stellar 1


is but a word

that can’t begin to describe Him.


dripping from His palms

floods into oceans with a flick.


becomes a word

at the atoms’ first glimpse.


creating worlds

of life to love and care for.


of all kings

the word only lacking His Majesty.


He fills with time

inching forward on a spec of dust.



circling arms of light

warming our every moment of sight.


after oath He gave

showering us with all His love.


the Author of it all

carved in sapphire with a sigh.



held in His hand

dances for the first time.


answers His call

shining as his Father asks.


He filled with Holy Spirit

giving choice to us colored with hope.


abound each moment

with eyes to see and ears to hear.


how deeply The Father

the only Father loves His children.


will He walk away

for He carries us wherever He goes.


He pours to fill space

As Time He Counts Us Eternally.



Thank You Father… for it all




oh, how I LOVE SNOW…

WP_20160101_10_47_03_Pro (2)

way up high, where I rarely go

its’ beauty shining brightly in a pure clean white

blanketing the darkness in a majestic sight

a miracle in physics in each tiny amazing flake

unique amongst a billion copies gloriously remake

a lonely barren mountainside longing to lift its face

to smile brightly up at God, shining back His Grace

Each Step


following footprints into the past

at the edge of an ocean unimaginably vast

across stepping stones jagged and raw

led by a brilliance beaming with awe

toes sinking into a swirling mist

of wispy strands in a pinkish blue twist

my path across the sea a brave step away

if only my faith would finally hold sway

over my fears of literally no escape

wrapped in a darkness like a doubting cape

until light pierces my soul into soaring

far above the evil baneful and roaring

as I float across a graceful green blue sea

each step I take ripples back to me

Joyful Ache

why do my tears fall freely

tightness grips my throat

an ache rises from my chest

taking over my vocal chords

drowning my mouth in ache

when I listen to an unusual case of people being extremely kind

someone blessing another without knowing they were

or maybe they did know

the sweeping feeling

of deep deep joy

I find most times it’s the same way I feel

every time I think about every single blessing

in my life

listed out one by one

adding up to

God’s Amazing Grace



Can you imagine how the world would be changed… if we all thought “we are one”? If we all treated each other as if we were one single person?

There would be no hunger, no super rich, no homeless or poor… because we would simply treat each other as if we were them. We would instead think, THIS is enough. When is it enough? When do you have enough, you don’t feel you need more?

We would never have a reason to go to war, because who in their right mind starts a war with themselves? No one ever WANTS to kill themselves.

We would never destroy the earth in any way, we would FIND ways to travel from place to place, or to build things, without stripping and polluting our natural resources or killing animals for sport to make ourselves prettier or more virile. We wouldn’t need THINGS to fill our homes with that were useless and unneeded, because we wouldn’t need to impress ourselves.

There would be no such thing as a slave, which there is still, in this day and age. We feel so enlightened, and intelligent… yet in 2015 there are still SLAVES in our world.

There are still people who think it is ok to kill and murder over their beliefs, yet if we thought of each other as one, there would NEVER be a reason to kill yourself because you believe what you believe. There would be no suicide. No desperation, no loss and loneliness, for we would all be ONE.


I can imagine it right now, but only in what I imagine Heaven is like. That MUST be what Heaven is. We all become ONE!

I think I’ve said these things before, but I just felt the need to say them again. Maybe get the ball rolling. Maybe make just one of you stop and consider this… and begin to LIVE your life in this way. LIVE your life, don’t just make a living. Make a difference. BE THE SOURCE. BE ONE!

