Street of Dreams

street of clouds


Wow! Where have I been? lol  been weeks of this… off and on.… look up…. this beautiful street of dreams is just what Paraglider Pilot’s LOVE!  I mean LOVE!!!! When its sunny out… If you can catch the thermal off the mountain, and get up under this type of cloud formation, you can “cloud-hop” to the end… these ended at the ocean. They form in the same pattern as volcanoes… only moving with the wind and forming one after another in a perfect line. Clouds make their own thermals, and they can pull you up hundreds of feet very quickly and swallow you if you’re not careful.

It was a gorgeous day, I think last month or so… that makes anyone who’s flying an addict. I get real nervous, flying near clouds, because they can suck you in if you get too close. Which isn’t all bad… except here in the NW, the clouds can turn ugly and wet in a blink. Dark clouds are scary! lol we all avoid them! Mostly because flying wet is like flying a like a rock.

I stay far below them, and can’t hop very far yet, but I’m learning. By the end of summer, I should be hitting another launch site we have up in Blanchard… but first I have to figure out how to get back home.  lol  second, I have to figure out how to change my pants while in flight! thermals make my heart race. They can be very strong winds and collapse your wing as you fly in and out of them, if you’re not paying close attention, the turbulence is sudden. You’re flying along in smooth gentle air and run smack into a wall of churning wind that’s going up and in a new direction.  AAAAAA…  that is my usual response. That and GOD!

I’ve missed you all… if you’re even still out there. I would promise to come back and write daily, but with summer just about here, I can’t make any promises. I’ll be grinning from ear to ear at 5000-10,000 feet, if you need me. I will promise to write more… than what I have been, which has been nothing… that’s always easy. 

Take care all, and if you see a bright red wing with a blue strip, look up and wave… it could be me…  Smile about to land on you… so RUN!  I got NO control!!!  lmao, I do.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun











(inside joke, gonna make bumper stickers, this is now my copyrighted catchphrase, thanks to the internet!)

Simple Loves



silver colored rain splatters upon the ground

spreading out like running sheep

hands flinging fingers open wide

making a point before a beep

muscles pulling the grandest jete

toes reaching the horizon in a leap

the minds of children creating joy

dreaming wildly while sound asleep

the look of new parents in any species

their tears of love uncontrollably seep

or me flying like a majestic bird

making memories I will forever keep

as easily as the trees in the breeze

bending deep

the simple loves in life

make me weep



I wrote this because a friend and I were discussing how often she cries when people are mean to her. Its part of our job to deal with assholes, but it occurred to me when she said this, that I cry due to joy more often than anything else. Sure, I’m very empathetic and I cry easily if a friend is sad, and I’ll admit I have cried while watching many different types of moves, ie, the Green Mile, Phenomenon, where I bawled like a baby, and even at the end of Armageddon. (more for her losing her father, than for BW dying. lol ) Still for the most part, with mean people, I tend to get very Motherly and put them in their place. Even if I need to yell to do it!  lol  But my friend has a tender heart, isn’t very tough on the inside, and lets people walk all over her, which is sad, but I think a huge waste of tears. Those who are mean are just assholes, and you just have to let it wash over you, knowing they are miserable and will always be. Not my problem, not me that caused theirs. Simple as that.

But I’ve also learned over the years, it’s hard to teach someone to be strong, when they have no faith to give them strength. People say all the time…. OH I BELIEVE IN GOD… yet they have never once given their problem to God, wholeheartedly believed HE would take care of it, and relaxed back in the peace that this simple surrender will give. BUT YOU MUST HAVE FAITH. You must truly believe HE WILL HANDLE IT… and most people don’t.

They’re all about lip service.

  I do it daily. Usually in the morning while I drive somewhere. For some reason God and I do a lot of chatting in my truck. I ask for parking lot angels, idiot angels to keep me safe on the highway from idiot terrourrists, whatever I need, God wants me to ask Him to do it… so I do. And I am peaceful inside, not worrying about anything, throughout most of my day. Some days, yeah, I’m tired, loose my temper and have to shut someone up… but hey, no one’s perfect. lol  And God knows me inside and out. He knew I was going to do that. So why get upset, why chastise myself for not handling it right? Nope, I move on. Life is TOO SHORT to worry about the little shit. God knows why I reacted the way I did, and I ask him to forgive me when I know I’ve been wrong.

