shards of blind faith

needles of laughter

diamonds by right

glinting in the pure light

every color combined

rising in love

like the spray above a wave

like the flowers in the morning

like the eagle soaring



As I read back…. lol

over my last post… and a great friend pointed out… I DO sound crazy.

But folks, have you missed all the egyptian documentaries over the years… all of them show flying beings, weird-ass animal type beings, flying in crazy spaceship looking things, … google the shit out that.. and just pay attention. Even if you can’t read hieroglyphics, you can see how all the ‘kings’ or ‘gods’ they worshiped, they were straight up Cray-Cray!

And I don’t care how far they go to keep everyone in the dark until the last moment, check out the shit the other countries are posting about this system coming. It is real. God forbid they tell it outright… oh no chaos will EXPLODE and they won’t be able to sun on the beach of Maui.

The Egyptian stuff, the Mayan pictures… there are tons of ancient artifacts that depict their technologies… like having light, and flying or floating machines… etc. They built the pyramids… for crying outloud!!!  Were you getting stoned during these shows Trent???  lol I know I was…

Anywho…. my own fn book was about ALIEN beings helping to save mankind in the last days!  THAT reflects just how many stupid science fiction shows and movies I’ve seen!

I’m talking about brainwashing here… the constant barrage of alien movies… shoved at us for the last 20 years… should show you something. AND amazingly enough, in 99% of those MAKE BELIEVE MOVIES…. WE WIN!  HAHAHAHAHHA

Do you REALIZE HOW STUPID THAT IS!! lol  I’m seriously sitting here giggling. WE WIN! Like that COULD EVER HAPPEN AGAINST SPACE ALIENS!  NO… they are going to laugh at us… ‘oh looky at the little satellites floating around… how cute!  SHIT… turn… there’s one that’s been blown to bits!!!’

THEY CAN PROBABLY TRAVEL THROUGH DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS… AND HERE WE ARE! blasting ALL of the universe with our fn soap operas…. and commercials… can you imagine how stupid they think we are?????

I’ve been telling people for years… we THINK we are the most intelligent species on this planet…. YET we are the ONLY species DUMB ENOUGH TO KILL OUR OWN HABITAT!

SO…. tell me I’m cray cray!  lolol I’ll agree. It just seems to me, that they WERE DOING IT FOR A REASON…. not just being hollywierd. They want us accustomed to seeing aliens, so we don’t freak out when they do arrive… if and when that could happen.  It could. If you, and I mean anyone… out there thinks we are alone, YOU my friend are crazy.

I THINK… seriously here for a minute… that the minute we used the atomic bomb, we began to get visits. I truly think we set off a chain reaction of some kind, out into the universe, that wasn’t good.  If anything… the sound would’ve traveled for years. If any being with the same amount of intelligence as us, had a childs radio… they would’ve heard the frequency of that sound. It’s like we’ve been blasting our crap at the universe for what…. a thousand years… come on…  they know we are here.

anyway.. that’s just my conclusions… but it was good shit, Trent, teeheehee

but… I truly feel this enormous urge to get people ready…. it’s like exploding in me… BUT I am not afraid, not the least.  I am excited.

I just want people to have an eternity… really…. there are so many people out there that I care about… and even the ones I don’t… I feel this huge urgency to talk to people about their spirit.  I want to scream… get your shit together people… but I can’t, cause that would be rude, rude, rude.  But I am worried for all your souls.  I hope you see that beneath the crazy, and remember always that the Father does LOVE you… he is not wrathful or vengeful.. this is NOT HIS CHARACTER… HE LOVES, He shows mercy, PLEASE search for him.. if you don’t have a relationship already. He is waiting for you…. and me… woot woot… I can’t wait. I really can’t. Its going to be spectacular and we get to watch.

I don’t know if many of you know this about me… but I honestly moved to Washington state 30 years ago… just to WATCH Mt. Rainier EXPLODE!!! OH YEAH!!!  lol I live up in the mountains over a mountain range away… just so I can watch!  I wanted to become a volcanoligist, most of my life… 🙂

As always, I LOVE YOU ALL!



stellar 1


is but a word

that can’t begin to describe Him.


dripping from His palms

floods into oceans with a flick.


becomes a word

at the atoms’ first glimpse.


creating worlds

of life to love and care for.


of all kings

the word only lacking His Majesty.


