Just a week or so ago, we got this new dusting of snow, much to our dismay… but when I walked outside the sun was just coming up and I saw this! This beautiful GREEN strip across the sky, that actually seemed to be almost circular. It was gorgeous! I keep wondering if this is due to us getting some of our very own Northern Lights?? Which is super rare! Or if once again the glorious color is due to all the chemicals they are spraying in our sky’s to reflect light. We have ruined our atmosphere folks, it’s time to face it. And it’s also time you faced what you see in the sky’s above … the chemical trails that are clearly visible. ANY PILOT in the known world will tell you that CON trails last about 30 seconds. No matter how SLOW the winds are. And CHEM trails last for days, spreading out… visibly making a gorgeous day into an overcast one.

It happens here EVERY DAMN sunny day we get! and it makes ME LIVID!!!  They’re poisoning our air, our water, our FOOD!!!  Wake up people, we have got to get together and stop this.

Last year, there were hundreds of demonstrations AROUND THE GLOBE IN OVER 60 DIFFERENT countries, where we are trying to make the government STOP THIS!!!  IT IS NO JOKE!  IT IS NO STUPID CONSPIRACY, BUT IT IS NEVER IN THE PAPERS OR ON THE NEWS!!! HAVE YOU NOTICED THIS????  THE POPERAZZI NEVER COVER THE DEMO’S… WHY IS THAT?????  HUGE PROTESTS!! yet they are never covered by the media!!! The one in Seattle last year didn’t get a blurb. huh?

Just makes me wonder!  How much longer we’re going to sit around like SHEEPLE and do nothing. They are in effect killing our children and grandchildren’s future… which in turn IS killing our children. What about that don’t you get??? 

Oh well, think about it. There will be hundreds of protests again this year… look em up in your closest city. PLEASE!!!!   JOIN IN!!! It’s usually in July or August.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

OK… so I’m going to be upfront here… I’m cheating!!  LOL  These are all pictures I took in the past, but when the prompt came up “Mirror”, well, I just had to pull up some of my favorites!  I love a good reflective shot!  They should be postcards, don’t you think?

I snuck a few oddballs in too, just for fun.

Hope you enjoy my mountains! Smile


mirror RS lake stumpmirror north fork sunlight with cross


mirror mt si with lake


mirror ocean with birds

mirror of kitty with spot on her nose


mirror porch light


mirror snake teeth in river


mirror RS pond by rock walkway


mirror RS lake cover of my book


mirror snoq slew in pink and purple


mirror favorite snoq river at dusk


mirror RS lake and mountains


mirror mt si with lake in fall


mirror cachess lake


mirror RS lake in smoke from fires

He walked into the past


He’d led them along the shore on a path worn with use

they followed slowly behind, nibbling on greens and weeds

still in his sight, safe for the moment, he stood taller

nose lifted and sniffing the fishy sea breeze

a calmness settled into his bones as he gazed north

his view a beautiful red yellow streak across the sky

he had no last thoughts as his body hit the sand

his mind no time to process shock or wonder

it was just one second: content and wildly alive

and the next… stone



March 6, 2015

These spring flowers have been blooming now for over 2 weeks. They are planted

in North West Washington! A rainforest. Where spring comes in April!

Not February!

I just felt the dire need to document the decline of our atmosphere. Our spring

has been moved up an entire month. Now think about the drought that will follow

this summer. Our summer will probably continue into fall like it did last year,

reaching into September. With the crazy weather back east mounting to disaster

levels no matter the storm, if you had any doubts about global warming,

you had better wake up and take a look around you. We have altered our planet,

beyond what is the norm of cycles for massive weather scale size changes.

You can only leave your head buried in the sand for so long, before you need to breathe.

Think about it, I beg you… there are many different ways you alone can make a difference.

And if we each believe by changing our habits in just one way,

we are all joining together to make change in a great way, then

we will change!!



someone drew the veil

letting the sunshine pour in

warming life into living

fold’s in a thick blanket

wrinkled at the edge of hope

curling over an insignificant

trifle of eternity

a forever green comforter

covering miles

and miles

the perfect size

for God

While we tend our gardens…

we tend our gardens

while she starves

we take half hour showers

while he drinks from a gutter

or mud and piss filled hole

we drive for days just to visit

she walks for days to a doctor

to a clinic or to a market

we wash our clothes in a machine

he has one pair of pants and a

torn shirt he has always worn

we buy shoes for each event

she has none and he has one

we complain about the injustice

the prices we must pay for life

and send a dollar or generous two

while they pick flies from their eyes

Whatever it takes!

mornings like this

with clear blue skies

makes tears eek

from my thankful eyes

my only prayer

on this new day

is God don’t let them

continue to spray

clog up their pipes

ground those planes

give the pilots diarrhea

or flu like pains

whatever it takes

their killing us all

I love and trust you God

don’t drop the ball!