Maybe…. one day…  🙂

A Twig of Peace

dove with twig

like a Dove

He descended from above

filled with grace and words of love

building hope below

a twig of peace to sow

His life and death to foreshadow

a coronation

a prophecy of revelation

taught to a sinful prideful nation

of disbelief

fostered in grief

torn apart with no hope of relief

to be betrayed

by His words waylaid

and twisted into a sinful crusade

to be hung

from the highest rung

of Jacob’s ladder by an evil tongue

yet His atonement

fulfilled a commandment

to save us all from eternal torment

was like a Dove

filled completely with love

He’s still longing for you to join Him above

not in a tree

or in the blue sky you see

but squarely and forever upon His knee


red maple 2



we celebrate

the day it started

with palms and fronds

piled at His feet

reaching up so far

as to blind the people

gloating in alleys

planning to hurt

blades rising up

stalking His Grace

craving His Glory

green with a sickness

soon to be passed over

in a perfect crimson

reeds bloodied by burden

shimmering beyond on high

the Light of a Savior

given the shaft



as shadows play across a quiet scene

a raging river rushes by unseen

rippling down the rocks of a crowded bed

I wonder why satan has immersed and led

us down this path strewn with his lies

diluting and surging he forever tries

to blind us from truth and Heavenly hope

like water racing down a cascading slope

slippery and slimy and covered in moss

our journey turns into sadness and loss

the greatest deceit found under fame

of Yeshuah’s dishonor just in His name

for when the river began to carve the sod

His name meant simply The Salvation of God

still the stream churned and danced across

miles of boulders until it came to a cross

where it washed even Him with pure salvation

drowning all evil and saving a lost nation

to this day we dishonor His amazing grace

submerging our world in entrenched disgrace

channeling his name into a soiled form

and speaking it daily making it the norm

like my tears washing over cheek and bone

I can almost hear Yeshuah’s swelling moan



God loves me, this I know, very, very much,

I know by His constant forgiveness and His Grace filled touch,

He has never forsaken me, never left me behind,

Not once in my life, not in one moment I can find.


As I stood here, thinking about my life, I realized something about myself that I rarely admit to.

I am the greatest of sinners. I’ve gotten into the habit, each day as I head to work, of asking God to give me the strength to not gossip. You may say to yourself, oh, that’s not a big sin, but it is. It is just as bad as murder, rape, stealing or cheating. For each and every sin.. is just that, a sin. For it not only passes on bad feelings about someone else, and shows I know nothing about true love and forgiveness, but the hate for someone else increases. I am not only hurting this person, I am telling someone else to hurt them also. I am telling them this person should not be loved. I am giving them a reason to not value this person, to not trust this person, and to dislike them, not only for their own reason for this, but adding on mine.

I tell myself, I wouldn’t gossip if I wasn’t surrounded nonstop by people who do, which is true, but it is no excuse. I have no excuse that I can see for allowing myself to jump in and add to this gossip, which I do.

I tell myself I am pulled in by their unhappiness and hate, yet maybe only once a day do I manage to not join in bashing this person.

I tell myself it’s because I work, literally, in a den of thieves. In a place where greed runs rampant, and people are rude, selfish and worshiping money. But this is still no excuse.

I also tell myself, that God has given me this job, not only because I asked for it, but because it is the greatest test of my will and faith, that could have ever been placed before me. And I have failed miserably, almost every single day of work this past year.

I try to be honest with you all, and I realized as I gazed back at some of my recent posts, that I must sound like a true Christian to some of you, but that I truly need to let you all know… this is not the case.

I am a sinner. I am so far from perfect, I am shocked some days, by what comes out of my mouth. I may not kill, I may not lie, and I may not steal, but I clearly show I do not love like God wants me to.

I truly desire to be a true Christian, but as the saying goes, I am a work in progress. I am reaching for God, I am reaching for a goal that is almost insurmountable at times… yet I AM reaching. I AM trying. And I just felt the need today to let you all know… none of us is perfect. None of us even comes close. At least no one that I know personally. And I for one, am at the top of the list!!   But…

I am trying. I am aware of my faults. I am willing to change. But I stumble, often, daily, hourly even. Still… I try.

And once I stop trying.. I will have lost the battle.

So forgive me all, for trying to sound so good and righteous, when clearly I am not. But don’t think for a moment, that I am stopping my pursuit of God! He knows me like no one else, and He still loves me with all His heart. THIS I know! And He forgives me, each day, because He knows… I am trying.

So keep trying… no matter what your battle may be… do not give up. He can forgive you any sin!! And He will. Just don’t give up trying not to commit that sin!

God Bless you all!

I am a Gentile… Why is this important…

Many of us are into a religion, rather than a relationship with God. But Yeshuah, Jesus Christ, did not teach religion. Nothing He taught changed His disciples from being Jewish. They all continued to celebrate Pentecost and to pray at Jewish Temples long after Yeshuah’s death. Paul attended synagogue and kept the laws throughout his life, and the apostles convened a council in Jerusalem. Yeshuah WAS the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He WAS the root of David.

Why do people choose to forget Jesus, Yeshuah, was a Jew? Or worse, to mock them, insisting God has forgotten them, or forsaken them?

Yeshuah was raised Jewish, taught His Father’s laws, and most importantly…

He WAS the Lamb slaughtered, for us all.

EVEN in the book of Revelation… when John weeps because no one is worthy to open the scroll, the elder speaks and says “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed.”

When God spoke to Abraham, he said, “I will establish my covenant as an EVERLASTING covenant between me and you and your descendants after you.”

Do you really think God goes back on HIS WORD? Do you really think that because a few Rabbi’s made the wrong choice, one they were supposed to make, that God would condemn Israel? NO! He said to Abraham, “…I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse, and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

We, the Gentiles were meant to be grafted into Israel. PLEASE don’t let any church, any religion, blind you from the WORD spoken from Jesus’ own mouth.

