Street of Dreams

street of clouds


Wow! Where have I been? lol  been weeks of this… off and on.… look up…. this beautiful street of dreams is just what Paraglider Pilot’s LOVE!  I mean LOVE!!!! When its sunny out… If you can catch the thermal off the mountain, and get up under this type of cloud formation, you can “cloud-hop” to the end… these ended at the ocean. They form in the same pattern as volcanoes… only moving with the wind and forming one after another in a perfect line. Clouds make their own thermals, and they can pull you up hundreds of feet very quickly and swallow you if you’re not careful.

It was a gorgeous day, I think last month or so… that makes anyone who’s flying an addict. I get real nervous, flying near clouds, because they can suck you in if you get too close. Which isn’t all bad… except here in the NW, the clouds can turn ugly and wet in a blink. Dark clouds are scary! lol we all avoid them! Mostly because flying wet is like flying like a rock.

I stay far below them, and can’t hop very far yet, but I’m learning. By the end of summer, I should be hitting another launch site we have up in Blanchard… but first I have to figure out how to get back home.  lol  second, I have to figure out how to change my pants while in flight! thermals make my heart race. They can be very strong winds and collapse your wing as you fly in and out of them, if you’re not paying close attention, the turbulence is sudden. You’re flying along in smooth gentle air and run smack into a wall of churning wind that’s going up and in a new direction.  AAAAAA…  that is my usual response. That and DAD!

I’ve missed you all… if you’re even still out there. I would promise to come back and write daily, but with summer just about here, I can’t make any promises. I’ll be grinning from ear to ear at 5000-10,000 feet, if you need me. I will promise to write more… than what I have been, which has been nothing… that’s always easy.

Take care all, and if you see a bright red wing with a blue strip, look up and wave… it could be me…  Smile about to land on you… so RUN!  I got NO control!!!  lmao, I do.


The Echo Of His Touch



My Soul Breathes In The Life Raging By


The Colors Overflow Into A Shimmering Rainbow


Leaving Behind Nothing But God’s Pallet Of Glory


And The Echo Of His Touch




So, here’s my question for you all today….

Is it possible we can ‘earn’ immortality?

Or… for the other side of the coin; could we ‘evolve’ into it, on our own?

Someone mentioned it, and I can’t stop thinking about it. So here’s my thoughts, don’t forget to share yours.

On the one hand, there is a God, but scripture’s say it is not the deeds you do, it is the love you have inside for God, everything else, everyone else, that gets you into heaven… the eternal mortality that God offers is the goal; the bait; the one thing you do not have here on Earth. You’ve experienced love, been loved (hopefully) by at least one other being in your life, so maybe a new Daddy figure isn’t something you feel you need. But to live forever… FOR EVER?  It would be cool and boring, probably at the same time, and if everyone you loved wasn’t immortal, it would be amazing yet incredibly sad. But think about it, if we all lived forever, here on Earth, we would be wall to wall people… the planet couldn’t support us all… it would be much like it is now, with a lot more starvation thrown in. A lot.

But what if immortal doesn’t mean with your current body? What if immortal is impossible with our body?

Would you want it with your soul? Would you want it if they told you your brain went with it?? Or I should say, your mind? How about your heart; your love? Your feelings??  Wouldn’t you need all these things, for immortality to work? So where do our thoughts, feelings and love come from, if not our soul? Our brain tells our lungs to breathe; but what tells your lungs to hold your breath when you kiss? Or swim? Or blow up a balloon? This is your mind, not your brain. This is you… part of your soul. It floods you with warmth when you’re happy, and it chills you when someone you love dies. It rises up to sing with your favorite song. It explodes in your heart when you hold your child for the first time forcing you to cry with joy.

All this … does it go with your soul? Of course. It is your soul. This is what will become immortal with God. You. Your essence. Your entire soul. And from what I hear, you get the coolest set of WINGS to boot! So in some way… they have to be attached to you…. so you must end up with a body of some sort…right??? 

Now we go to the evolving aspect. It must be possible, somewhere, somehow, because we know how DNA works. Say you’re the one being on a planet who’s DNA alters just enough to where your cells never die, they just recycle themselves in some way… yes you would be the first…

but think about it… out of the BILLIONS of species on this planet, I would guess ALL of them… ALL of them have NEVER ONCE had their genes mutate into immortality. Are WE humans really that special that our DNA would suddenly evolve in a different way than every other species on this planet? If you believe in evolution, you also believe that something had to have seeded this planet with life, ie, bacteria from asteroids…etc.

That being said, literally, anything is possible. We know so little about our lives, our bodies, the world… the universes… it’s embarrassing really. But, we have only been around for about 10,000 years. Compare that to …. frogs… and you’d be blushing again, they’ve been around for over 200 million years…. so lets pick something younger in eon terms… how about a simple rose…. not even close, they’ve been around for about 35 million years… I could go on… my point… we are the youngest species on this planet. With maybe 10 other exceptions, mostly crap our lab tech’s have grown.. that they shouldn’t have!

There are also a few worms, flies and brine shrimp that can all go into suspended animation… the brine can survive up to 10,000 years… add water, and bam, you’ve got brine shrimp… but that’s only suspending life, not living eternally… and well, they’re bugs ya’ll!  Bugs! lol they don’t even know what being alive is.

So the chances that we could alter ourselves into immortality is pretty ridiculous. The fact that we don’t even understand HOW our cells know when to change, or why… or what made that protein decide to turn on a switch… folks… we don’t know SHIT!  OK! We only know the obvious, and that’s about .0000009% of what we need to know.

So my view is obvious… unless you’re severely slow you’ve figured it out by now… I say, go with God! He’s your best bet at becoming immortal! I truly don’t see us, a bacteria ourselves, evolving into anything as spectacular as an immortal being! But you will never earn it, with good deeds. You just have to LOVE!!! And it’s so easy to love God, and everything and everyone else… try it sometime.

Just go one day… where every single thing you see, every person, dog, flower… from the mailman to the boss you hate every other day… and be kind to them. Show them love.  And SEE what happens. Maybe nothing, maybe not… either way, sit back and FEEL what you did.

ENJOY that feeling of peace and happiness that your entire body has been tricked into feeling! Sink into it. Each time you are kind, people usually show you thanks, or love…. each time you reach out and touch someone physically, you are giving love, and USUALLY you will get love back. (now don’t be getting all pervy… lol) JUST TRY IT!!! And you will see… that feeling this way… is the GREATEST thing on earth. Right up there with the immortality you are going to experience!!


1st Flight of 2016…. WOOT! WOOT!

1st flight 2016, April 1st

Heart racing, face feeling for wind strength, legs shaking, pull it up… RUN!!!!

That’s how it goes, here at the launch site.. for most newbies like me. It still stops your heart, it still makes you stop and look heavenward to ask God Almighty to keep you safe, and its still the most AMAZING time of your life!

Yesterday I not only had to deal with a new year’s beginning flight; one where you have already stretched your strings, inspected the wing and harness, and emergency parachute, went to the bathroom and chain-smoked three cigarettes…and OK, I’m ready! But one where I also had to deal with the overwhelming fear of crashing again, like I did last year.

I didn’t mention it, because I was ok, only missing about an inch of flesh along the backside of my right leg, compliments of the sticker-bushes and rocks on the way down about 100 feet of mountain… but still a very scary event to have to force myself to overcome. It ended my flying last year, and killed about three months of bliss for me! Where I was injured, my harness seat banged into, so even practicing was halted until I healed up, and by then, it was fall.