He fills with time

inching forward on a spec of dust.



circling arms of light

warming our every moment of sight.


after oath He gave

showering us with all His love.


the Author of it all

carved in sapphire with a sigh.



held in His hand

dances for the first time.


answers His call

shining as his Father asks.


He filled with Holy Spirit

giving choice to us colored with hope.


abound each moment

with eyes to see and ears to hear.


how deeply The Father

the only Father loves His children.


will He walk away

for He carries us wherever He goes.


He pours to fill space

As Time He Counts Us Eternally.



Thank You Father… for it all



In An Instant


beauty and death swirled into one

the light a pale kiss upon deep magenta veins

the Creator’s design to teach us Hope

for life is evolving in front of our eyes

one minute opening like a slow dance

the next withering into a curl of loss

darkening into dried silken ash

but before falling softly to the ground

another slow dance peels open His heart

blossoming into Hope in an instant

We’re All Just Mashed Potatoes and Gravy… ……..MIXED TOGETHER PEOPLE!!


there is no black and white

no yellow, brown or pink

there’s only love and hope

no matter what you’ve been taught to think

this lie about color that fills us full

of evil judgment and stupid hate

is just that, an incredibly evil lie

the enemy doth proliferate

trying to drive us further apart

leading us to defile, maim and kill

and worse, back it with the Lord’s name

can all change with just your will

your will to understand we’re all human

your will to promise to love all instead

your will to be accepting and not judge

your will to be stronger than society said

your will to create rather than destroy

your will to stand firm rather than be led

your will to truly follow in Jesus’ steps

ensuring your soul will never be dead


Wake up sheeple, we’re all just Mashed Potatoes and Gravy… all mixed up together!


If your family lives near the equator, you will have darker skin, to reflect the sun’s damaging rays and protect you from too much Vitamin D absorption.

The need for the right amount of Vitamin D is copied into our DNA and passed down to our children to keep them healthy.