But folks, all in all, with all the weird problems in my life, I am a pretty happy person!

I find peace daily.

Find yours.

Find Joy.

Find God.



a little morning haze

turned into a glorious daze

born to fly across the sky

my fellow birds and I


surreal barely describes it

you know you’ve lost your wits

your breathing forgotten and gone

your heart races on and on


pounding to be set free

and see exactly what you see

rising up your throat for a peek

halting any attempt to speak


as joy flies by at an easy speed

peace floods in to fulfill ALL need

grin now wrapped around your ears

love exploding out in tiny tears


shake your head and focus now

get control long before you plow

into a mountain or land in a tree

your life is in your own hands… see


so snap out of the incredible bliss

leave behind the awesome amazingness

that phenomenal rush will soon be back

tomorrow swinging in a swing on crack


you can’t get enough

you never will

sleep when your dead

never stand still


1st Flight of 2016…. WOOT! WOOT!

1st flight 2016, April 1st

Heart racing, face feeling for wind strength, legs shaking, pull it up… RUN!!!!

That’s how it goes, here at the launch site.. for most newbies like me. It still stops your heart, it still makes you stop and look heavenward to ask God Almighty to keep you safe, and its still the most AMAZING time of your life!

Yesterday I not only had to deal with a new year’s beginning flight; one where you have already stretched your strings, inspected the wing and harness, and emergency parachute, went to the bathroom and chain-smoked three cigarettes…and OK, I’m ready! But one where I also had to deal with the overwhelming fear of crashing again, like I did last year.

I didn’t mention it, because I was ok, only missing about an inch of flesh along the backside of my right leg, compliments of the sticker-bushes and rocks on the way down about 100 feet of mountain… but still a very scary event to have to force myself to overcome. It ended my flying last year, and killed about three months of bliss for me! Where I was injured, my harness seat banged into, so even practicing was halted until I healed up, and by then, it was fall.

None of which stopped me from blasting off the side of Tiger Mountain yesterday, to fly like an eagle once again! God is keeping me safe, I know this every single time I fly, so that is one less fear I have to worry about! I truly trust in God… and last year He was there!!! Right when I needed Him!

It was a gorgeous day, from 60-70 degrees out, with no clouds for thermals, but there were thermals bouncing me all over the place, scaring the bejeezus out of me, and keeping my adrenalin at the maximum level possible!! But it was SO MUCH FUN!!! The winds were just a bit choppy, but they kept me up for an extra ten minutes or so, while I figured out how to maneuver down… slowly… properly…. lol 

My instructor cracks me up, he will be writing a big “L” on my left hand, and an “R” on my right, so when he tells me to go Right, I turn right!!!  We had a difference of opinion when the trees got closer than I felt they needed to be!!  Still it was a great little flight, but the winds picked up and we had to postpone until Sunday.. when hopefully they will be light again and not too Springy! 

SO HAPPY FLYING TO ME….AND ANY OF YOU OUT THERE WILLING TO TRY IT!  You can go Tandem, with an instructor, and just sit there enjoying the view!!! IT’S JUST AMAZING!!!!!!

Not a Soul


not a soul around to hear

a haunting call in the wind

drawn into brushed clouds

vanishing in a single stroke

the world below too far

to care to feel to see to hear

the song of silent space

whipping by in an echo

of voices of time of shifting

drifting in a seamless flow

of paint on a canvas gliding

across an ocean of blue heaven

one gust away from beyond

where the stars reach out

brightening a shining lure

to fill the emptiness aloft

the loneliness soaring high

spreading outward in infinity

the sound of yearning singing

of one hope

one dream



not a soul around to hear


Some say it’s green…

blue view between trees

Some say it’s green here all year,  but I see the blue. So if the trees are green… then the sky must be yellow, or it wouldn’t be blue… true?