None of which stopped me from blasting off the side of Tiger Mountain yesterday, to fly like an eagle once again! God is keeping me safe, I know this every single time I fly, so that is one less fear I have to worry about! I truly trust in God… and last year He was there!!! Right when I needed Him!

It was a gorgeous day, from 60-70 degrees out, with no clouds for thermals, but there were thermals bouncing me all over the place, scaring the bejeezus out of me, and keeping my adrenalin at the maximum level possible!! But it was SO MUCH FUN!!! The winds were just a bit choppy, but they kept me up for an extra ten minutes or so, while I figured out how to maneuver down… slowly… properly…. lol 

My instructor cracks me up, he will be writing a big “L” on my left hand, and an “R” on my right, so when he tells me to go Right, I turn right!!!  We had a difference of opinion when the trees got closer than I felt they needed to be!!  Still it was a great little flight, but the winds picked up and we had to postpone until Sunday.. when hopefully they will be light again and not too Springy! 

SO HAPPY FLYING TO ME….AND ANY OF YOU OUT THERE WILLING TO TRY IT!  You can go Tandem, with an instructor, and just sit there enjoying the view!!! IT’S JUST AMAZING!!!!!!

Not a Soul


not a soul around to hear

a haunting call in the wind

drawn into brushed clouds

vanishing in a single stroke

the world below too far

to care to feel to see to hear

the song of silent space

whipping by in an echo

of voices of time of shifting

drifting in a seamless flow

of paint on a canvas gliding

across an ocean of blue heaven

one gust away from beyond

where the stars reach out

brightening a shining lure

to fill the emptiness aloft

the loneliness soaring high

spreading outward in infinity

the sound of yearning singing

of one hope

one dream



not a soul around to hear


A Trillion Stars…


a trillion stars in the night sky

ticking along in their own time

managed to time to


a massive star

on the day of His birth


a blood red moon

on the day of His death


yet still you question


this massive star

moved south leading

learned men on

and then stopped


moving in retrograde


this blood red moon

began three hours before

Yeshuah’s death

was full on red

as Yeshuah died

and gone three hours after


and still you question


why did God make the heavens?

for us to worship… love… gaze at?

NO! They are HIS CLOCK! His Massive FATHER CLOCK!

They show us exact moments in time when we should celebrate, rest, honor Him,

and follow His timeline for us.

DID YOU KNOW that in 3AD… Jupiter was amazingly bright as it moved directly south from Nazareth, leading the Magi to Jerusalem, then retrograde for some time, hovering straight above “where the child was”, before moving backwards.  At the same time, the moon was sitting directly below the constellation Virgo! Giving rise to a NEWLY BIRTHED MOON!

DID YOU KNOW that in 33AD… there was a full eclipse, bringing out the stars at noon and turning the moon blood red at 3 pm, approximately the time Yeshuah took his last breath?? The moon that day rose with an eclipse already started from below the horizon. And of course you’ve heard of the massive earthquake that rocked the entire area, including the temple, ripping the veil in half.   

It’s like GOD placed a giant sized map up there for us, and is just waiting for us to see it… for the first time.

These astrological events are from written documents and scientific histories of the time…

not the Holy Bible or DSS or Tanakh!!!


Some say it’s green…

blue view between trees

Some say it’s green here all year,  but I see the blue. So if the trees are green… then the sky must be yellow, or it wouldn’t be blue… true?

The overcast blurs my life into a haze, my mind follows along in step, yet the blue’s don’t depress me. They ease the glare of winter white, coloring the darkness that touches everything into a peaceful deep ocean blue. They never get me down, but instead give me a few moments of peace, the peace you feel in the silence, while standing all alone in a foot of snow beneath giants.

I drove here, the other day, just four miles from my house, yet a wonderland of whitened beauty with only the sounds of snow falling and branches creaking under it’s weight.

You may see darkness and gloom, but I see the same sapphire blue that God carved the original commandments into. His was stone, mine is sky.

This world of blue never harms my soul.

It only holds back my heart for a time, then lets it burst into fresh joy when spring comes along and I get to fly again. Above these magnificent giant green trees, where I frantically learn to tell the difference between trees and grass from a thousand feet above the earth. We fall at the rate of something like ten feet per second, which gives me what… a minute or so to find a landing spot. You say “eek”… but I say “GOD!!!!”

All right before begging for help. Still, sometimes I wish I could fly in winter, without my eyeballs freezing and my hands breaking off… just for the winter beauty. Landing would be softer, I must admit. So maybe some warm, really warm winter day I just may try it… someday far in the future when I’m a good pilot, and not a beginner.

But if you ever get to see the blue, inhale it. Breathe it in deeply… it is pure peace!

Day One, Spectacular

campsite and dock

I arrive to find my campsite here… and smile deeply. Inhale slowly, and enjoy the greatest peace known to woman. I hear myself humming “How Great is Our God, sing with me, How Great…is our God,” while I’m unloading my truck.

Then the others arrive and the peace is gone… until tomorrow morning when I can get up first and truly deeply enjoy it again.

I would tell you the chaos that ensued, but the immaturity and selfishness of a child, grown yet still childish in their personality, could not dampen my joy at being on vacation in a glorious little spot next to a lake. I had to walk away several times, to keep my mouth shut, for God, and for my friends sake, for her humiliation was unacceptable, but I refused to let it bother me. Instead I headed off to kayak around the little island in the background of this picture.

It was covered in amazing nests high in the trees. As I drew closer, I could easily see the Osprey’s who ruled this island. It was beautiful.

osprey nest 2 osprey's in tree osprey nest


Only one tiny cabin on the entire island, the rest filled with birds. I probably kayaked around it 5 times total, taking pics and videos, so more to come there.



our sweet grass covered campsites…. gotta love the grass man…. makes a decent nights sleep!

campsite Vicki's campsite, Lis is on right in trees


even when the sprinklers are on….. LOL……

sprinklers on

My sweet friend picked the place and the camp sites this year, and I must say… WELL DONE!!!  Just AWESOME!!!!!

On to day two….just as soon as I figure out how to post the video’s… 🙂



I felt Your presence today

it was beyond glorious

my excitement rose

to the same height

as I did

but peace flooded in

as I sailed across the sky

and I knew You

were the wind

beneath my wing

I can’t thank You enough

there are no words

but the smile

from ear to ear

I’m sure

made it perfectly clear

Thank You God

for this amazing gift!



Can you imagine how the world would be changed… if we all thought “we are one”? If we all treated each other as if we were one single person?

There would be no hunger, no super rich, no homeless or poor… because we would simply treat each other as if we were them. We would instead think, THIS is enough. When is it enough? When do you have enough, you don’t feel you need more?

We would never have a reason to go to war, because who in their right mind starts a war with themselves? No one ever WANTS to kill themselves.

We would never destroy the earth in any way, we would FIND ways to travel from place to place, or to build things, without stripping and polluting our natural resources or killing animals for sport to make ourselves prettier or more virile. We wouldn’t need THINGS to fill our homes with that were useless and unneeded, because we wouldn’t need to impress ourselves.

There would be no such thing as a slave, which there is still, in this day and age. We feel so enlightened, and intelligent… yet in 2015 there are still SLAVES in our world.

There are still people who think it is ok to kill and murder over their beliefs, yet if we thought of each other as one, there would NEVER be a reason to kill yourself because you believe what you believe. There would be no suicide. No desperation, no loss and loneliness, for we would all be ONE.