You can not believe only HALF of what He said, and ignore the rest. I am NOT saying you need to become Jewish, for God Loves Gentiles too, what I am saying is that the Jewish were to be a light for us, to lead us to Israel. If you truly believe that Jesus was the Lion who shed his blood as the Lamb to save us and give us a chance at an eternity with God, you must believe ALL that He said.

He said He would return, when the fullness of the Gentiles shines on Israel. Yeshuah did NOT mean fullness as in numbers, he meant “complete”. He meant, when we, the gentiles, were completely brought into the fold of Israel. 

It ISN’T the other way around, we are not to bring the Jewish people out of Israel, we are to JOIN the Jewish people in Israel…becoming Israel… and when this is done, Yeshuah, our Christ Jesus, will come again.

He meant: the full representation of every tribe, language, people and nation ordained by God to be saved in His Final Plan of Salvation.

In Psalms it says, “The Law of the Lord is Perfect.” And Jesus, Yeshuah said, “This is my command…that you love one another.”

It is so simple, and yet we seem to have missed it. Even if the Jews do not believe that Yeshauh was their own Messiah… it does not matter one bit. Because through Jesus Christ, Yeshuah, Son of God, we are all given a chance at Salvation! He did not come to replace the laws of God; He came to enhance them and let us know, we are all under Grace.

Therefore, my final words to you all today, is something that God said long ago that I will (badly) paraphrase, ‘When you pray today, ask God to forgive the sins of your fathers also. You may not be able to repent for your ancestors and all they did, but you can pray for them to be forgiven, so that you and your family will not continue to be cursed from this day forward.”

Have a lovely Blessed day my friends! And hope to see you all someday soon in ISRAEL!!!

🙂 Love, Deb



bursting up from the earths core

rocks formed from deep below

reach for the sky with earnest

a fiery desire began long ago

rising with dignity scraping the sky

guarding the valleys of shallow lands

pure majesty transcending glory

created by God’s own graceful hands



Stop Saying “God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle!”

God did not GIVE you cancer.

God did not GIVE you a divorce.

God did not GIVE you a handicapped child.


strength to handle any situation,

love by surrounding you in His arms,

and the grace to rise to Him!

a flick



touching my soul with just a flick

breathing a windswept caress

feeling the cool whisper of hope

as I touch my toe in a blue river

slipping at the last moment

moss laughing at my grip

choice no longer matters

of grace I appear to have none

as I flail forward not unwilling

yet baptized in a chilled scream

Your Bountiful Guilt

is it your duty to give at Christmas

guilted into it by the tolling bell

but what of the rest of the year

do you forget their homeless hell

you drive by them dirty and cold

witnessing their obvious pain

yet once a year you think you will

give a dollar from your bountiful gain

you smile and drive on by thinking

how great and giving I am

yet daily show your disgust and refusal

saying its a drunk’s addicted sham

so don’t brag about your giving nature

and believe you’ve got grace in spades

when you rarely give them a thought

or care how the light in their eye’s fades

Just a Touch


Just a Touch



just a look, is all it took

shaking pebbles from stone

just a glance, to alter light

to know we’re not alone

just a touch, traced a river

a push into Earth creates a hill

pull back, a cone of smoke rises

manifest a moment of will

a glance at a tiny blue rock

a breath of clouds to bestow

gentle nudges balance with fire

melting into a raging flow

an Almighty love caressing

from a distance vast to us

a kiss of grace feather light

trembling into glorious


Thank you Tommiaw, aka, Takako!

Psalm 104:32

He looketh on the earth, and it trembleth: he toucheth the hills, and they smoke.”

Turn to the Lord

Turn to the Lord



I turn to the Lord on my darkest day

hoping for a ray of light

I’m blinded by His Forgiveness

His Mercy gives me sight


He’s forgiven His children

the lost and untaught

yet despises the turning away

the mocking unsaught


I turn to the Lord now

in my hour of greatest need

for once you’ve learned

you must nurture the seed


He teaches me wisdom and truth

says search deeper each day

nothing on this Earth is worth

the Light of His Life and Way


I beg you to turn to the Lord

He gives another chance

each time you hear His voice

He strengthens your stance


He rages fiercely at the dark

His anger thundering fire

yet Abundantly forgiving with Grace

His true deepest desire

This One’s for Dorito! You make the music, brother! :)






Speak to me of peace and love,

how to echo the holiness of You.

Speak to me of kindness,

how You shroud it in the truth.