The overcast blurs my life into a haze, my mind follows along in step, yet the blue’s don’t depress me. They ease the glare of winter white, coloring the darkness that touches everything into a peaceful deep ocean blue. They never get me down, but instead give me a few moments of peace, the peace you feel in the silence, while standing all alone in a foot of snow beneath giants.

I drove here, the other day, just four miles from my house, yet a wonderland of whitened beauty with only the sounds of snow falling and branches creaking under it’s weight.

You may see darkness and gloom, but I see the same sapphire blue that God carved the original commandments into. His was stone, mine is sky.

This world of blue never harms my soul.

It only holds back my heart for a time, then lets it burst into fresh joy when spring comes along and I get to fly again. Above these magnificent giant green trees, where I frantically learn to tell the difference between trees and grass from a thousand feet above the earth. We fall at the rate of something like ten feet per second, which gives me what… a minute or so to find a landing spot. You say “eek”… but I say “GOD!!!!”

All right before begging for help. Still, sometimes I wish I could fly in winter, without my eyeballs freezing and my hands breaking off… just for the winter beauty. Landing would be softer, I must admit. So maybe some warm, really warm winter day I just may try it… someday far in the future when I’m a good pilot, and not a beginner.

But if you ever get to see the blue, inhale it. Breathe it in deeply… it is pure peace!



I felt Your presence today

it was beyond glorious

my excitement rose

to the same height

as I did

but peace flooded in

as I sailed across the sky

and I knew You

were the wind

beneath my wing

I can’t thank You enough

there are no words

but the smile

from ear to ear

I’m sure

made it perfectly clear

Thank You God

for this amazing gift!

Out There



a vast sky fades from blue to black

the emptiness seems to go on forever

even the cold shivers out there

space filled to the brim with nothing

but a star tossed here and there

a few rocks ricochet in chaos

and a tiny manmade machine floats

blindly towards and into the black

unknown unsure and unable

to reach the next star

a species leaves behind mass destruction

to search for another species

to what… destroy, visit with

get that all-consuming answer

to how it all began and why

why are we here

we desperately need to know

because we are not happy here

we can’t stop killing each other

we are killing our planet by the hour

yet we still search the vast heavens

hoping for what? WHAT?

what could we possibly learn

that would change our species

into one that loves, cares, gives,

shares, dreams, hopes,

believes in kindness, justice, truth…

for that is what we need

that is what we crave

that is why we are HERE

do you really think we can find any of that

out there?

Daily Prompt: Come Fly with Me


I tie my hiking boots on, because I will need the support around my ankles for landing.  I’m already dressed, so I fill up my water bottle with ice and water, grab my windbreaker and purse and head out the door.  I start my truck, and while it warms up for a minute I apply my eyeliner, using my rear view mirror.  I would never do this while driving, but over the years I’ve got into the habit of using this mirror, because its the only one my eyes can still focus enough to see in.  I have to wear granny glasses now, because I’m getting oh so old.

It only takes about 15 minutes to reach the field directly below Poo Poo Point!  And yes, it is named that for a reason!  This is in Issaquah on the side of a Cascade Range mountain, that’s only around 1800 feet high on the west side of Tiger Mountain.  But this is a sweet sloping cleared area, with a huge piece of man made turf laid out across it, in the pictures below for all of us crazy paraglider’s to take off from.  The local paragliding groups have combined forces and created a shuttle service, using the old forest service road that winds up the mountain, so we don’t have to hike the trail on foot to get there.

tandem_launch__tigerflyin...3100 feet up 004  flyin...3100 feet up 014  flyin...3100 feet up 013


I meet up with my buddy, the best tandem pilot ever, a 5th level pilot named Steve Wilson who I literally trust with my life.  He laughingly says, ‘I’ve never lost anyone!’, but I trust him completely because on one of our previous trips, he saved my life.  A beginner Paraglider, on her first solo flight, was coming right for our lines one day, and I saw her out of the corner of my eye, where I have really good peripheral vision.  She was up behind us on our right side.  I yelled, and Steve pulled on the handles and spun us around just in the nick of time, as she flew by us within just a few feet of us.  If he hadn’t turned quickly enough, or far enough to the left, she would’ve went right through our lines.  The lines that attach us to the huge single wing that carries us.