I can imagine it right now, but only in what I imagine Heaven is like. That MUST be what Heaven is. We all become ONE!

I think I’ve said these things before, but I just felt the need to say them again. Maybe get the ball rolling. Maybe make just one of you stop and consider this… and begin to LIVE your life in this way. LIVE your life, don’t just make a living. Make a difference. BE THE SOURCE. BE ONE!

Maybe…. one day…  🙂

With the Rain


I thank Almighty God

for the fierce rain

often steeped in darkness

reminiscent of Cain

ripped apart in a storm

creating a bloodstain

heaving over mountains

revealing Heaven in pain

blessing the terrain

meant to sustain

keening wildly down

God’s Holy face

veiled with tearstain

seeing His children slain

souls greedy and vain

covered in an unholy stain

bound by a selfish chain

eternally descending

with the rain

A Twig of Peace

dove with twig

like a Dove

He descended from above

filled with grace and words of love

building hope below

a twig of peace to sow

His life and death to foreshadow

a coronation

a prophecy of revelation

taught to a sinful prideful nation

of disbelief

fostered in grief

torn apart with no hope of relief

to be betrayed

by His words waylaid

and twisted into a sinful crusade

to be hung

from the highest rung

of Jacob’s ladder by an evil tongue

yet His atonement

fulfilled a commandment

to save us all from eternal torment

was like a Dove

filled completely with love

He’s still longing for you to join Him above

not in a tree

or in the blue sky you see

but squarely and forever upon His knee



as shadows play across a quiet scene

a raging river rushes by unseen

rippling down the rocks of a crowded bed

I wonder why satan has immersed and led

us down this path strewn with his lies

diluting and surging he forever tries

to blind us from truth and Heavenly hope

like water racing down a cascading slope

slippery and slimy and covered in moss

our journey turns into sadness and loss

the greatest deceit found under fame

of Yeshuah’s dishonor just in His name

for when the river began to carve the sod

His name meant simply The Salvation of God

still the stream churned and danced across

miles of boulders until it came to a cross

where it washed even Him with pure salvation

drowning all evil and saving a lost nation

to this day we dishonor His amazing grace

submerging our world in entrenched disgrace

channeling his name into a soiled form

and speaking it daily making it the norm

like my tears washing over cheek and bone

I can almost hear Yeshuah’s swelling moan



pulling the clouds down to make mountains

a swirl here, a puff there

the dark ridge to the left mimicking an earlier creation

of a mountain ridge covered in snowpack

but they’re just clouds

clouds making my heart flutter

hanging low just above the rise of earth

as darkness and light decide who’s in charge

their gentle battle rarely causing harm

yet creating a pastel of unbelief

shimmering, hanging in the balance

by the greatest hand to ever wave across the sky

to show us

what Heaven must truly be like

ah… but the Glory of a Sunrise…


Ah… but the Glory of a Sunrise saying “Let there be light!”

I often wonder does God give us sunrises just because He loves us?

I can’t imagine any other reason for them being so utterly beautiful.

So blindingly incredible!

Does He just want to remind us that He is here, or He is just waking up?

Does He want us to see the Glory and stop for a moment and say “good morning”?

Or is He just showing off His amazing talent? Talent I’ve never found anywhere else.

Talent by us, who have never ever even come close.

The beauty takes my breath away as I stand there in awe… and finally after I

frantically get my camera out, take multiple shots, hoping to catch the best shot…

I inhale the Glory slowly… and say…

“Good Morning God, and a beautiful day to you, too!”

Happy Birthday Son!

You’re 25 today, and I remember your birth like it was yesterday. Rushed to the hospital at 90 mph, the sheer terror at the thought of losing you. Then it quickly became a long drawn out terror, but with God helping it became a little less each hour, each day, until finally at 4 lbs, you got to come home. Then the real hell began, filled almost equally with pure adoring love. You had to be fed every hour on the hour for a year and a half, before your stomach grew large enough to eat enough you weren’t starving to death. All that resulted in a mother who lost her mind. Who seriously went from a normal person, to someone who was suffering from sleep deprivation and running literally on auto pilot. My auto pilot was God. I might not have known it at the time, but I know it now. He had to have been watching over us, because until you began to sleep five and six hours at a time, I was a frizzy haired zombie. But you started to catch up and fill out into this amazing little boy, who stole my heart on day one, and proceeded to fill it to the brim every day after. You had this way of looking, that melted my heart into a puddle of happiness…


and there it is!

Oh but I love you Douglas, my Dooglemeister, my Dougalug, my Little Man, my light.

Happy Birthday, Love Mom

I’ve been browsing stories I wrote last year, to submit to a publisher, and came across this one… although its not what I needed, I thought you might enjoy it, in case you missed it the first time. :)

Behold Love!

I went in search of something, I wasn’t really sure what. I ended up at the top of mountain, sat down, leaned against a rock and thought; This is what God see’s, from His point of view. Every thing so tiny, colorful, yet we only see about 1% of the color spectrum, so I thought He must see even more glory. I inhaled slowly, inhaling the brisk, even the molds and damp grasses tickled my nose, the heather just starting to purple. I hear birds calling to me, and wonder what they say; go away, go away. My mind continues on, I let it ramble, ignoring all the junk in my life, down there. I’m above it, I think. Rise above it, I think, and look upwards naturally following my own thoughts.

I finally notice the glow nearby, off to my left, the clouds are almost burning. It startles me out of my mundane thoughts, and I begin to watch it closely. The white is blinding, yet yellows glow even brighter, just as a voice says to me, “I Am here.”

I nearly crack my head open, jerking back into the rock, the pain waking me to instant reality. In a tiny voice, I choke out, “Hello…Father.”

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

My heart has stopped beating, I’m gasping for air; I think I’m going to have a heart attack. Then my Father says, “Calm, child. Calm.”

I force myself to slow my breathing, feel my heart slowing down a tiny bit, then spit out foolishly, “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.” For some reason, I think if I’m going die, I better be ready. And this is the only line that pops into my head. I could swear I hear laughter. Deep, chuckling laughter, like my own biological Father would have sounded. It eases me a bit, pretending the voice is my own Father’s, putting my mind to rest that I may not be dying after all.  Hearing what I think is my biological father’s voice actually reassure’s me, even though he passed many years ago, and a part of me knows it’s not him. It doesn’t occur to me that he’s here to usher me on… instead it calms my nerves, perfectly.

My mind starts racing, I’m talking with God, what do I say, what do I want to ask Him? The one question I’ve always wanted to know, I ask, “How did you do all this?” I look at the valley below me, the mountain peaks still covered in snow, the rivers coming together like huge snakes meeting at the bend around a hill.

“I Am.” was all He said. Well, duh, I thought. I heard the laughter again, and smiled, knowing He had read my thoughts.

“Then why?”

“Why not?”

“Because… we’re idiots. We’re destroying it ALL.”

“I create moment by moment, second by second, eternity by eternity.”

“But why us?”

“Why not? Why the bee’s? Why the cougar? I have a grand imagination, just as you.”

I was getting frustrated. I don’t know what kind of answers I wanted or expected, but these were just not detailed enough. Staring into the bright yellow light for too long, I looked away to blink, the dot blocking my vision. When I looked back the clouds were swirling. The yellow was growing, churning, and getting larger. I looked West into the sun, realizing I needed to head down soon, or I’d be hiking in the dark. But how could I possibly leave as long as God was right here, talking to me like my next door neighbor? I know instantly, He will make sure I get home safely, so I relax a bit again, back against the rock, and think. 