Speak to me of how to live,

revealing Your grace to the world.

Speak to me Your Word in the silence,

when You know my faith is unfurled.

    You Speak of Grace

     You Reek of Love

     You Fill My Soul With Majesty

     As You Rise Above

Speak to me lighting the darkness,

when I’m scared to speak alone.

Speak to me through Your Majesty,

giving me wings ’til I’ve flown.

     You Speak of Grace

     You Reek of Love

     You Fill My Soul With Majesty

     As You Rise Above

Speak to me how worship is easy,

just singing For You any ol’ time.

Speak to me musing Your Amazing Glory,

Lord, teach me how to shine.

     You Sing Grace

     You Always Love

     You Filled My Soul With Hope

     As You Rose Above

“You can either be a Host to God, or a Hostage to your ego!” Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Deadly Ego


where inside does it come from

telling you you’re always right

that ego that rules your heart

saying it’s always worth a fight

its your way or the highway

you will not give an inch not once

to share what you’ve been blessed with

your home your land your benevolence

don’t move here, we were here first

you have no rights because I’m better

so starve and be beaten daily foreigner

in your own place of birth or dumpster

“I” only care about myself and mine

will be the death of your eternity

a heart of stone kills the carpenter

along with your love and divinity

your thoughts alone ruin your soul

and that piece of glory that’s giving

you might be surprised to find one day

feels more wonderful than living

I’ll Take Care of You

BEHOLD MY MUSE:  I’ll Take Care Of You

For more beautiful paintings by Katleen’s Brushes, click below:

I’ll take care of you



flames raging wickedly

matching His disappointment

as embers flicker out

in shock, screaming silence

burning with regret

falling slowly, fading fast

beyond hope

yet still

He looks on yearning

cries out once more

I’ll take care of you


life here suffocates me

especially after being light

I miss my elegant wings

peace and wild flight

clouds envelop me like ropes

meanness rules harshly

barbaric tribes devouring

children impotently

violence enjoyed


by sick twisted desire


watching starvation

en mass unashamed

I feel the filth

an oily cruelty untamed

feathers muddied

with callous corruption

 hand in hand with charities

darkness invades every single nation

I’m done here now

they destroy everything

Dad, please grace me

with another pair of wings


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Recovering you

from a deep pit

with His Blood

every time


Releasing you

from having to choose

between hate and



Restoring you

each heartbreak

to peace

and happiness


Redeeming you

deeming you worthy

no matter what

once again


its like releasing a new blue butterfly

caught in a nasty web

recovering it in a glorious shine

floating in an ethereal ebb

restoring its very freedom

for every thing has a soul

redeeming it’s purpose in life

it must fly to be whole

Daily Prompt: Charitable

The lines outside her little, worn down house were getting smaller and smaller each day.  The local news teams had arrived the first morning, but all but one had left and never returned.  The only one still coming each day was a tiny cable channel reporter, who vowed to come each day until she was finished.  She had stated on national television that she would give only to the poor every single dime, other than the one million dollars she would use to set herself up for life.  He was documenting the story, to be aired at a later date.

He smiled at her grinning face, as she handed him a cup of coffee.  It was just Folgers coffee, with some hot chocolate mixed in, but he was beginning to look forward to it, and her crazy smile.  It rarely left her face, unless she was confused.  He had watched people screaming at her, while begging at the same time, yelling,

“Why can’t you give me more, I’m gonna lose my pickup!  Come ON!”  She would just smile and shake her head.

An hour goes by and another person gets angry, demanding,

“OH Please, are you kidding me, THIS is it, You cheap selfish bitch.”  She would look them in the eye and nicely say,

“And you have come how far to beg from me?  How sad must your life be?  I’ll add you to my prayers.”  Then she would just call the next person, smiling hugely at her next captive listener.  She didn’t care, she had won all the money, and she was used to being poor, so the money didn’t matter one bit to her, and she didn’t care if you liked her or not, or liked the amount of money she was giving to you for free.

It continually amazed me how many people would wait in line, outside her house, all day long, into the night, and would freak out screaming at her because she didn’t give them as much money as they thought they deserved!  God forbid, she didn’t give them enough to pay their rent for a year, like they assumed she would.  People are assholes.  I have come to this conclusion in a matter of seconds, and am wondering how I am gonna portray this in my film.  Repetition, showing one after another in a high-speed run.  Which meant some serious editing time, pulling them out of the hours and hours of film I’ve taken.

It reminds him of a man he saw once in town; a blind man on the street with a cup and a sign, and dark glasses, screaming at someone for only putting a dollar bill in his cup, demanding they give him more because he’s obviously blind.

Human’s are douche-nozzles.  That may be my title.