He’s the best, and I’ve sent many friends to him, to have the most incredible hour of their life.

I have flown many times in planes above the earth, but there is nothing greater than soaring above the earth like an eagle at 3100 feet!!  This is about as high as you can go, legally, without being hit by a passing plane.  And let me tell you… it is the most incredibly awesome experience you will ever have.  I’ve done it so many times now, Steve calls me ‘his frequent flyer’, and I get frequent flyer miles! lol  Which means basically once or twice a year I go for free, and we just have the best time playing around.  He loves to take me as high as we can go, and then spiral down towards the earth, while I scream my head off. 

Next spring, when the weather turns perfect again, we are going to hike up Mt. Si, in North Bend, and run off the top of it.  This is a mountain that is over 4100 feet high, that’s 4 miles UP, and I can’t wait!!!  This will be our crowning achievement.  Although Steve has flown over Mexico and Brazil, and some places in Ireland and Scotland too.  But for me, this will be the greatest trip we’ve made.  The picture at the top of the page is the view from the top of Mt. Si, I thought you might like to see for perspective.  The top of the mountain is all rocks, with the huge Haystack of an enormous batholith, normally seen in the picture below… so I have no idea where we will actually have to take off from, because you need a bit of a cleared area to lay out the glider wing and straighten the lines before you hook the harnesses in and run off the cliff.  He’s done it before, so I have no worries…I just CAN’T WAIT!!!!

I kid you not folks, there is NOTHING BETTER than RUNNING OFF THE CLIFF OF A MOUNTAIN!!!  lmao  It is the greatest most amazing feeling in the world, and I have done lots of crazy things in my lifetime, and nothing tops this!   So…if you ever get the chance… COME FLY WITH ME!!!  and STEVE, of course!!! 


WOW!! OVER 300 Followers, I’m so THANKFUL for ALL OF YOU!!! I can’t believe there are 300 people on this planet that actually WANT to hear what I have to say, read what I write ….this just blows me AWAY!!!!

(Cloud Nine!!.. teeheehee)


That every single one of you

who follow me each day

would reach out to someone else

and make their best day.

I appreciate you’re listening

to me rattle on and on and on

just for today to celebrate you

care about them for the only Son.

I pray you’ll run out in haste

since you obviously have great taste

and love someone else today…for

Rushing to Love All is the real Human race.

thank you! thank you! thank you!


The Perfect Day

On this particular day, the winds were up, the trees swaying; the sun was warm on her face.  The mountains were purple and jade, spotted with red and yellows.  Her hands were a bit cold because it was only the first week of May, along with her legs, but then they were normally cold because the harness cut off the circulation.  Ann was thinking,

It’s glorious today, thank you so much God.  Look at that, oh my God the sky, the sky…

She’d been up paragliding for almost 2 hours, her arms were beginning to ache, but she had to wait to land because so many others were up and the landing field was packed.  People came from miles away to watch the paragliders, sitting along the edges of the landing field, picnic, maybe decide to one day try it.  They also walked directly across the actual landing zone to get to the trailhead of the hiking trail that wound up to Poo Poo Point, one of two take off spots at the top of the mountain.  The other take off point was just called the South one.  Poo Poo Point was the best, because it had the side of the mountain with the best updrafts hugging the west side; plus it had a huge section of Astroturf to set up on, so you didn’t get twigs and snags from stickers in the wing.

Three of her buddies were down already, and would make the shuttle for one more run, but the sun was setting and it was just so glorious with the sky an orange-red above Rainier, it’s usual cloud wafting above its peak.  She decided to tough it out, to see the sun set.

Learning years before, she was long past the days of using a giant tail, or ribbon attached to her butt, so people knew she was a beginner.  But Ann had watched several spreading their wings today, and taking their first flights; their long streamers of bright colors fluttering along behind them.  She was happy for them, but it always made her nervous to be up in the sky with a newbie, and especially with this many flyers today.  But it was just so perfect a day for flying, she’d spent most of the day high above the others, in safety and a huge updraft, just circling at about 3100 feet, like a giant eagle.  Only leaving the updraft periodically to make a huge figure 8 and change direction for a while.