I’d been reading this crazy conspiracy story yesterday about what actually happened after 9-11, and the scripture it kept referencing was Isaiah 9:7, so I asked Him, “Lord?”

“Yes, my child.”

“Is it true, what I read in that book yesterday, about the scripture of Isaiah?”

“The word is always true, when I give it.”

“Is the word in the Bible true? All of it?”

“True as they saw fit to write about it.”

“But was it Your Word?”

“It was inspired by My Word.”

“Well, what should we do: should we be Jewish, or Christian, or Catholic or Muslim or…..or what?”

“You should Be Love.”

“Do we have to believe in Jesus, to go to Heaven?” I know these were childish sounding questions, to even me, but I had to get as many questions in as possible, as I didn’t know how long I had to talk to God like this. My mind was racing, chasing every single thought I had ever had about God and Jesus around in circles in my brain. I placed my hand over my heart to calm it, hearing the word “Calm” again, this time inside my head.

“Do you believe in Me?”

“Well, yes, of course.”

“Do you understand what it means to be Holy?”

“Umm, pure, honest, good, loving, kind…” I answered in a half-hearted attempt. Because really, what does Holy mean? In my eyes growing up in a Christian based dousing of beliefs, no one had ever explained to me what Holy really was. The purest of pure … what?

“Holy means I AM. To be I AM you must Be Love. I AM HOLY LOVE.”

“You are pure love? That’s what I AM means? I thought it was ‘the all knowing being’ or something.” I smile along with His laughter again.

“You have more wisdom than you share.” Ouch, I got that. Ok, straighten up, ask proper questions, don’t anger Him whatever you do.

“So many other religions don’t believe in Jesus, are they wrong?” I asked.

“I have sent many Profits, Teachers, even Yeshuah to help you. Even He couldn’t make you see the Light.”

“Have you given up on us?” I started to pray in my head that He wouldn’t say no, then realized I was about to pray to Him, who was right here, and added, “Please don’t give up on us.”

“I Am.”

“Oh thank G… God. Thank You.” This is weird. Really tripping me out. I so want to pull out a cigarette, but think I will be struck by lightning if I do, so I wring my hands instead, cross my legs and sit up, preparing myself for what I really want to know.

“May I ask another question?”

“You may.”

“What am I supposed to be doing?”

“You already know, My child.”


“Exactly what your heart is telling you to do.”

“But what it’s telling me to do, is spread your Word, and I’m trying to do that. Don’t you want me to do anything else? Start a church; hold rallies; be a conduit for You to heal people; scream it from the mountain tops, what?”

“I want you to follow your heart, and Be Love.”

“But that’s so easy. I do that all the time.”

“Do you?”

I had to stop for a moment, and admit to myself, no, not always. Not even most of the time. But I had been trying. For several years now, I had been trying to find the truth about God and Yeshuah. Both… oh, now I know what I have to ask.

“Are you the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost? All three, yet One?” This answer alone could shock the world, if I were to repeat it. So I waited with out breathing for His answer.

“I AM HOLY! I AM LOVE! Do you understand?”

“Yes, sort of.”

“No matter the name you put to it, the teacher who teaches it, the follower who follows it, or the script you try to write about it, Love is truly all that matters.”

“So don’t waste my time on worshiping Yeshuah, just focus on You?”

“Yeshuah taught you to Love I Am First, did He not?”

“Yes, He did.”

“Is Yeshuah My Son?”

“Yes,” I answered. I truly believed He was. I could answer that honestly, because Yeshuah was the ONLY man in all of human history who had walked the Earth in pure love. Others had tried. Others had said they were, but they weren’t. For some reason, I have no idea what, but in my heart I truly believed this. He was special. Different from profits that have come and gone.

“Is the Holy Spirit my Word?”

“Yes.” I answered, half guessing this time, because I still believed they were three separate things.

“It is My Breath, My child. Yeshuah is My blood. So yes, We are I Am.” He stopped for a moment, and I stood up to draw a bit closer to the edge of the mountain, drawn to the light mesmerizing me, and sat at His feet, or what I thought were His feet.

“Was He the Truth, the Light, the Way?”

“Everything He taught was truth and light. His way is My Way.”

I felt very close to God at this point, sitting there looking up at Him. Or at His clouds, with fire in them. It didn’t matter what He looked like, I knew in my heart with out one single doubt that I was talking to God. So I asked him, like I might my own Father, “Are you disappointed in us?”

“I Am.”

At this point I wasn’t sure if He meant He was, or if He was saying again that He was Love. So I said, “Is it near the end?”

“Every second is an ending and a beginning. BE LOVE! HOLD LOVE! BEHOLD, LOVE! Every second of your life. Then your end will not matter or concern you.  There is no tomorrow. There is no yesterday. They are only in your imagination. There isn’t even ten minutes from now. There is only NOW. Every second of your life, Behold, Love.”

I paused here to think a minute, because I couldn’t get that nagging book out of my mind, so I asked Him again, “So like in that Isaiah scripture, that matches up so nicely to current events, and the Judgment you brought against them, will that happen here in the US? Have we removed You from our nation? Denied You repeatedly? Are we facing Your Judgment right now, just like they did?”

“You are one second away from all Eternity, every second of the day. Your Judgment will come when you stand before Me.”

“But have we angered You? Have we pushed You away so far, we face Your Judgment now, like in the scripture, ‘You remove the wedge of safety, You let the terrorists in, through the wall.’ Our leaders have stood and quoted that scripture, like morons, NEVER KNOWING the whole story behind it, and how each time they said WE WILL REBUILD they were only defying YOU! Repeatedly copying that scripture to the letter; they replaced the debris with a new cornerstone, the Sycamore/Fig tree was ripped up from the roots, and then they actually planted a Conifer tree in that same spot, just like a cedar, defying You again! Not once knowing they were fulfilling that ancient scripture. I just can’t believe we’re safe from Your Judgment after they vowed repeatedly to defy YOU, knowing our leaving You is our real problem, and so we did what just they did. Rebuilt higher walls, keep doing the evil shit we’re doing, and blaming it on terrorism.”

“I Am. If there is but one of you left, after the chaos you have wrought that Loves, My Mercy will cover you.”

“So individually, if we don’t believe as some do in the US, in greed, and hate, and murder, we’ll be fine.”

“If you Love, in ALL that you do, you will become love. As you become love, you become Holy. As you become Holy, you become I Am.”

“What if we don’t?”

“When you stand before Me, you will have all eternity to think about it.”

I laughed at that, and heard Him chuckle again. God had a sense of humor. He was not only pure love, but He laughed. That alone made me feel so safe and secure. Why, I don’t really know, except that I had an odd sense of humor myself, so maybe I was just relating to it. Or God actually was like my Father. So caring, so forgiving, so very loving.

I AM His child. I may be half way through my human life, but in His eyes, just like my biological Father’s, I will always be His child.

“Thank you SO much God, for all that You do for me … daily, minute by minute, I can’t even begin to thank You enough.”

“I know. I Am. Now go write a new script about Love. Be love. And know I will always Love you!”

“Yes, Father. Will You give me the Words?”

“I always do.”

I laughed again, tears eking out the corners of my eyes. I felt so good inside, I wanted to stay for ever just chatting with God, but He said, “You must go, or I will have to carry you… again.”