It was strange to watch her though, she could tell a liar from a hundred feet.  They would get a shiny new $10.00 bill for showing up.  The ones who were really poor, really sincere, would be humble and sometimes even crying, as they told her their reason for coming.  That was the rule.  You had to tell her why you were here.  You had to be willing to talk to her for a few minutes, or you had wasted your trip.

She was great though.  She had a message about God she was giving to each one, whether they wanted to hear it or not.  He had counted over 300 people the first day, that she had time to talk to, but that appeared to wear her out, so the following days were slower, only about 200 going through the line.  She had booted several who tried to hit the line twice, it was a bit freaky but she always knew instantly, and made them leave.  The police had provided Randy, to monitor the people and keep things under control, and to guard her while she gave away thousands of dollars in cash out of her livingroom.  The police chief had tried to talk her out of it, knowing it would cause riots, but after the first day he let the other officers go because people realized if they were patient, they came out smiling hugely.  They lined up like soldiers with only a few exceptions of drunks or druggies causing problems.

This morning though, after she handed my coffee to me, she said,

“This is beginning to bore me.  I’ve got a plan to hit Seattle tonight, some of the poorer areas, sceeeery areas if you get my drift, and give to the ones who can’t come here.  Wanna come along?”

“Is Randy coming?”  He grinned at her, tilting his head to one side.

She laughed and turned to ask him,

“Randy?”  He walked over from his car, and she handed him his coffee.  He took a long sip, smiling at her with eyebrows raised.

“Wanna go with us into Seattle tonight, hit some poor areas….make it rain?”

“Uh, no, I can’t sweety, sorry, but my sons got a game.  I could make some calls this morning though, find someone who would.”

“Awesome!  I’ll bet your son makes 2 home runs tonight, ’cause you’re such a good person.”

“Awww, Ruby, you’re the good person.  I can’t believe what you’re putting up with to do this.”

“Well, I just don’t trust those huge corporations who claim to help the poor.  This way, I know myself.”  She smiled as she leaned down to pluck her beautiful red and coral Tulips in full bloom.  Three went inside today, but you wouldn’t have guessed it form the mass in her front garden.  She turned back as she left and added,

“Thank you Randy, bring your cup in when you’re ready!”  She walked over to the first person in line, and invited them in.

Randy held up the coffee cup and answered back,

“Thanks Ruby.”

I followed her to the front steps of her deck, turning on the camera stationed so it could watch the people coming in.  I pressed the button to test the remote, watching the camera move left and right and said,

“I’m in.  Whether a cop goes with us or not, I wouldn’t miss it.”  I smiled and winked as I sipped at the coffee and she turned to the first person and said,

“Come this way, and what is your name?”  They walked inside her house directly into the little livingroom, and Ruby said,

“Sit here,” then placed the tulips in the vase on her table, and grabbed her own cup of coffee from the kitchen counter and returned to sit down at the other end of her couch for the tiny interview.

“Why are you here?” Ruby would ask.  She would say the same thing almost verbatim with each person.  I had figured our early on what she was doing, and moved the cameras outside.  I had the one camera on the line going in, and would wait outside for the reaction shots with my other camera set up about 10 feet from her deck, for a nice exit perspective.  I also had a small video camera lying on the table in case yelling started inside the house, but it seemed like most of the angry people wanted an audience and would wait until they were on her deck to start being jerks.  Which was perfect for me.  Bunch of drama queens.  Thinking they’ll be on TV someday and be famous.  I used remotes for both camera’s only taking shots when I thought it was interesting.

“I lost my apartment, my boyfriend kicked me out after beating my head against a wall…..” would be one example of an answer.  Another would be “My boss fired me for being late, just once, mind you…..” and on and on and on.  So I liked waiting outside and watching the people before they went in, and then after when they came out as themselves.  I liked those shots.  Especially liked how they would mesh up together on the final movie.  It was like, it didn’t occur to them what I was actually documenting.  They thought for some reason begging in a movie would somehow better their life.  I had heard someone say the words “street cred” and had to text my boss, I could not believe how this could possibly give someone street cred, that they had been on TV, for what?  For Begging!  It blew my mind.

There were things that had been shown to me about humanity that made me think, we are very screwed up.  Each time I had an epiphany I would text Tammy at work and she would save them in a file for me.  I hoped to use them in the documentary, thinking maybe I could make a difference.  Showing humanity how it really is.  But then I would think, but these people are really poor.  Can we only help the nice poor people, or are we supposed to help all the poor.

Ruby would listen for a few minutes at most and depending on their reason, she would ask one of two questions, the same questions she asked each person.