I’ll never forget this day Lord, I’m gonna save it in my memory forever, it’s just perfection.  Thank you.

Ann started down, feeling like it was time, and sailed free of the updraft.  Took a deep breath while in the calm air, exhaled slowly, then held both the control handles in one hand while stretching her arm down and letting some blood back in, then switched hands and did this to her other arm.  Then she slowly began a weave back and forth, a little on the outside of the crowd of other gliders, before heading in and towards the landing field.  She knew how to drop fast if the guy in front of her took too long and she lost altitude, but he was doing fine so she moved into position to take the next landing.

She started her final circle around the field at about 300 feet, then as she came around again she saw movement in the corner of her eye, and looked up to her right behind her to check for other gliders before starting her turn down.  She saw a newbie headed straight for her, about to run right through her lines.  Ann jerked hard on the left control handle, hoping to turn out of her path, but her heart sank as her mind processed the vision of the young girl who only had one control handle in her hand.  She had lost the other, and was waving frantically in the one second Ann saw her before she dragged through her lines.

That was the day she fell to the Earth.

The young girls entire body was tangled in her lines and within seconds, both dropped to the trees from about 250 feet up.  They were a tangled mess as the newbie’s wing tried to hold the weight of both, but it only slowed their plummet a bit.  Crashing through the branches of the trees didn’t stop them from hitting ground, but it managed to break just about every bone in their bodies.  The young girl was strangled by the lines as they twisted around her in the air and then the branches reached out to finish the job.

Oh dear God, Oh, end it now, please don’t let me go through life as a vegetable.  Oh God it hurts, oh…God…

She laid there listening to the voices crashing through the woods to come save her, and then the black washed in like a dark ocean.

Daily Prompt: Far From Normal

Daily Prompt: Far From Normal

(Name 6 unique or odd things about yourself.)


People may say I’m far from normal, but I ignore my family.  hehehe  From childhood, the one unique thing about me was I was the baby of 8 children, the only family larger in the area had 13, and some rare inbred issues.  Since I’m cresting that enormous hill in age, it’s not a big deal anymore, but it does make for some wild and crazy holidays when we get together.

I love it when an old friend finds me on Facebook and says, so what have you been doing for 30 years….it takes an entire novel to answer that question with even the basic info.  Here’s one reason, starting at my senior year in high school I have lived in 9 different states: born in Indiana; dragged kicking and screaming to Arizona my senior year, and I will probably never fully forgive my parents for that little mistake; joined the Navy to get an education and see the world, but only saw Florida and the armpit of the world, Mississippi; got the hell out and moved to Missouri; then Virginia, Colorado, and California, finally coming to rest in GLORIOUS WASHINGTON, where I hope to die paragliding or by getting eaten by a bear…..because I am an adventurer.  Although I have considered moving to Alaska!

I’m a total rockhound.  Which means I go looking for rocks, the crystalized kind, and instead of your cute little figurines or pottery type knickknacks, at my house you will find rocks.  From petrified wood, quarts, amethyst, flint, malachite, asbestos, obsidian, olivine, tourmaline, and even granite to pyrite, salt and marble, you will know in a flash I am a rockhound.  At one point, I even had a small river in my livingroom…but my stupid cats kept peeing in it.

Also, I’m a bit odd about being one of the few people in the US who is not looking to get wealthy and buy material things that make me look good to others.  I could care less about having a big house or fancy car, expensive shoes or nice clothes.   I only spend my money on things that bring me enjoyment.  Although my oldest son has been raised to believe that when he makes his first million dollars, he’s required by law to build me a cabin in the woods.  I would rather squeak by each month and spend my fancy clothes money on a day paragliding; or blow my high heels money on a new kayak, which I did.  Of course, this I do now that my children are grown, before that they sucked up every dime I ever made.  I also roll my own cigarettes to save myself over $200 a month so I can take off and go visit friends or drive the coast….because sitting in a big fancy house is boring.

