trees and fog

not haunted

simply soft, echoing

a deep flutter

a twig heartbroken

one becomes three, four

whispers chilled to drops

grasping the tips of leaves

pierced by needles


in anticipation

of the warm kiss

of light




(taken at dawn below our paragliding launch zone)


color me in light


color my world with bright blue that’s not sad

pine or neon green that’s not a fad

and purples that just must be had

fill my sky’s with yellows that scream

to become red’s that sometimes dream

to be oranges that taste of soft cream

for black feels empty and shadowed

and browns feel dirty like a long road

and grey seems such a heavy load

so only give me glorious sunrise light

still strong enough at sunset to fight

for love… this is God’s pure white light

What if there were no colors…

1black and white

What if there were no colors…


What if there were no colors,

our world in just black and white,

would you wake up each day,

thanking God for the glorious light?

No rainbow trout to slink through the blue,

no sunrise or sets in orange, purple or red,

no human differences in skin tone seen,

or deadly excuses for condemnation said.

Would you miss the peacock feathers,

hummingbird views from my window sills,

only oceans of black sea to drown me in,

no fall colors to flame the hills?

What if sunshine was plain old white,

or flowers were shades of grey,

would you still see the Glory,

God created for us each day?

I can’t imagine ever being blind,

missing the colors in a fresh wet rainbow,

birds, animals, insects, and mountains,

Dear God, I pray, we will never know.