I laughed again, just couldn’t quit grinning up at God, just sat there basking in this wonderful overflowing Love for a minute or two. Finally I signed and asked, “You’ve been carrying me for years, and years. I hope You have one of those back braces, or something?”

“I’ve held worlds in My Hands; you, My child, are like a butterfly’s kiss. A precious butterfly I cherish.”

I stood up brushing off my pants, and smiled hugely up at the clouds, and said as I slowly backed away, just like I always do to my own sons as they head out the door, “Love you SO much.”

God answered, “Love you more.”


~~~~Scripture referenced is Isaiah 9:7 to 9:11 Quoted from Qumran Isaiah Scroll:

(7) The Lord sent a word upon Jacob and it fell in Israel. (8) And the people know, all of them, Ephraim and the inhabitants of Samaria in the pride and largeness of heart saying: (9) The bricks are fallen but with hewn stones we will build. The fig trees are cut down but we will change them to cedars. (10) And YHVH will set on high the enemies of Rezin against him and his foes. He will gather together (11) Syrians from the east and the Philistines behind and they shall eat up Israel with open mouth.  For all this His anger is not recalled but His hand is still outstretched.

I am a Gentile… Why is this important…

Many of us are into a religion, rather than a relationship with God. But Yeshuah, Jesus Christ, did not teach religion. Nothing He taught changed His disciples from being Jewish. They all continued to celebrate Pentecost and to pray at Jewish Temples long after Yeshuah’s death. Paul attended synagogue and kept the laws throughout his life, and the apostles convened a council in Jerusalem. Yeshuah WAS the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He WAS the root of David.

Why do people choose to forget Jesus, Yeshuah, was a Jew? Or worse, to mock them, insisting God has forgotten them, or forsaken them?

Yeshuah was raised Jewish, taught His Father’s laws, and most importantly…

He WAS the Lamb slaughtered, for us all.

EVEN in the book of Revelation… when John weeps because no one is worthy to open the scroll, the elder speaks and says “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed.”

When God spoke to Abraham, he said, “I will establish my covenant as an EVERLASTING covenant between me and you and your descendants after you.”

Do you really think God goes back on HIS WORD? Do you really think that because a few Rabbi’s made the wrong choice, one they were supposed to make, that God would condemn Israel? NO! He said to Abraham, “…I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse, and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

We, the Gentiles were meant to be grafted into Israel. PLEASE don’t let any church, any religion, blind you from the WORD spoken from Jesus’ own mouth.

You can not believe only HALF of what He said, and ignore the rest. I am NOT saying you need to become Jewish, for God Loves Gentiles too, what I am saying is that the Jewish were to be a light for us, to lead us to Israel. If you truly believe that Jesus was the Lion who shed his blood as the Lamb to save us and give us a chance at an eternity with God, you must believe ALL that He said.

He said He would return, when the fullness of the Gentiles shines on Israel. Yeshuah did NOT mean fullness as in numbers, he meant “complete”. He meant, when we, the gentiles, were completely brought into the fold of Israel. 

It ISN’T the other way around, we are not to bring the Jewish people out of Israel, we are to JOIN the Jewish people in Israel…becoming Israel… and when this is done, Yeshuah, our Christ Jesus, will come again.

He meant: the full representation of every tribe, language, people and nation ordained by God to be saved in His Final Plan of Salvation.

In Psalms it says, “The Law of the Lord is Perfect.” And Jesus, Yeshuah said, “This is my command…that you love one another.”

It is so simple, and yet we seem to have missed it. Even if the Jews do not believe that Yeshauh was their own Messiah… it does not matter one bit. Because through Jesus Christ, Yeshuah, Son of God, we are all given a chance at Salvation! He did not come to replace the laws of God; He came to enhance them and let us know, we are all under Grace.

Therefore, my final words to you all today, is something that God said long ago that I will (badly) paraphrase, ‘When you pray today, ask God to forgive the sins of your fathers also. You may not be able to repent for your ancestors and all they did, but you can pray for them to be forgiven, so that you and your family will not continue to be cursed from this day forward.”

Have a lovely Blessed day my friends! And hope to see you all someday soon in ISRAEL!!!

🙂 Love, Deb




You flew to me out over the sea

Rising with a storming gale

Spreading out Your ancient arms

I saw You through the veil

Glorious Your light was blinding

Yet as I took Your hand

I settled on a floating cloud

And there You made me stand

Holding each and every breath

As fear rose from deep inside

My heart stopping all at once

Looking down at the crashing tide

You said softly “Just trust Me”

As I looked into Your loving eyes

I knew my heart was about to burst

As we soared beyond the skies

Long Before Time – The Moses Beings

I wrote this poem today, to use in my second book,

Long Before Time; the Moses Beings.

Every four lines in a stanza are inserted at the beginning of each chapter. Yes, I know it is very long, the longest poem I have ever written, as each stanza is a short “poetic representation” of the chapter it heads. It is more like a short story, but there are 29 chapters in the book. lol

Enjoy, and I will applaud you if you make it to the end without falling asleep!! 🙂


Long Before Time


Embroiled in a desert

yet frozen in time

life sparked in a fire anew

amidst a pulverized grime.


A journey began in darkness

creeping below a cool moon

searching for a hazy hope

waning in the afternoon.


An indigo hint of life

sprinkled like spring flowers

barren of song or soaring

emptiness fell in showers.


Danger near at every bend

yet faith endured echoing

a promise from beyond

nigh a spirit of knowing.


In sickness and in health

‘til death do they part

striving to survive

unrivaled love fills the heart.


Taunting moments

endured for too long

shifting into joy

erupting into song.


Praying for comfort

kneeling on a mountain temple

abruptly desolate and alone

accepting far from simple.


Reaching a river’s edge

a black swirling menace

fighting back the tears

only calm on the surface.


Starting over

an inconceivable cost

devastation unbearable

wandering and lost.


Still life finds a way

while painful to the weak

crafting laughter gently

for the humble and the meek.


The birth of all things new

from trees to life in the sea

outshines deaths’ stroke

as a bird soars free.


Winging its way to the ocean

heading into twilight

the day escapes in a flutter

a journey fashioned in flight.


The crushing of the waves

a thundering travesty

a pretense of floating beauty

brilliant as an eagle’s majesty.


Just as the mountains range down

reaching for its pebbles fallen

the sea grips life in a tide

rolling engorged and swollen.


Like bricks pounding

or a seashell of pearl

the ocean rages inward

in a deadly savage swirl.


Like the madness in a horse

eating until it’s bursting

a briny sadness fills the soul

and sorrow leaves it thirsting.


Similar to a wandering spirit

days turn into weeks of pain

the folly of a vagrant life

becomes a brackish rain.


Yet even Dahlia’s suddenly close

before a miserable storm

sealing up a meager home

their dwelling safe and warm.


Despite the unusualness

of the moon controlling the tides

announcing a novel presence

an owl rarely hides.


Survival means its hunting

nightly hour by hour

watching life above a darkened trail

eyes wide open and dour.


Prepared for the unexpected

option for an offered meal

like a bear or any other predator

an owl swoops in with zeal.


Known for their protectiveness

guarding against danger in the night

this spirit beneath the pale moon

only rests in bright sunlight.


Truly as the twinkle of stars light

an ancient well-worn path

this bird of prey knows not

to incur an eagle’s wrath.


As he soars above all

a surveying menace in his domain

spiraling down to his mate

safely nested his children remain.


Thus he journeys far and wide

he will die to shield and defend

his offspring from any calamity

with almighty talons to rend.


For she has birthed

the greatest glory to God

majestic and grand

for all to applaud.


Then he will teach them

every skill he’s ever known