Forgiveness is Sunshine


best above launch clouds


do you feel His arms surrounding you

curled in gripping you tight

through the nightmares in your life

never letting go

not once all night



do you hear His calling for you

soft yet echoing in your ear

rising with hope screaming with joy

that insistent loving

voice you hear



do you wonder why He loves you so

as any parent aching with the loss

seeing His children floundering in sin

you are still special

loved at all cost



do you not see how Greatly He Loves

when darkness looses its sickly masks

when you choose the graceful light

forgiveness is sunshine

and trying is all He asks



8 best

be vibrant in all you do

don’t waste your time being dull and blue

when your feet hit the floor

thank God and bounce out the door

when you smile make it wide

none of this fake stuff, half out the side

when you are being kind

unroll all your giving, simply unwind

when you are understanding

take that leap, forget about landing

when you need to be strong

rely on God all the day long

when you shine with hope

others will see and learn to cope

and when you love do it completely

with no judgment, make it unconditionally

Be Love, be Hope,

be Kind, be Flagrant

Be Joy, Be Light,

Be Bright, Be VIBRANT

Time Gives Everything To Those Who Wait


she was never one for waiting

chasing whatever lit her heart

into a flame

except that one time

she’ll never forget

for it lasted for years

the hoping

the dreams day and night

the never ending waiting

that never ended

it was just gone one day

leaving an empty hole

where love had once curled up

surrounded by a glow

of innocence and optimism

until the waiting dragged on

like a painful tooth ache

or a throbbing migraine

she’d tried to end it all


but God stopped her

but not the never ending


the never ending ache

darkening her soul

that never ended

for he had always said

time gives everything

to those who wait

and she’d waited

painfully waited

through the greatest years

of her life

a part of her had waited

always been waiting




Not a Soul


not a soul around to hear

a haunting call in the wind

drawn into brushed clouds

vanishing in a single stroke

the world below too far

to care to feel to see to hear

the song of silent space

whipping by in an echo

of voices of time of shifting

drifting in a seamless flow

of paint on a canvas gliding

across an ocean of blue heaven

one gust away from beyond

where the stars reach out

brightening a shining lure

to fill the emptiness aloft

the loneliness soaring high

spreading outward in infinity

the sound of yearning singing

of one hope

one dream



not a soul around to hear


Without Rest


yes the love of writing

layers upon my soul

the petals of a rose

could never the less pull

my heart spilled in a mess

letters dancing without rest

a ballet of pages swirl

with grace faintly blessed

one voice tipping the right

another swaying low

flying across a stage

in my life merely billow

back around growing light

a moshing of thoughts flow

from rainbow shades of hope

to a whirlpool of sorrow

tinted words twirl wildly

my mind a flowing banshee

a pirouette of fonted words

plie’ding to be set free

The Window Frame

mountain 1

the window frame sagged

her finger trailed through dust

the floor rose up in a swirl as she passed

the ratty piece of carpet lying just here

and there

along with the memory of clattering dishes

burnt onions and a hunched vacuum cleaner

still plugged in

Perry Mason arguing a case

echoing behind naïve voices arguing a case

floating on the mites fleeing for cover

as the ancient desk filled the room

struggling to hold up

the rainbow of folders and fluttering notebooks

flying their way to the floor

one by one

some finding refuge on the paisley cushion

crushed into a canoe and now home to mice

becoming a new roof on a den

but the pen

chewed cap still in place

lay amongst her life

listing as her last thoughts lay beneath

… eyes blurring she blinked the words into focus

“YOU completed me… still, they suffered. Why…

didn’t You tell me?”

a sigh escaped as a rolled and worn sheet

leaped with hope

tapping once before finding rest

while its turbulence chases a fur ball

into fleeing for the sunshine

through the front door swinging wide

and following its own dream

of becoming a butterfly


for Jeannie XXOOO

the Bridge

me on bridge best

thoughts stretching out

reaching for hope

traveling on… and on

to the next bend

over a mount of wisdom

but then beyond

around the corners

of swelling peace

across an overpass

formed as abundant love

leaping into the sky

banking on a wing

and turned into a bond

that only wants to be free


arching past time

is knowledge

the arch in a bridge

between YHVH’s fingers

and his current mold

A True Christian

01 DuBois Falls

I realized something this morning, as I watched a video or two of Hillsong United. The first video showed them playing a concert somewhere in India (I think) and the massive audience was singing along with the song, as if they’d sang it a million times before. Then I watched them singing “Touch the Sky” in Spanish, as it looked like they were playing somewhere in Mexico or Brazil. Even in Spanish, everyone in the audience was singing along, praising God… It was Beautiful!

And for the first time, I realized how music is spreading the Word of God, the Love for God, across the globe. Being in America, we tend to think we ARE the Christian base, the Christian believers of the world. But missionaries have been spreading the word for centuries, all across the world. It made me tear up, watching them singing such a beautiful song, completely in Spanish. It sounded wonderful. And the love and joy they were feeling is clearly visible.

During both video’s they were showing at different times the conditions these people were living in, the trash dumps, tiny one room shacks with sheets for walls, the flies in their eyes, even one woman was living in a giant cement pipe used for sewage, but empty at the time, and lying somewhere in a desert town; here toddler runs to her as she sits in the shade of the pipe. And my heart is breaking, knowing these people are just barely living, barely alive, without food, without even a box for a home, just barely surviving on the edge of life…. and here we sit, eating fattening cheeseburgers and pizza, living in giant new homes, palaces to them… talking on our phones, and complaining the service isn’t fast enough and our electric bills are our of control.

And yet, it isn’t our fault we were born here, in the luxury of the US. It isn’t our fault that we have school systems in place to teach our children, and libraries to learn from, or parents with the ability to take care of us until we can take care of ourselves. YES, none of that is our fault, or our choice. We were born into it.

But can you even wrap your mind around the thought that someone else was born into poverty… like none you have ever seen? No home, no clothes, eating dirt to fill your empty cramping painful stomach, no water unless you drink the gray and brown puddle that’s been shit in by a cow or goat, or human. Such utter poverty that you scour through a dump site looking for a bent fork to bend back into shape and sell for less than a penny to get a teaspoon of rice to eat. Or find a dirty stained shirt to wear, because yours no longer has sleeves or is the same shirt you wore for 5 years and it’s too small for you or in filthy tatters.

No. You can’t imagine it, not until you see it live. Or live it. Just the simple idea that you have a flower in your yard to gaze at, one you may have planted yourself, and the poorest of the poor have never seen a flower. They see dirt, for miles on end, nothing but dirt; dirt and sand, blowing in the wind, into your eyes, covering your body, and they have never even seen a single flower. Because where there is no water, there are no flowers. Or food, or weeds, or herbs, or trees. Nothing, but pain, hunger, thirst, cold nights and baking hot days, and no home to go to. No parents to help. And certainly no government that will help you in any way.

That is what they live with daily. What they survive. Could you survive that?? Could I??

This is what God meant when He said “Take care of the poor!”