They are killing us…



…AND our PLANET and we are doing NOTHING to stop it!

This is now in our water source, our gardens and our LUNGS.

If you think this is a normal cloud, you are sadly mistaken.

Why are we letting them kill us and our planet?

We may not know who is paying for it, but we certainly know it’s being done in our military aircraft.

And if they are flying… SOMEONE is ordering it… from the top of the ladder!

This is a perfect example of GEO Engineering folks! PLEASE, lets get together and MAKE IT STOP!!!

OMG….what a morning

Left my windows open last night, and woke to puddles everywhere.  Then I sit down with a nice hot cup of coffee and pop open my lapputer to start the day, look up and there is slush rolling down my windows!  Slush!  It’s not even September yet, and so cold out the rain is turning to snow! 

WTH have we done to our planet?

Every day it seems I ask myself this…and every day I get a new horrifying answer.

My beefsteak tomato’s are the size of lemons, and appear to be fully grown.  My cherry tomato’s haven’t even began to turn red yet.  There are at least a hundred of them, green as a new leaf, just like they’ve been for over a month now… but our summer was non existent this year, and I doubt they will even turn red before they die.

My cucumbers were all curled up, like the letter ‘c’ with only one end becoming a cucumber….and every single one of them did this.  I didn’t get one straight cucumber in the bunch.  And the worst part is they taste funny and have very few seeds.

I’ve decided to only order Heirloom seeds from now on, no more Ed Hume seeds for me….I think all of this company’s seeds must be genetically altered in some way.  I know they were messed up for sure when I planted spaghetti squash and ended up with zucchini!  But I assumed that was a mislabeling mistake.

I’ve planted in the same little garden area for over ten years now, and never had such horrible vegetables.  The only thing I had that grew normal, or not, because it actually went to seed 3 times so far… was my chard lettuce and kale. 

Obviously the plants are confused by the weather, we’ve had way too much rain and overcast clouds almost continually ruining our small 3 month growing season.

I sure hope the huge crop areas around the rest of the US are growing well, or it’s gonna be a long hard winter.

I’m curious to know if y’all out there in the blogorama are having as much trouble as me, or not??  But then again, maybe I don’t want to know, and ignorance really is bliss….who wants to know you’re about to starve to death?

I’d love to post a few pics of this horror, but as you know, I lost my camera card to the shit pile under my deck, and haven’t been able to buy a new one yet…   WTH…I think I’ll just go back to bed!!  

Good God…HELP US ALL!!!

There is 300 tons of radiation heading our way, thanks to the Japanese, it will contaminate all our fish along the West Coast.

There are over 870 MILLION people on the planet who are starving to death.

That’s 33% of the human population!

Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger in the world.

1 in every 5 children in the US are starving.

700,000 to 2 million people in the US alone are HOMELESS.

They are spraying chemicals over our heads on a daily basis, probably trying to block the suns light, because we have finally destroyed our ozone and they don’t want us to know.

Monsanto is genetically altering wheat to be grown in soils heavily contaminated by aluminum.  They are now trying to alter rice, too.

The Catholic Pope just made it illegal to report pedophiles in the church.

Pesticides have now been linked to depression in farmers.  How come it isn’t being linked to ALL of us who eat?


AND US politicians are useless and a disgrace to us all.

I could go on and on….but it breaks my heart!

Please Pray folks, Pray for the US AND THE WORLD!!!

Global MARCH against Chemtrails and Geoengineering



Talked to over 200 hikers this morning, only had 2 or 3 jerks in all that!!! Most either knew faintly about it, or knew nothing, so we informed them! Then I took all my flyers that no one wanted, and hit every car in the lot tagging their windshield wipers!!! GRASSROOTS BABY!!! lol Hope everyone else managed something! Denise and I will be hitting more trailheads, maybe one per month or so, if ANYONE wants to help out, print stuff for it, or just show up as a talking body, you are welcome!! Just email me at and put chem trails in the subject line!!! Lets keep the info coming folks, people still think its a conspiracy, or don’t understand that CON trails DISSIPATE within minutes!!! MOST ARE CLUELESS!!! AWARENESS is our biggest hurdle right now!!! And Seattle is a GREAT ENVIRONMENTALIST HAVEN!!! We should have hundreds of folks joining in the cause!