how to reach the almighty heavens

just as he was shown.


For nothing is greater upon this Earth

than reaching Almighty God above

rising above the windswept skies

and receiving His Almighty Love.

No Greater Father



No Greater Father



for God so loved the world

His amazing love unfurled

as He gave His only begotten Son

to a world He had already begun

that whosoever believeth in Him

no matter your faith or goyim

shall not perish

for He will always cherish

and show us the way

up that glorious stairway

to teach us the truth

from a beginning like Ruth

and have everlasting life

never ending without strife

there is no greater Father than above

He is the meaning of True Love


Happy Father’s Day

On This Day

I wander through a dusty room. Stare at a photograph in a dented, fake gold frame. Lying on his big brothers chest, his tiny feet in the air. A choo-choo train on his shirt. An almost toothless grin dimples his pink cheeks.

The curtain flutters above, brushed by a single fly. The Tonka truck and a flat soccer ball waiting silently in the corner, next to bags and boxes of forgotten memories.

I gaze into the past, the photo I took the same day he learned to walk. Holding on to his big brother’s fingers. Tippy toes bare against the bright, spring green grass.

The dandilions such a sunny yellow next to their heads, almost reflecting in their bright eyes. As he tickled him, they were both giggling, full of love and light, trust and innocence, on this day.

If my home caught fire tonight, I would grab just this picture on my way out.

No Matter the Darkness

Boring people to tears on a Sunday

I never really wanted to be a preacher

I’d rather be a happy camper example

much like a bubbly first grade teacher.

Filled with love and great joy each day

passing along my happiness and cheer

bouncing around the room like colors

of a rainbow splashed across a mirror.

When I write the truth I smile inside

filled with a sweet holiness to bursting

trying to pass on to those missing out

who plainly to me I see are thirsting.

But this wall they place firmly around

not only blocks out my flowing love

but they don’t see how it isolates them

in a bubble of loneliness also from above.

They don’t need any silly beliefs or faith

they continue to say they’re fine this way

they’ve got money, a nice house and car

a good job, a family and their friends all say,

they’re a nice person just leave them alone

they passed on their useless fortune instead

giving the only thing they thought worthy

then died and were buried with few tears shed.

They passed on nothing of real true value

they left behind an empty cold shell

not realizing their selfishness and determination

would lead them in the end to a cold dead hell.

Sadly they never know that this is not all

they will end at this moment in rotting bugs

when instead they could’ve made one last climb

to spend eternity filled with love and hugs.

They were so sure that this was all there was

just this short 100 years of painful existence

having no idea it was just a short test

to prove they were worthy of God’s Presence.

So each day I continue to shine my light

no matter the darkness I run into each day

my rainbow colors sparkling across the sky

I reach out reflecting in a warm array.

Hoping to teach and reach just one person

my quota low in 5 billion souls unconscious

knowing if I shine bright enough I might save them

from their final death, already paid for by Jesus.

Daily Prompt: Come Fly with Me


I tie my hiking boots on, because I will need the support around my ankles for landing.  I’m already dressed, so I fill up my water bottle with ice and water, grab my windbreaker and purse and head out the door.  I start my truck, and while it warms up for a minute I apply my eyeliner, using my rear view mirror.  I would never do this while driving, but over the years I’ve got into the habit of using this mirror, because its the only one my eyes can still focus enough to see in.  I have to wear granny glasses now, because I’m getting oh so old.

It only takes about 15 minutes to reach the field directly below Poo Poo Point!  And yes, it is named that for a reason!  This is in Issaquah on the side of a Cascade Range mountain, that’s only around 1800 feet high on the west side of Tiger Mountain.  But this is a sweet sloping cleared area, with a huge piece of man made turf laid out across it, in the pictures below for all of us crazy paraglider’s to take off from.  The local paragliding groups have combined forces and created a shuttle service, using the old forest service road that winds up the mountain, so we don’t have to hike the trail on foot to get there.

tandem_launch__tigerflyin...3100 feet up 004  flyin...3100 feet up 014  flyin...3100 feet up 013


I meet up with my buddy, the best tandem pilot ever, a 5th level pilot named Steve Wilson who I literally trust with my life.  He laughingly says, ‘I’ve never lost anyone!’, but I trust him completely because on one of our previous trips, he saved my life.  A beginner Paraglider, on her first solo flight, was coming right for our lines one day, and I saw her out of the corner of my eye, where I have really good peripheral vision.  She was up behind us on our right side.  I yelled, and Steve pulled on the handles and spun us around just in the nick of time, as she flew by us within just a few feet of us.  If he hadn’t turned quickly enough, or far enough to the left, she would’ve went right through our lines.  The lines that attach us to the huge single wing that carries us.

He’s the best, and I’ve sent many friends to him, to have the most incredible hour of their life.

I have flown many times in planes above the earth, but there is nothing greater than soaring above the earth like an eagle at 3100 feet!!  This is about as high as you can go, legally, without being hit by a passing plane.  And let me tell you… it is the most incredibly awesome experience you will ever have.  I’ve done it so many times now, Steve calls me ‘his frequent flyer’, and I get frequent flyer miles! lol  Which means basically once or twice a year I go for free, and we just have the best time playing around.  He loves to take me as high as we can go, and then spiral down towards the earth, while I scream my head off. 

Next spring, when the weather turns perfect again, we are going to hike up Mt. Si, in North Bend, and run off the top of it.  This is a mountain that is over 4100 feet high, that’s 4 miles UP, and I can’t wait!!!  This will be our crowning achievement.  Although Steve has flown over Mexico and Brazil, and some places in Ireland and Scotland too.  But for me, this will be the greatest trip we’ve made.  The picture at the top of the page is the view from the top of Mt. Si, I thought you might like to see for perspective.  The top of the mountain is all rocks, with the huge Haystack of an enormous batholith, normally seen in the picture below… so I have no idea where we will actually have to take off from, because you need a bit of a cleared area to lay out the glider wing and straighten the lines before you hook the harnesses in and run off the cliff.  He’s done it before, so I have no worries…I just CAN’T WAIT!!!!

I kid you not folks, there is NOTHING BETTER than RUNNING OFF THE CLIFF OF A MOUNTAIN!!!  lmao  It is the greatest most amazing feeling in the world, and I have done lots of crazy things in my lifetime, and nothing tops this!   So…if you ever get the chance… COME FLY WITH ME!!!  and STEVE, of course!!! 


You Can Find Peace



You Can Find Peace



You can find peace looking up at the stars

dissolving in a box like an ice cream bar

You can find peace underneath the dirt

letting the bugs return you to the Earth

You can find peace cremated from within

and spread across mountaintops in a wind

or You can find eternal peace circling above

in God’s Heaven of Glorious looping love



wrote this in my dreams last night… don’t know why, but it kept circling around and around, much like the eternal peace you can find… if you truly want to… at the end of this life…

and I truly hope you all do! 

“authority over a share of glory”

once Michael returned to heaven

making a place for the beloved

his sword rested in Glory’s peace

his battle destroying darkness’ hold

his authority over evil easily won


for Yesha’ means true salvation

righteousness covered in love

a Messiah will walk among us

glorifying by living truth and light

no matter his name or birthplace


seek truth, speak truth, humbly walk

search out the mysteries you see

the answers will speak in your heart

your reward will be eternal bliss

lifting your soul within His wings