The true poor. Not some woman or man who is too lazy to support themselves and lives off welfare so they don’t have to work, stating they can’t work because no one will hire them, or they have back problems, or allergies, or whatever lame excuse they come up with. They are only poor in spirit. They have no idea what it is like to be truly poor. Plus here, they will not go without food. Even our poorest of the poor can walk to a soup kitchen, or get get food stamps, or stay in a shelter if there is room, and be fed. Yes we have poor people who are starving and homeless, but they can find food if they aren’t too messed up on drugs or alcohol to get it. Being homeless is a far greater issue, once in a while it is due to choice, but for the most part if they choose to, they can work their way back to a poor existence, one where they have some sort of shelter and money for food.

I myself have been poor for as long as I can remember. But I never go without a job or food, and I may live in a crappy trailer, but it has a roof and bathroom and running water that spews out of a faucet, so I don’t have to walk miles to get it. Or boil it just to drink it. I have always considered myself monetarily poor, but never truly poor. That is a whole new level I am thankful I will never have to endure. Because I live here. Because I have parents who would still take care of me if I needed help. Cousins, Uncles, Brothers and Sisters too. All who I could contact if I needed to for help.

The true poor have no one. NO ONE BUT YOU and GOD!

So the next time you are on your cell phone, and can’t upload your favorite song, that you are willing to spend $5.00 for…. think about the people around the world who could feed their entire family for that measly $5.00…. and do something about it! YOU CAN LIVE without it. THEY CANNOT!!!!!!




writing in the sky

flows by

at the pace

of a gentle glide

spreading seeds

to the meek

and wise

in tiny tufts

of wisdom

on the wind

the core of a spore

cherishing hope

upon an ocean

filled with a notion

of His Majesty

exhaling sentience

flowing into existence

with a waft of will

on a wave of love



walking in a straight line

on a path that curves and rises

balancing life to avoid





into the unknown

at the very end

or a beginning you fear

just around the corner

doesn’t mean you can’t

walk a tight rope

or trip yourself up

or fly through life

with elegance

or bumbling tumbles

it only means

you are traveling

on a journey

into the unknown

remembering your past

forgetting your future

just be


in every moment





The Promise of Rain


into each heart

tears will fall

creating a meadow

maybe a lake

cleansing a soul

wavering the unsure

drowning the dubious

who follow a shady path

down into a dry hollow

but after the storm

bringing new life

creating growth

changing a desert

of shallow desires

into a field of budding hope

with the promise

of a beautiful new view



Can you imagine how the world would be changed… if we all thought “we are one”? If we all treated each other as if we were one single person?

There would be no hunger, no super rich, no homeless or poor… because we would simply treat each other as if we were them. We would instead think, THIS is enough. When is it enough? When do you have enough, you don’t feel you need more?

We would never have a reason to go to war, because who in their right mind starts a war with themselves? No one ever WANTS to kill themselves.

We would never destroy the earth in any way, we would FIND ways to travel from place to place, or to build things, without stripping and polluting our natural resources or killing animals for sport to make ourselves prettier or more virile. We wouldn’t need THINGS to fill our homes with that were useless and unneeded, because we wouldn’t need to impress ourselves.

There would be no such thing as a slave, which there is still, in this day and age. We feel so enlightened, and intelligent… yet in 2015 there are still SLAVES in our world.

There are still people who think it is ok to kill and murder over their beliefs, yet if we thought of each other as one, there would NEVER be a reason to kill yourself because you believe what you believe. There would be no suicide. No desperation, no loss and loneliness, for we would all be ONE.


I can imagine it right now, but only in what I imagine Heaven is like. That MUST be what Heaven is. We all become ONE!

I think I’ve said these things before, but I just felt the need to say them again. Maybe get the ball rolling. Maybe make just one of you stop and consider this… and begin to LIVE your life in this way. LIVE your life, don’t just make a living. Make a difference. BE THE SOURCE. BE ONE!

