see His light

just up ahead


my soul

with just enough warmth

I take another step


01eagle at work



the wind may drive my face deep into my collar

and my eyes might begin to water

my mind shivers at the perilous ascent

as my soul soars with an eagle

on wings that carry me through life




The Glory of a sunset

isn’t just about the earth

curling away from it’s warmth

coming to learn to appreciate it more…

its the streams of sunbeams

making it shimmer like diamonds

its ripples scattering to the winds

across an impetuous cobalt river,

or dancing on the needles of a silent forest

twitching with the tail of a sunbathing squirrel…

its the peaceful mood you sink into

without even a whispered sigh,

you sway with the rivers speed

pulled along to another place entirely,

inhale a gentle hint of pine laced sunshine

realizing you made it through another day

and exhale a happy “thank you, God.”

This is The Glory of a Sunset





from the shadows

I can almost feel the warmth

the cool tint teases me

reaching into haze

I seek

a silent tone

bending the darkness

stretching into a brightness

but I hug the dusk

of obscurity


in the dimness

comforts my gloom

and surrounds me in a gray

veil of murky angles

tangling fear

in a bow

tied up in shades

scented with a haunting

like a plague pursuing old bones

trying to blot out my trail

of dark sunken steps

as I stumble


into the light



The Lonely Bench


smiling, deeply, at the glory I see

I sit on a lonely bench covered in snow

placed at the top of a ridge at bird level

yet the birds are gone for now

and I’m lost in the silence

the crisp air tingling in my lungs

as a tiny snow shower shimmers

from the trees gently swaying

I can see my home far below

yet its empty for now, cold

and missing my lost child

who miles away may be also sitting

lonely on a bench in the snow

but sometimes prayers just aren’t enough

to fill that hollow hurt

that seems as wide as the valley

and reaches to the distant sky

yet I still smile

at the Glory I see

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