Question number 1. “Do you believe in God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?”

If the persons reason had included some type of answer that showed they already believed in God, and the Trinity, she would ask,

Question number 2. “Do you Hunger for the Lord?”

Most people at this point would pause, confused at what she just said, and I would guess about 90% said “No.”  I was only inside the house for the first 8 hours she did this, but she stumped almost every single person.

Depending on their answers once again, she had two separate replies she used for each.  To the first question, if the person said, “No.” she asked, “Why not?”  It didn’t really matter at this point what they said in response, when they were done making excuses, she would simply say,

“In scripture Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no man can come to the Father, but through me.  Because to every purpose there is time and judgement, therefore the misery of man is great upon you.  When you sin through ignorance, if you make atonement, you will be forgiven.  So, NOW you know the truth, Jesus is the Way, if you want eternal life, follow Him.  Hunger for Him.  Look for Him.

For now, you are no longer ignorant.”

If the person acknowledged they knew who God was, or used to go to church, or had some kind of teaching in their life, she would say,

“Woe to you who turn away from God.  He asks that not only you love Him, but follow His commandments, but also that you spend your life trying to help others find their way to Him.  When you leave here today, think of one thing you can do to bring one other person to the Lord, and from this day on, find one person you can help each day, if not more.  Their soul is at stake, along with yours.  If you turn back to God, He will bless you just like He has me.  Each time you go to tell someone about today, remember your own soul.  Do you think this life is really all there is?  Do you know how long eternity is?  This life could be over in half an hour.  Find your way back to God.  He is your only answer.”

Then she would give them the money they asked for, and walk them back outside.

Most people weren’t too greedy, asking for rent money, or food money, or car payments and such.  But a few people received checks, for thousands of dollars, because Ruby truly believed their stories and wanted to make their dreams come true.  One was a young girl with a baby on her hip, who only started crying when she mentioned her Mom, who was in a care facility dying of AIDS.  She was about to be evicted, had even brought the tear-stained notice with her, crumpled in her pocket, and had no one to turn to.  So Ruby gave her $5000 to find a place to live.

Another was a young man who had enrolled at Seattle University, but after the first two years, he realized he couldn’t afford to keep going, even with the grants he was getting and the two scholarships he had received.  So she made the check out to the University, and paid for his next two years.  He was a pretty cool kid, not too flashy with his hip hop clothes, but clean enough to make her believe his story.  Plus, if he wasn’t still enrolled the check donated in his name would come back to her un-cashed.  Even she wouldn’t just hand over $40,000 to anyone with a good story.  She was too smart for that.

What was so great about the kid, was he had only asked for a couple thousand to tide him over, so he could finish the semester out, and he damn near fainted when she handed him the check.  Then he began dancing for the camera with Ruby, on the front deck, laughing, and hugging her and crying and not one bit ashamed of it.  Then for the first time the line cheered for him and clapped.

I think this will be my final scene!



(scripture pulled from John 14:6; Ecclesiastes 8:6; and Numbers 15:28)

Can you come up with one reason to forgive every single person?

When people list off your greatest characteristics….do they include compassion?  Because without it, you probably won’t know how to forgive someone.  Compassion means: benevolence, empathy/sympathy, kindness, Mercy and Grace.  Forgiveness requires these same characteristics.  Plus one: the ability to Love no matter what.   Like when you forgive a child for breaking your vase, they did wrong, might need a bit of discipline, as in no running in the house or off to your room, and you need love, to let go of your anger.  It’s only an object, not nearly as important as the love you are instilling in your child.

If you treat every person in the same way…they may still hurt your feelings, talk about you behind your back, or even stab you in the back depending on the greed/envy/jealousy that resides inside them;  yet you are the one who will forgive them.  You are the one who will need to be the Adult in the situation, the bigger man/woman, and forgive them their stupidity.  Why?  For your own happiness, and the peace you need to reside in YOUR SOUL.

You may be so angry you want to throw something, or punch someone, but BEFORE you get worked up, think about your own soul first.  Don’t let this thoughtless, selfish person RUIN your soul.  Don’t let them have even ONE piece of your PEACE.  Just DON’T.  It’s really very easy.

People ask me all the time: why are you always so happy?   Which I’m not.  This is a misnomer. lol  But USUALLY I am.  Because there is NOTHING on this planet, short of killing my children, that I could not EASILY forgive.   Why let anything upset you?  This IS life!