Maybe…. one day…  🙂

Drape Him in Angels

for tanya2

the love of a child is the greatest love of all

second only to the love I feel for The Lord

it has the ability to break my aching heart

into pieces of pain sliced up with a sword

yet life moves on in the severed silence

bringing me closer and closer towards hell

as moment by moment he slips further away

I’m watching his soul become a lifeless shell

forgive me Lord for despising the enemy

who gives him heroine and meth every day

for I know I may lose my very own soul

as I hate and I hate the evil blind way

they steal his life and chance at hope

as my heart screams out it’s so unfair

a century now he’s been lost and alone

years lost in darkness and blatant despair

yet I know You are watching him far below

holding out Your hand in a gesture of amore

but he’s still drowning in this evil and sorrow

please drape him in Angels to fight this war

A Twig of Peace

dove with twig

like a Dove

He descended from above

filled with grace and words of love

building hope below

a twig of peace to sow

His life and death to foreshadow

a coronation

a prophecy of revelation

taught to a sinful prideful nation

of disbelief

fostered in grief

torn apart with no hope of relief

to be betrayed

by His words waylaid

and twisted into a sinful crusade

to be hung

from the highest rung

of Jacob’s ladder by an evil tongue

yet His atonement

fulfilled a commandment

to save us all from eternal torment

was like a Dove

filled completely with love

He’s still longing for you to join Him above

not in a tree

or in the blue sky you see

but squarely and forever upon His knee



March 6, 2015

These spring flowers have been blooming now for over 2 weeks. They are planted

in North West Washington! A rainforest. Where spring comes in April!

Not February!

I just felt the dire need to document the decline of our atmosphere. Our spring

has been moved up an entire month. Now think about the drought that will follow

this summer. Our summer will probably continue into fall like it did last year,

reaching into September. With the crazy weather back east mounting to disaster

levels no matter the storm, if you had any doubts about global warming,

you had better wake up and take a look around you. We have altered our planet,

beyond what is the norm of cycles for massive weather scale size changes.

You can only leave your head buried in the sand for so long, before you need to breathe.

Think about it, I beg you… there are many different ways you alone can make a difference.

And if we each believe by changing our habits in just one way,

we are all joining together to make change in a great way, then

we will change!!

A book of nameless faces

2-5-15 sunset

the youth of today seem so very lost

the internet creating insecurity and isolation

facebook becoming a book of nameless faces

reaching out for love and desperate consolation

as elders we grew up without being slammed

by images of false beauty and fake fame

most of us remember a time before TV

where a sunset was glory without shame

I wish we could teach them they’re missing out

on a life in real time filled with touch

where self esteem grows with earned value

interaction blessing others, hugs and such

we’ve created this world of robotic loss

full of selfishness and loneliness abroad

where a vast high speed emptiness

is supremely void of a relationship with God



Stop Saying “God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle!”

God did not GIVE you cancer.

God did not GIVE you a divorce.

God did not GIVE you a handicapped child.


strength to handle any situation,

love by surrounding you in His arms,

and the grace to rise to Him!





like a hummingbird

flitting in and out of a turtlehead flower

flitting in and out of my heart


like a butterfly

fluttering up and down in a breeze

fluttering up and down my spine


like a bird in flight

soaring high over life’s doubts

soaring high no matter what lies below


like a busy bee

buzzing in circles around my head

buzzing in circles is eternal


like a mockingbird

repeating a phrase such as:

he who has hope, has everything


therefore in this very moment

I have everything

… everything







clean my soul

wipe away the stains

empty my mind

take away the pains

blank the worry

brush off the fears

trim the lacking

dry up the tears

set adrift despair

open my eyes

loose the rapture

break the ties

breach the gap

pull aside the veil

satisfy the hope

teach me to kneel


eye nebula 2


my season of pain is coming to an end

I twist my fingers in a clinch

yearning, never ending yearning

fills my soul like a vast emptiness

swirling against endless walls

spreading into an infinity

of hope just hanging on the edges

slipping dripping trying to escape

its face peeking from a ripple

rolling away with every grasp

of my crippled hands my heart

aching matches the distance

dense and free as the infinity

circles round and back to me

and I finally see it’s His retina

holding me my world my heart

forever in an infinity of hope

One…by one



blue jeans faded

like the brightness

in her eyes

a star during the day

no longer shining

sitting beneath

a gnarly ancient tree

she decides

she’s a mirror of all

the rotten apples

falling slowly


by one

as the chill sets in

a green worm

climbs out

pausing only

to decide

which path to take


With the Dawn


With the Dawn


after months of nothing

no call no word

a Mother sinks in darkness

worried sick

nothing at all to do

only fear rearing in ugliness

then panic sets in

as she gazes at a notice

about a foot and a shoe

the only found remains

floating silently adrift

cresting above the blue

the authorities baffled

as she reads the news

filled with heart stopping despair

making call after call

reaching out to everyone

blocking the passage of air

she prays through the night

her God her only hope

fearing the worst come true

a friend searched relentless

until in the wee hours

his call finally comes through

he’s fine or at least alive

still drug addicted and lost

as his life in darkness goes on

yet once again he wants to try

he says can I come home Mom

as his Mother weeps with the dawn

Long Before Time – The Moses Beings

I wrote this poem today, to use in my second book,

Long Before Time; the Moses Beings.