for all who follow truth and wisdom

for those who seek only God and His ways

above riches and power over men

will find the light and reject the dark

will also have authority over a share of glory

Dick! I kid you not!


I’m pretty sure this is Dick, the tallest Clydesdale of 10 or 11 horses I watched each morning at SeaFair, in Seattle this weekend.  He is a magnificent 800 lb horse (at least), who stole my heart.  I’m not sure if this was his real name, or one he earned, as he was quite feisty and a giant shit for 2 days, dragging his poor handler around the field, and acting up.  He is clearly an attention whore, but just beautiful and quite nice after he got some of that massive energy out.  He was very sweet to me, and stared me down while I gave him some hugs and love.  He seemed to know I loved him at first sight.  His handlers were a bit surprised too, and thought for sure he wasn’t gonna put up with me, but he was ever the gentleman! (I’ve ridden horses all my life and worked with them off and on throughout my life, and can never get enough.)  I rode my friends Belginan Draft horses one time for fun, and they are just as big, but let me tell you, it isn’t quite as comfortable as riding English or Western, because the entire time you are riding, you are doing the splits…lol  they’re great though when they go pounding across the pasture at a canter.  Just remember to say “Whoa boy,” before you crash through the fence…and keep on going!

Morning Glory


This is how I spent my morning, sitting from 8 a.m. until 12:00 on Kachess Lake.  The only reason I left being the speed boats began to show up, and ruined my ambiance.  It’s almost 10 miles long and over a mile wide, and let me tell you my arms are feeling it! lol  Yes I felt the burn, in case you were wondering, as I paddled across it twice.  I started in about the middle and went west to the end, in the picture, but didn’t go east much of my starting point.  The winds were picking up and the water got pretty choppy.  I saw two eagles, sitting above me in trees, and right up until around 11:00 it was absolute serenity!  Watching the sun light up the trees as it cascades down the mountains, it was just glorious!  I wish you could all go kayaking some time, its surreal.  🙂  have a wonderful day all!!!  

forever bored



Georgie rocked back, her tiny toes pushing with a snap against the porch floorboards. Lilly rocked forward at the same time, while not missing one tiny stitch in her cross-stitch pattern of Jesus. She was filling in His long flowing brown hair. Georgie said,

“When is she going to learn? She’s like a cat trying to mate with a raccoon. Some bodies gonna get eaten, and they aren’t gonna enjoy it!” She cackled at her self, not caring in the slightest if Lilly laughed or not, since it was Lilly’s granddaughter they were discussing. Lilly, ever the polite lady, said,

“He’s gonna send you back, you keep that up. Make you start all over again.” She smiled as she rocked back. Then she asked, “Is Carrie’s husband still cheating on her?”

Georgie didn’t like this subject at all, and waited a beat, to snap her little feet again, and said, “Think I’ll get some lemonade,” then she rocked a few more times before begrudgingly adding, “would you like some too?”

“Of course, that’d be lovely.” Georgie stopped rocking and got up, slowly inching her way to the screen door, head curled down permanently staring at the floor, and went inside to the kitchen.

She often wondered why they had a kitchen, two bedrooms and a living room, but no bathroom to take a nice hot bath in, or anything else for that matter.  They didn’t have a side or back yard either, it was just a foggy empty space, sometimes bright sometimes dark.

The front yard was going slightly wild, but had beautiful flowers all the time, no weeds, and didn’t need water or sunshine to grow; so the ladies spent hours on the front porch that held a swing at one end and the two rocking chairs at the other.

Georgie and Lilly hadn’t seen any of their children or grandchildren yet and were both a bit disappointed they had to spend all this time waiting as old women.  So much for everything being perfect, thought Georgie.  Why couldn’t we be our twenty year old selves? She couldn’t fathom it, unless she had deserved the boredom, due to all the trouble she’d caused.  It was such a letdown, not to be young again, Georgie was a bit sour about it.

They were also bored with each other and Georgie was getting ornerier and ornerier day by day.  Lilly didn’t know how much longer they could put up with each other, but then Lilly knew it would be forever, and sighed to herself as she finished up Jesus’ beautiful locks of hair.

Georgie came out with two glasses of iced lemonade, and as she leaned down to put them on the tiny table that sat between the chairs; bent over so far her head almost touched it, she let out a huge fart.  She giggled like a child, stood back up and as she took the 5 or 6 steps needed to reach her chair and turn around, she tooted a little fart with each step.

Laughing out loud, she sat down, and said,

“Enjoy your drink dear.”  Then she snapped her feet and rocked back, gazing at the garden in front of her once again.


Blatant Glory shining at its finest

He rose above His own sky as the artist

Lighting the way gleaming and bright

Knowing the dark will continually fight

He was our very own spotlight to Heaven

Soaring for us the broken and unforgiven

He might have only been here momentarily,

but, His Beacon is brilliance … 

for us to grasp eternally

the little rainbow

a simple flitting little rainbow

across the sky nearly aglow

following it up and overhead

to the sunset I was finally led

the amazing glory I see daily

from an eagle soaring freely

to angry clouds of pounding rain

churning wildly clearly in pain

to a spectacular sunset or sunrise

filling my soul with love from the sky’s

birthing into an artist’s life

the possibility of an afterlife 


In a Second

they say… someday soon

this may all be gone

just one crazy person

could send us all home

in a blink of an eye

a push of a button

survivors living in dust

a desert all the sudden


they say… are you ready

at this exact moment

without a single prayer

or one begging lament

to face the Holy One

who created the mountains

who’s loved you long enough

who’s done forgiving your sins


they say… He’ll be merciful

but He will judge you fair

I too can’t imagine it all gone

surely He will still care

today is all we ever have

look at the beautiful view

you may go home in a second

you may not in two

not alone

          gazing up creek
     no paddle in sight
a walk not alone
in the morning light
     reflecting leaves
          shimmering cascade
     eyes watching closely
fish hiding in the shade

                    breeze calling softly 

among butterflies and bees

             ants      marching      the      bark

a last stand holds the trees

     spatter of the water
          dancing on the rocks
     tickling the shore
a chipmunk mocks

At the End

At the End



He was standing at the end, waiting for me

my heart pounded, in my mind

the trees swayed above Him

the sun sparkling like crystal

lighting His hair to gold

love swelled inside what was me

He enveloped my soul

we smiled wildly

like children on a swing

and wandered into His world

Daily Prompt: Places

Hand me a walk through a meadow, and I immediately smile.  Give me a moment at the top of a mountain, and I live for another day!  Sitting by a lake, I pop another pill, and float into a new dimension.  It’s the placebo effect, these places I go.

The best hallucinations are the ones where my kayak is at rest, on the far side of the lake in almost complete silence from the industrialized world, only hearing birdsong, the creaking of the forests, and the chatter of squirrels; I watch an Eagle circle a bit, then dive with everything he’s worth, only seconds before plunging in his feet come down, claws spread out like rays of painfully bright light, the huge splash, then swoop, swoop of his enormous wings and he’s off into the sunrise with a fish freaking out as he rises to Heaven, gasping at every swoop.

The ecstasy the day I watched two baby elk pounce like Tigger in circles around the female herd in blatant joy; side by side, each hopping in unison, not once running or jumping, just bouncing their little playful hearts out!

