Surviving on Hope



Surrounded by stone cold hearts

and thorns spreading like lies,

Hanging in there when all else fails

the tenacity of a Rose to rise,

Folding with Grace, curling in warmth

watching as the last bud dies,

The fragile Rose surviving on Hope

reveals YHVH’s design is likewise.


Majestic Perfection

1aa best

A single solitary beauty

glorious and unmatched

encircled in thorns

unlike anything seen before

enveloped in majestic perfection


opening His heart

and giving His life

for all of us

not just some

for us all

Yeshuah Rose


11 best

velvet skin ruffled at the edges

thorns spread to spare her beauty

curled up until He smiles upon her

opening her like a present in springtime

November may be over….

November may be over…

but look at the glorious wild

Purple Majesty Millet cat tails,

Red currants to feed the birds,

Pink primroses still budding,

Purple Calli Carpa beauty bush seeds.

Even the dried seeds of Indian Pink,

cascade in a gentle arc of beauty,

dried and curly Pampas grass,

a sprig or two of Red Barberry,

like Christmas lights around the tails.

All snuggled in a bed of Blue Fir,

Conifers, Maple and Rhodie leaves,

and of course a few wild Washington Apples, 

… winter beauty in the Great NorthWest.




Thorns tear at my heart, scratching and ripping

as he walks down that lonely road

pulling the threads farther apart

he needs a knot to hang on to

just a snag in that wore out groove.

Scratching at the welt left behind

swollen and angry stupor

filling every shiver with ache

tangling across the silent trail

tripping him up, holding him down,

torn away too soon,

confused by the rambling brambles.

Too old to ask for help,

too young to admit defeat

spurred on by a point

a burr sticking to the wrong side

the way not a fork or turn.

Briars slashing his dreams,

cutting down his will to tread

drained by bloody barbs,

thistles or roses,

their scent wafts through the closed doors.