Every four lines in a stanza are inserted at the beginning of each chapter. Yes, I know it is very long, the longest poem I have ever written, as each stanza is a short “poetic representation” of the chapter it heads. It is more like a short story, but there are 29 chapters in the book. lol

Enjoy, and I will applaud you if you make it to the end without falling asleep!! 🙂


Long Before Time


Embroiled in a desert

yet frozen in time

life sparked in a fire anew

amidst a pulverized grime.


A journey began in darkness

creeping below a cool moon

searching for a hazy hope

waning in the afternoon.


An indigo hint of life

sprinkled like spring flowers

barren of song or soaring

emptiness fell in showers.


Danger near at every bend

yet faith endured echoing

a promise from beyond

nigh a spirit of knowing.


In sickness and in health

‘til death do they part

striving to survive

unrivaled love fills the heart.


Taunting moments

endured for too long

shifting into joy

erupting into song.


Praying for comfort

kneeling on a mountain temple

abruptly desolate and alone

accepting far from simple.


Reaching a river’s edge

a black swirling menace

fighting back the tears

only calm on the surface.


Starting over

an inconceivable cost

devastation unbearable

wandering and lost.


Still life finds a way

while painful to the weak

crafting laughter gently

for the humble and the meek.


The birth of all things new

from trees to life in the sea

outshines deaths’ stroke

as a bird soars free.


Winging its way to the ocean

heading into twilight

the day escapes in a flutter

a journey fashioned in flight.


The crushing of the waves

a thundering travesty

a pretense of floating beauty

brilliant as an eagle’s majesty.


Just as the mountains range down

reaching for its pebbles fallen

the sea grips life in a tide

rolling engorged and swollen.


Like bricks pounding

or a seashell of pearl

the ocean rages inward

in a deadly savage swirl.


Like the madness in a horse

eating until it’s bursting

a briny sadness fills the soul

and sorrow leaves it thirsting.


Similar to a wandering spirit

days turn into weeks of pain

the folly of a vagrant life

becomes a brackish rain.


Yet even Dahlia’s suddenly close

before a miserable storm

sealing up a meager home

their dwelling safe and warm.


Despite the unusualness

of the moon controlling the tides

announcing a novel presence

an owl rarely hides.


Survival means its hunting

nightly hour by hour

watching life above a darkened trail

eyes wide open and dour.


Prepared for the unexpected

option for an offered meal

like a bear or any other predator

an owl swoops in with zeal.


Known for their protectiveness

guarding against danger in the night

this spirit beneath the pale moon

only rests in bright sunlight.


Truly as the twinkle of stars light

an ancient well-worn path

this bird of prey knows not

to incur an eagle’s wrath.


As he soars above all

a surveying menace in his domain

spiraling down to his mate

safely nested his children remain.


Thus he journeys far and wide

he will die to shield and defend

his offspring from any calamity

with almighty talons to rend.


For she has birthed

the greatest glory to God

majestic and grand

for all to applaud.


Then he will teach them

every skill he’s ever known

how to reach the almighty heavens

just as he was shown.


For nothing is greater upon this Earth

than reaching Almighty God above

rising above the windswept skies

and receiving His Almighty Love.

Try Try Again



I continue to ask God to speak to me

like He did in the days of Abraham

begging to be worthy

yet thinking I’m way too far

beneath the clouds

wondering why He doesn’t speak

to anyone it seems these days

and worried we’re just too lost

so as I lay praying last night

once again I asked what to do

to deserve to hear His voice

before I could say another word

a tiny voice in my head said

‘fast for six days’

but I caved this morning

deciding on a much desired bagel

and will try try again tomorrow

or the next day or the next

if I can only hold out

resisting all temptation

I just may get my wish


(I’ll be sure to let you all know

the instant I hear a word!)