I see actual Glory, in all it’s Glory; I cannot imagine God surrounded in anything else.  Yes I consider all of nature to be Glory because there is nothing we know of in our own created, manufactured world that even comes close.  You can imagine swirling light, or a very beautiful man with big clear blue eyes, (even though any sane person knows Jesus had to have been dark-skinned and dark-eyed, he was Mediterranean, duh,) or you can picture an old man with a white beard surrounded in blinding light you can’t see through, or even look at.  But I think that is just silly.  Why would a Passion Flower be so intricately beautiful to us, or a Hummingbird need to reflect light, sparkling??  Worms find mates, so why would evolution need to go to this extreme?  Picture a peacock!  A fabulous creation.  Check out the Hubble photographs of universes.  Or the spectacular panorama of purple tinted mountains with red giant Maples spotting the carpet of green?  Why would leaves need to turn red, then yellow, then brown, when they could just as quickly turn brown like others do?   These are unnecessary adaptations in any scientific terms, yet blow our minds with what our minds immediately recognize as beautiful.

You can read Zen books, or study philosophy until you’re blue in the face, but this place I live is filled with such Glory there is no need for me to meditate or sit in a therapy session.  I’ve lived in countless places in the United States, and here I found pure Glory.  Give me  a walk through a dripping forest and a shimmering creek reflecting like diamonds and I will call this place home.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

This was the KISS from God I received 29 years ago today, when my son Brandon was born.

This is my Father holding him, with a look on his face that I will always ALWAYS CHERISH.

His first grandchild, my first son, and the GREATEST LOVE from God I have ever known.

The picture is a picture of a picture, because it’s not digital, but I don’t care…I still LOVE it!


Even if you DON’T believe IN God…

…just the sheer number of different species on our planet should blow your mind…all living and growing and changing side by side, for millions of years….all a special arrangement of DNA, not even counting RNA, for all you scientists out there.

Look in the sky, how many pinpoints can you count?  Those are just Suns.  Just like ours, with possibly 8 planets circling each one.  With species living and growing and changing on each one, side by side, for millions of years, all made up of pretty much the same shit we are.  Someone once said, not sure who so forgive me here, but “We are all made of star-dust.”  And they are right.

Look at the bugs in your backyard, or house, depending where you live.  There are over 4,500 species of cockroaches alone…which totals possibly millions of cockroaches to every single human.   Eeeek.  Take insects; there are over 900,000 different species of bugs, which in turn means it is approximately 80% of the species on the planet.  Icckk.   And I’m a tomboy!

Every single snowflake is different.

Every single sunset is different.

Every single blade of grass.

Every single hair on your head.

Every tiny molecule of oxygen and hydrogen we inhale is created on this planet, by another species; many create our food, many create our water, our needs are met by EACH OTHER.  ALL our needs are met by ANOTHER.  Even Humans contribute to life for others, even if only as fertilizer.

So just stop for a second, look at the Majesty created in just your sphere, look up at the Heavens at the other galaxies we know exist, and tell me it happened by chance.  I will tell you, you are a moron.  That’s just my opinion though.

As a small child I used to lay on the side of a hill, one of our yards, in a blanket and look up at the clouds…and at age 5 I think, I probably realized how incredible our planet is.  I was too young to apply that to much else, like species, or universes, mostly because I didn’t even know what those words meant at the time, but I was in AWE.  I would lay there for hours, watching the different clouds changing, moving, becoming.  And I was in AWE.

I still am to this day.

We claim as a species to be so very intelligent, we SAY we are the most intelligent species on the planet, yet we are the ONLY species on this planet DESTROYING our own HABITAT.  We think that because we have studied so much about our lives on this planet, that we KNOW so much about it, that we KNOW we’re the most intelligent species.

Yet, our ignorance proves our intellect.

SOMETHING had to have created it all, started it all spinning and expanding, and existing.

We KNOW as scientists, our brightest minds throughout history have confirmed, that YES, you cannot create something from nothing.

YOU cannot create something from nothing.

But something DID.  And it was nothing on our planet.  It was not aliens from another galaxy hovering in the sky.  They too were created by something else.  It was not some mad scientist.  It was not some accidental smashing together of two microscopic neutrons.  It was not a black hole, because it too is created by something else.


Tell me there IS NO GOD!

And, I am sad to say, most likely, I will pat you on the head and tell you to go play outside.

You are only one breath away from Eternity!

One Breath Away from Eternity


I watched her eyes glaze over,

emptiness filling, yet

getting a bit brighter,

I’ll never forget.

Seconds away from Eternity,

a heart-stopping shock,

feeling her last breath,

my world began to rock.

Did she see His face,

or still just her friends’,

before she came back,

losing herself in pain again?

Did she know what was coming,

as she cried her last words,

seeing a glimpse into beyond,

her meeting with her Lord?

The pain was too great,

it was all she spoke,

I pray for her soul now,

knowing she was broke.

I didn’t pray then, it haunts me,

now knowing what I know,

Forgive me my lost sister,

So I can let go.

They say, this too shall pass,

but that is for me, not her,

it doesn’t help much,

I’ll never be sure…

You were only one breath away,

from an incredible serenity,

I pray for your soul now

to always be loved in my Lord’s Eternity.

Amen.   Rest in Peace.




glow of a candle, fire in the flame

spark of wonder, we’ll never be the same

touch of love, laughter all day

ornery and kind, just her way

loving life, living wild and free

the only way she could truly be

gone too soon, gave all her love

glow of fire in the heavens above

An Author who Listens


An Author Who Listens


He relaxes all day long, creates a rainbow,

And a moon beam,

While listening.

His wife completely ignored.

She hustles and bustles where He needs her to go,

He carves a mountain, He’s a bit busy,


Cries and begging, accusing and fear,

Ecstatic one minute, suicidal the next,

He exhales love,

Answers with mystery,

And listens.

One second He feels overwhelmed with sadness.

The next He’s crying too.

The third second He’s flooded with joy,

Thundering in a storm,

He listens.

He smiles at His children,

Like the way you feel, watching two kitties play.

The epitome of Author, caring ferociously,

Aware and vigilant,

He molds love,

He Is,

He Was,

And Will Always Be,


A Far Cry

how many shades of grey do you see?
Adoring the Lord’s majestic bright colors,
but part of my soul is drawn to the greys,
a far-cry to a bitter mountainside
with the sunshine forcing through its rays.
Something about them calls to me,
mood or scent or stinging breeze,
subtle shadows not able to damp the clear,
my tears begin to freeze….

His Majesty

His Majesty


Creation seeming random, an unplanned heavenly chance,

a circle in time never-ending, a merry-go-round of happenstance,

doesn’t make sense to me, for even Einstein was in awe,

for every action there is a reaction, the same in reverse, his law.

If everything at that time, was condensed into a tiny ball of light,

going BANG, sending stars far and wide, in the middle of the night,

Who or Whom, How or What put the mass of energy there that day,

Before it went BOOM and spread out a billions light years away?

This theory of men doesn’t make me believe, it confuses me more and more,

I can’t explain how I know it’s not right, it saddens me to the core,

studying in college the root of all evil easily illustrated in math,

it seems our arrogance has taken us down a galactic straying path.

Why wouldn’t we believe an ancient figure whose honesty was well-known,

fighting the Lord every step of the way, he wrote down what he was shown,

the sheer number of universes spawned on that very special day,

are still spreading outward in a singular line, showing us the way.

Scientists appear to be hiding the truth of the vast unknown skies,

all eternity is a number greater than the depth of human lies,

if we live long enough to understand just what God ensures,

we must first believe in His Creation, behold, His Majesty endures.