Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

OK… so I’m going to be upfront here… I’m cheating!!  LOL  These are all pictures I took in the past, but when the prompt came up “Mirror”, well, I just had to pull up some of my favorites!  I love a good reflective shot!  They should be postcards, don’t you think?

I snuck a few oddballs in too, just for fun.

Hope you enjoy my mountains! Smile


mirror RS lake stumpmirror north fork sunlight with cross


mirror mt si with lake


mirror ocean with birds

mirror of kitty with spot on her nose


mirror porch light


mirror snake teeth in river


mirror RS pond by rock walkway


mirror RS lake cover of my book


mirror snoq slew in pink and purple


mirror favorite snoq river at dusk


mirror RS lake and mountains


mirror mt si with lake in fall


mirror cachess lake


mirror RS lake in smoke from fires


Preacher Mountain

mountain 2

It seemed odd

how He pulled at me

glimmering with each wandering of the clouds

speaking so softly

He interrupted

not rudely

but with a deeper presence

strong and demanding my attention

I ran into His outstretched arms

my willing answer

to His earth shaking call


by love

each time the light rippled

across His smile



I had no idea what it’s name was until just now.

I probably shouldn’t trust google maps.

It made me smile… my own preacher mountain.

One day… I shall make an important statement

from the top of that mountain…

or not…

it reminded me of ice cream

made from fresh freezing snow

and lots of turning, turning, turning

old school, kiddies

God created it just for me….

for that alone I praise Him!


Day One, Spectacular

campsite and dock

I arrive to find my campsite here… and smile deeply. Inhale slowly, and enjoy the greatest peace known to woman. I hear myself humming “How Great is Our God, sing with me, How Great…is our God,” while I’m unloading my truck.

Then the others arrive and the peace is gone… until tomorrow morning when I can get up first and truly deeply enjoy it again.

I would tell you the chaos that ensued, but the immaturity and selfishness of a child, grown yet still childish in their personality, could not dampen my joy at being on vacation in a glorious little spot next to a lake. I had to walk away several times, to keep my mouth shut, for God, and for my friends sake, for her humiliation was unacceptable, but I refused to let it bother me. Instead I headed off to kayak around the little island in the background of this picture.

It was covered in amazing nests high in the trees. As I drew closer, I could easily see the Osprey’s who ruled this island. It was beautiful.

osprey nest 2 osprey's in tree osprey nest


Only one tiny cabin on the entire island, the rest filled with birds. I probably kayaked around it 5 times total, taking pics and videos, so more to come there.



our sweet grass covered campsites…. gotta love the grass man…. makes a decent nights sleep!

campsite Vicki's campsite, Lis is on right in trees


even when the sprinklers are on….. LOL……

sprinklers on

My sweet friend picked the place and the camp sites this year, and I must say… WELL DONE!!!  Just AWESOME!!!!!

On to day two….just as soon as I figure out how to post the video’s… 🙂

I’m SO proud of him…

brandon in italy on top of stromboli

I miss the days when my son and I were explorers, heading out across miles of countryside, crossing the US twice at least, looking for an adventure like none we’d had before.

We were friends then, close friends, and no one could stop us.  We were all we had, each other, and we were so tight.  He was my little man, who was the man of the house, and at one point, he actually saved my life.  At 4 years old, he knew how and when to call 911.  He’s always been smart like that!

We were pirates on a ferry across the rivers, and soldiers outracing the tanks plowing down the highway in a huge convoy.

Each trucker had to blow his horn, or we lost our ever loving minds slowing down to get their attention, waving like two kids on the front of a train, woo woo…..

We gave up counting birds as we traveled across the deserts of Nevada, after we reached 3.  We counted more tumbleweeds than that racing across the highway after they had apparently jumped the fences.  We stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon in awe, side by side, and screamed out echoes, laughing hysterically when “you suck” came echoing back.

We saw two completely unidentified flying objects, after trying to catch one that evaded us through half of Utah, on a dark night with not another living person in sight.  He tried to sleep through most of it, but I woke him up to join in the hunt after an hour of chasing it.  I knew he wouldn’t want to miss it. 

We were mountaineers in Colorado, living at the highest point in the Us that you can live at, around 13,000 feet.  We had to 4-wheel drive my truck across a rickety bridge just to get home.  This was the year a friendly forester taught him how to rock climb the mountain behind our cabin.  Of course, he didn’t know he was afraid of heights, because my son has always faced his fears head on.  Since his last 2 skydiving trips, and current desire to fly in a squirrel-suit; I think I can safely say he’s conquered that fear.  Now if I can just figure out a way to get him past his fear of spiders… lol

We’ve explored caves together, camped out, climbed numerous mountains, crabbed in the ocean, built many a sand castle, ridden roller-coasters until he puked, never me…of course I blame it on the nutritious blue cotton candy, for the puke was a glorious shade of sky blue. 

My dad taught him how to drive a boat, at age 2 or so, and my brother let him fly his Cessna at age 5.  He’s ridden just about everything you can think of, from horses, to snowmobiles, motorcycles and rails, unicycles, jet ski’s and snowboards like he’s invincible, not to mention he swims like a fish.

He taught me how to rollerblade and skateboard, and I taught him to try everything once, if he could, for life is way too short! 

I smiled deeply a few days ago, when someone said “now I understand why he is so happy, and enjoys every minute of life…he’s just like you!”

I miss those days of closeness: for now I must watch from the sidelines, while he sails up the coast of Italy, scales Mt. Stromboli to camp overnight and watch lava erupt; and cliff dives with out me off the Croatian Archipelago’s islands.  He got to ride a camel to the Pyramids of Egypt, and stopped in Rhome for a few days this year, on his way to another great adventure. 

brandon on DUBI SPLIT boat

And yes, this was one of the yachts he was on, what are the chances of this:  the DuBi Split!  Leave it to him, aka DuBi!  (love that floaty sunburn! haha)

He’s taken my love of adventure to a whole new level, and I am so proud to know that is one of the things I instilled in him.  Of course, he will hate the fact that I just took credit for all that….hahaha, at age 30 he still thinks I had nothing to do with molding his mind and character! 


Hiking Through Heaven

You can’t kill me….

Energy in every living thing,

Chop off the top, the bottom doesn’t know.

Storms and fire can rage above,

Its’ soul safe deep below.







Snoqualmie River, North Fork

Each step I take connects me,

I blend into the serenity.

Dew winks at me playfully,

mi amor always faithfully.






in miniature

A grove of tiny trees,

struggling to survive.

Brings peace to my soul,

Each one is alive.





Franklin Falls



Surprise, God Blesses me,

the shades of greens uncountable.

The pounding water energy unleashed,

the beauty insurmountable.