For my only official flight away from North America I went to Hawaii a few years ago, and swam on a night dive with Manta Rays.  It was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done, except for paragliding, there is nothing more exciting, even though everyone said I was insane.

It’s dark, eerily so, and you are in the ocean a mile or so off shore, thank God with other people.  Because I saw Jaws… and can never get it out of my mind completely when I’m swimming in the ocean.  It’s surreal, the quiet, muffled noise you hear, as your body floats a bit back and forth with the tide pulling.  Everyone snorkeling holds a flashlight aimed down, and the divers sink to the bottom about 50 feet down and hold flashlights that are aimed up, making a huge column of light.  Only seconds go by before they come, 8 feet across, or more, their mouths dropped open like a giant-sized vacuum cleaner, elegantly flying, dancing in slow huge circles, arching their backs as they flip a u-turn up and away from you.  Their soft black eyes watching you, but in an unmenacing way.  They looked curious to me, but this was the usual spot for the event, so they were probably used to it; although I wondered if they thought we were chumps, feeding them their dinner.

Lastly, but most important to me, is my incredibly journey trying to walk in Jesus’s huge shoes.  I don’t go to a church, haven’t for many years.  Most everyone I know, with only a few exceptions, are people who are kind, mean, generous, loving, hating, and going through life with only one thing on their mind: themselves.  I try not to sound sanctimonious here, but I personally have discovered that my way of life is the best.  Not the only way by any means, but for me it has become my life’s goal.  All the other crap just falls to the way side, partly due to my artistic nature, but I quit pursuing a career years ago.  I quit on the dream to have enough money I would feel secure in my old age, because I learned at some point, we only have TODAY.  That’s all we are ever promised.  I have also learned that to change the world, we must and can only change ourselves.  I reach out to others each day, trying to be the light, trying to love them a bit, in case no one else is.  I give what I can, when I can, and get so much joy out of it.  All anyone needs to do is ask, and I am there.  I make mistakes, huge mistakes, but I don’t let them become me.

I’ve learned in half a century, loving is the key.  The only answer.  The one thing that makes us intelligent beings is to love one another.  All the stupid useless questions about where do we come from, why are we here, who is God, which God is right, whose beliefs are right, are we just evolved atoms splattered to Earth from the cosmo’s….is all bullshit.


Peace out…




Soaring at 3000 feet;

gulping like a fish out of water,

your heart is blocking the pathway to air,

a high-speed chase rips around corners in your veins,

your eyes are overwhelmed with the Majesty before you.

Peace at 2000 feet;

no longer gazing into the edge of the universe,

you finally swallow moisture and inhale profoundly,

flying in an updraft that lifts your entire spirit,

your eyes see into the distance farther than eternity,

but it’s only the other side of the state.

Screaming at 1000 feet;

as you begin a huge spiral,

your heart now fighting for space with your right lung,

the scream is ripped from your deepest soul,

your grin as wide as the blue ocean you can see,

only once every half a second as you whirl free.

Laughing at 200 feet;

like a loon escaped from a farm,

as your brain begins to focus again,

cruising like an eagle across the treetops,

joy and peace engulfing your very being,

lets never land again, my pilot friend.


He watches clearly from a cloudy storm,

He’s hoping you realize you’re never forlorn,

He’s waiting patiently since you were born.




Watching you ferociously like momma bears,

Hoping always you know how much He cares,

Waiting for a request to answer all your prayers.








He’s watching to see if you will ever trust Him,

He’s hoping today you will go out on a limb,

He’s waiting happily for your journey to begin.





Watching you stumble trying to walk in His shoes,

Hoping eternally you will come to choose,

Waiting for the Angels to bring the good news.





He’s watching in pain every day you’re gone,

He’s hoping like hell you won’t be long,

He’s waiting in Glory for you to come home.

weekly photo challenge…Near & Far

Edge of the flying horizon, 3100 feet up, high as you can go paragliding without getting hit by a plane or asteroid! LOL

stump in a stump















of course the paragliding shot was taken last year…but the stumps were just last week~!  🙂