knees pressed against the wood

the grain easily imprinted

etching a pattern scrolled

fine lines with swirls and nonfiction

a feather in your cap so to speak

a disjointed tome in a column

still the weight becomes intense

as hope springs stoutly eternal

bracing a shank with a leg up

a dally between a gam and a wing

a scripted feature teasing

to an extremity with footing

as an answer rested in bedrock

like a bone of contention with flesh

a pedestal filled with blood and muscle

with only one purpose in mind

to kneel before Amazing Grace

in an elegant stance of surrender

Teach Them Well



Teach Them Well



the horror He endured

was planned far ahead

by His Father who sent Him

to die for us and said

You are my only Son

full of grace from within

You already love like I do

now go save them from their sin

it will be very painful

but only humanly so

it will last for a few days

in human time far below

but it will be so very shocking

such an amazing thing to do

they will speak of it forever

for Your love will make them new

they will weep and cry out

knowing its so very wrong

it will teach them clearly and well

that they too can belong

through faith and righteousness

they can fill their world with love

and with kindness and forgiveness

that like You… they will rise above

after the fall

After the Fall




like a leaf


over and over

its journey over

piled in grief

becomes belief

warming new life

the pain of rain

slicing into splatter

one last time

but a single fall

giving its all

in a river below

a nourishing flow

a broken branch

becoming fodder

for an otter

to make a home

not rotting alone

a sheltering zone


a fall

becoming more

than before


what we call



holding me again, He’s still there

lifting me up, easing my pain

at moments like this

emptiness threatens

a hollow black tear escapes

a song rings true, I lift my eyes

and see, only You

reminding me

I’m an ocean, beaching

rushing in to me

spread so very wide

curling wispy thin

across the jagged rocks

I feel the cold, yet float away

rising on a wave, of peace

crashing now and again

while seagulls cry for me

“see me”, “hear me”

I smile at You

swaying above me

Night Light

Night Light


Plagued with tumors for years

I am still radioactive waste

glowing like a lightning bug

I light up the desperate night.

They continue to form freely

each new nightmare tries in vain

to make me waver just enough

to turn away from what is right.

Prayers keep me mostly sane

praise lifts my senseless worry

until I streak across empty canyons

I am an eagle soaring in flight.

This world can’t contain me

or hide me in the shadows

or smother my hope with pain

for I am filled with Glorious light.

Glimmering across flower tips

at the edge of dead cold caves

through the murky dull clouds

beams touching darkened sight.

Two new tumors this morning

threaten my human life again

but my healer rises stronger

giving me His sword of light.

Knowing why I twinkle here

spreading love across waters

raging and lapping at sinking feet

not once needing to fight.


I know what’s inside me is right

I’ll always shine radioactively bright

blinding the edge of your wavering sight

for I am now the Lord’s night light.

Scraping the Sky

friends I’ve just met

or known a lifetime

or two, maybe a day

sad, confused, longing

for what, no idea

maybe no jazzy blue

I reach out to clinch

the emptiness

and hear the echo

fading back

they’re falling fast

blinded by the past

but I see it, I do

here, take this hand

it’s not strong

but sincere

I won’t let you slip

urgently unflagging

a steady please

they wave instead

smile it away

joyride on pride

in a headlong slide

clamber and climb

scraping the sky

they can do it

they and their shadow

just gloom in the dusk

waveless and still

me and my hope


not unneeded

will still be here

in spite of

the inevitable


be still my soul

be still and know

Your love so full

like powdered snow

nightlight of ivory

bouncing from above

dancing pale glory

glitters of love

still soft as it falls

flaking crystal gems

silent hope calls

singing lofty hymns

raw raging relief

wild drifting banks

building on belief

faith calming thanks

raw raging stain

covering the night

windswept of pain

a flurry of solid light

Blue Aria

Good morning little blue bird

I would’ve thought you’d left weeks ago

The eagles have all deserted their nests

In search of fresh water still flowing slow

But since it just froze over this week

I reckon your packing a suitcase today

And heading for sunny weather elsewhere

Not beneath snow filled clouds of grey

I woke to your sweet song calling nearby

Yet sounding like a soft sad goodbye

Was it for the other birds staying behind

Or for me alone as I listen and sigh

The hummingbirds and geese long ago

Took wing foretelling of the coming cold

But you my friend alone chose to wait

Giving me hope in which I could hold

I’ll still be here… Love, Mom

I’ll still be here… Love, Mom



he walks along

new legs like a fawn

clumsy and all knobby kneed

working his way

towards town each day

needing to feel he’s been freed


can’t find a friend

not addicted to the end

he still thinks he’s the only one

trying hard to change

start his life and rearrange

wanting to shine brightly like the sun


he wants to hook up

with someone grownup

to show the world he too has grown

yet every time

he makes that climb

his old friends ensure it’s blown


I tell him never

forget how you’re clever

you can do this if you keep trying

I send him love

from me and above

while I watch him slowly dying


his heart may break

while they continually take

his soul with each day…

  they drag him down and insist he inhale

still he keeps going

looking back and knowing

I’ll still be here…

  no matter how many times you may fail

Less Than a Minute

It takes less than one minute

to make a child’s day;

she’s only four but exploding

with excitement at everything

she sees, including my puzzle.