Even when my boss hires people over me, passing me up, not even offering me the job, it truly does not bother me, for more than about 10 seconds.   I believe she’s bipolar.  I also believe she’s married, unhappy, etc.  AND even if I know WHAT she’s doing is in SPITE and out of MEANNESS, I don’t let it bother me because I know how awful her life is.  I KNOW I’m a great employee, I work hard, and I know I DESERVE more, but at the same time, if I took that other job, I would then have to deal with her EVERY DAY!!!!  And that is NOT on my list of “things to do for fun”!!!  lol  so instead, I make a RIGHT turn…towards a different job.

So the next time you lose your temper because you THINK someone has just RAINED on your PARADE…..STOP!  Think of ONE single reason this person might have done this……and then realize, it’s no big deal.   LET IT GO!

Your creepy neighbor who looks in your windows as he drives by your house?

He can’t help it, his own father abused him, and it altered his brain.

The moron driving 30 mph. on a country road marked 60 mph., the epitome of Sunday Driver?

An old lady who probably shouldn’t be driving anymore, but this is the only time she gets out of the nursing home.

The thief who breaks your car window to steal your stereo.

His father got him addicted to meth at age 13, and now he must steal to survive.

The big boss of the company who decides that the charity you support is undergraduate students, rather than the local food bank that serves 30,000 people and has just lost its funding.

He was raised to believe in trickle down economics.

The church leader who was caught embezzling to support his mistress.

Was raised by a mother who whipped him until he behaved.

The list is ENDLESS folks, EVERYONE HAS A HORRIBLE event, or past, or childhood!   NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE!!! as the song goes. lol

NO ONE has had it GOOD!  You may think they did, or do, because at THIS MOMENT they live in a nice house, with a nice car, and have a nice wife and 2 kids and a dog…….BUT THEY ALSO HAVE a huge mortgage, works at a job they HATE, the wife who is chronically depressed, one child is deaf, the dog pee’s on the floor…..WHATEVER!!!  lol

JUST stop…..before you lose it….and IMAGINE ONE THING that could possibly have made this person hurt you.  THEN LET IT GO!

YOU TOO could be going through life smiling, enjoying it, each MOMENT…. I don’t understand HOW people miss this.  It’s SO EASY!




reflecting in His Image

bees, birds, mammals and trees

it seems so simple for them

knowing just how to please

squirrels reverberate His Awareness

eagles echo His Searching

lakes mirror His Grace

praying mantis express His Holiness

fawn rebound in His Joy

trees emulate His Sacrifice

whales resound with His Call

while we parrot His Love

imitating but not quite being

striving for a look instead

missing His Meaning of Reflection

pondering while our soul lies dead


Have you ever said, “Let there be light!” as you turned on a light switch?

God said, “Light Be!”  and it was.

Do you know God Spoke us into being?

With Words.  Just His Words.

What kind of being creates with Words?

You may think, an author of course, or a poet of pretty prose.

God did not use a laptop, or magic wand,

He wouldn’t need a magic bean.

He just exhaled love and we became.

Some forget He created the Heavens and our planet, light and darkness.

Then He stopped… and gave us choice.

He didn’t give us a brain like a fish, He gave us imagination.

Then He gave us inspiration.

He gave us exponential abilities, that could grow into infinity.

Most importantly, He gave us the ability to create with Words.

Just like He does.

What will YOU do with your Words? 

What path will you follow?

Will you write a smut novel and make millions?

Will you write a novel about celebrities to embarrass them and have a good laugh?

Or will you Create?  Bring Light?  Inspire Imaginations?

We were created in His image for a reason.

Or we would be fish.

“…that everyone you meet, will be blessed by you…”

((repost #2! disregard with my blessings if you’ve read it before….BUT out of almost 300 posts, I think this one is truly the MOST IMPORTANT thing I have ever posted!!  So I’ve decided to post it monthly…or until I no longer get new followers!  SO WHEN you see it reposted, feel free to skip over it…..BUT DON’T FORGET THE TITLE!!!  This is what I want you to REMEMBER!!!  That is what I want you to see in your reader!!!  It’s subliminal! hahaha  I pray it will eventually sink into all of your brains and help you in YOUR walk with God!))


“… that everyone you meet will be Blessed By YOU…”


Those are the words I heard the loudest in the video I posted a few days ago.

Such a simple line, yet so FULL of love and great WISDOM.

Even something as simple as a smile, can change a life.  Change a bad day to good.  Change sorrow in a blink to contentment.

Each one of us, humans, living on this planet could in one single day, change the course of our lives as a species.

Change one person’s despair to hope.  Stop one person from hating, if only for a moment.

Even if your own life seems horrible, if you take a moment to reach out with love to someone else, it will lighten the pain.

Jesus is quoted saying “For My Yoke is Easy and My Burden is Light.”  Matthew 11: 29-30

Yet over the years, I’ve come to believe that He did NOT mean His burden was light-weight.