Although very difficult she’s too

curious not to be drawn in,

drawn over time and time again,

is quickly mesmerized by all

the blue pieces; some with snow,

some with shadow, some with just

trees, but all the same shade of blue.

Still she can’t pull herself away

so I invite her in, ask for her help,

high five her as she places a piece

incorrectly, but so close she can’t tell

and there it is… in less than a minute,

a life long friend,

a new little buddy to do puzzles with…

if I see her ever again.

Knowing the future, we search for

something she will be able to do,

and find a Bambi puzzle to fill her days instead,

long after I’m gone.



Broken, in under 3 seconds…

every single bone on her right side;

internal injuries easily laid at deaths door.

Only she admits she wasn’t wearing a seat belt,

knows her error and bad decision as the car

flipped over and over again; it will echo in

her dreams and thoughts for many years to come;

the guilt, the judgment of herself, the chastisement

damnation and constant barrage of “what if’s”.

Leaving 5 children to struggle on through months

of necessary surgeries, pain induced rages and

hopeless parenting attempts to change things…

without daily hugs, warm food, washed clothes,

an ear to listen, a voice to scold, or one to laugh;

months will go by, with no one to tuck them in

or help with homework, or play hopscotch even once.

Teenage dances with dresses unbought and no ice cream

nights watching love stories with much Kleenex required.

Boys not watched during sports events, or with girl advice;

because if they ask, they will listen to their mother,

even if they crack a joke and walk away, like they didn’t care…

they still listen.  Boys are like that with their Mom’s;

they pretend they don’t listen, but weeks or months down

the road, you hear them say something and you know

they heard you loud and clear, and followed your advice. 

And the youngest needing her the most, story time, hugs all

day long, the special last child time full of spoiling;

not really understanding what “broken” means; for not only

were the bones broken, but the mind and soul are shattered

instantly, and will never be put back the same way again.

Will it bring them closer because of the almost loss or

tear them apart as distance sometimes appears to be

betrayal?  I pray for her, for in one single second she

changed the course of her life making it viscously hard

and challenging, painful and disappointing, a struggle

like very few others are ever forced to face and in the

worst way possible …at her own hands!!


(I hope you all pray for her, her name is Teresa,

and she will need as many prayers as you can pray!)

The King

The King



He paces back and forth

silent as the pitch black night,

stops to listen to the world

focuses His keen sight.

He sits watching and waiting

He sees desperately moving across

the barren dry scrub desert,

something is obviously lost.

Scratching behind an itching ear

yellow eyes now fascinated,

as the foolish stumbles loudly

his distance is quickly calculated.

Stretching, shaking his massive head

the fool is drawing ever near,

yet He sits and smells the sweat

He can almost taste his fear.

Thirst radiating across the miles

now loudly calling up to the sky,

exhausted, he gives up and kneels

the suffering soul begging, asking why.

Even as the hecklers begin to circle

cackling at the plea to the Messiah,

The King rises up roaring into battle,

forever champion, The Lion of Judah!







grief rises through the dirt

and darkness grows into flowers

for another day another love

has need of its showers

don’t try to stop time

or the grief you feel

it will never stop running

only curve into a kneel

our brief moment here

is filled with sadness and pain

yet joy floods in unexpectedly

like flowers close in the rain

waiting for a ray of hope

shining again like a tiny spark

running colors bleeding together

opening slowly after the dark





be still and know, I am

here in your heart

holding you each night

we’re never apart

like a butterfly

still in a cocoon

I’ve wrapped you tight

to open wildly soon

colors will explode

across your wings

and every single angel

joins together and sings

your rebirth is complete

you gloriously portray

a painted new angel

to light the way

Thank You My Friends!!

I’ve made some wonderful friends here

on this crazy wordpress site

who give me hope when I need it most

and continue to shine a light

for all your prayers and encouragement

I can’t thank you all enough

your hearts are full of love and light

blinding the darkness when it gets rough

every single time you’ve been there

giving hope you always answer the call

lifting my spirits you give me so much

God Bless Every One of You… much love to you all!