He meant His greatest burden here, was ENLIGHTENING the world.  He was the LIGHT!

That was His true burden.  Teaching us how to go through each day, enlightening others.


So today, while you go through this hard, sometimes lonely and cold life, ALWAYS try to touch at least one person and be a blessing to them in some way.  Large or small, no matter what kind of beliefs you may have, reach out and bless someone else today, with a bit of love.

You will discover if you don’t already know, it WILL bring joy into YOU, as well as them.  It’s a win-win!

This is the way to be the Light.  And each time, you bring a bit more light into your own soul, lightening your own burdens.

I will pray today that EACH ONE OF YOU has a wonder filled AND fully Blessed day, wonderfully filled with smiles, love and laughter.


He whispers to me

each inch I crawl

I feel Him seeing all

the cruelty clinging to me

waiting to see if I’ll inspire


He whispers to me

when I see the beggar

don’t judge little one

just give him a rope

he’ll find his way, too


He whispers to me

each denial I shake

why would you do that

you’ll just be the one hurt

was He too gentle


He whispers to me

as I stick to the web

fluttering my heart

so I know I did right

being a blessing


He whispers to me

as I teeter on the edge

with the feeling of peace

you know I’m always here

just ask me


you dive that shallow

you jump that low

you rise too high

you fall below

A Holy Whisper saying

you know I’m always here

just look inside


you’ll hear!

Daily Prompt: Whoa!

Daily Prompt: Whoa!



My 1968 Mail Jeep was no longer safe to drive, the steering wheel could turn half way around and nothing happened.  My youngest son had killed my scooter, a little blue mini Harley, that I loved to pieces, by jumping a few curbs with it like he was Evil Knievel.  Thus, I was walking the three miles to work each day, and three back home, because I couldn’t afford to lose my job.  Thank God it was Spring.

It was around 6am, the sun was just beginning to peak at me from between the mountains.  It had a difficult route to reach me, with so many rain clouds blocking it, but I kept my eye on it as it lit up the different clouds it hid behind with beauty.  I walked on through the rain, watching the clouds above zipping by and hoping they would win the race to Seattle and leave me behind.

I’ve been trying to trust in the Lord Jesus for several years now, trying desperately to allow Him to lead me, guide me, and teach me as I walk behind Him.  Stumbling most of the way, He has repeatedly picked me up and carried me through much trouble and sadness.  So on this wet, slightly cold morning, the rain is a bit bothersome, and I have already gotten past the few verses that I can remember of “Singing in the Rain,” and am smiling yet getting very soggy.

So I start talking to Jesus, my friend, and usual companion, while watching the rain streaking in front of me, at a 45 degree angle due to the wind gusting from the right side of the road to the left.  I’m on the right side of the road, not with my thumb out, but still hoping someone I know will pass by and give me a lift.  There is a beautiful little pasture on my right, with cows still ranging free, at least as far as the fence.

So I smile at the view, through the rain, and ask God,

“Could you please stop the rain, just until I get to work Lord, I’m so tired this morning and my coat is soaking through?”  Then I quickly thank Him and praise His Holy Name, and continue walking.

Within a matter of a second or two, I look up from the puddle I was avoiding and to my amazement I see all the way down the road through a tunnel of NO RAIN.  I enter this tunnel, and hold up my hands, amazed that they aren’t getting wet.  But this doesn’t blow my mind.  What blows my mind, is in front of me, as I’m walking, I can see rain coming down from above on the right of my tunnel, at the same 45 degree angle it was just a few seconds earlier, but on the left side of the tunnel, IT CONTINUES going down at that same angle.  It’s as if God has cut a tunnel for me alone, all the way down the road, but the rain is still falling from one side to the other.

I wish to this day I had my camera with me, to capture this little miracle forever, but I don’t think God would’ve wanted that, or I would’ve had it in my purse like usual.  But I will never forget it, because I continued to walk the last two miles without getting wet, all the way to town, and just as I approached the cross walk to cross over the street to work, I stepped back into the rain.  It was amazing.  Glorious.  A true little Miracle just for me from God above.

There is no way on this planet to explain it.  Nothing could have caused it to happen, except God.  And I believe this with my entire heart and soul, because I SAW the rain continuing on the other side of the tunnel, appearing from no where, and splattering on the road to my left as I walked by.

Luckily, my oldest son’s friends had seen me many times riding the blue scooter through town with a huge crazy grin on my face.  They had began to embarrass him to death, teasing him about his “Harley Momma;” thus he bought me a car to end his humiliation.  hahaha

This is a TRUE story!

And never forget, God is GREAT!  He can move mountains!!  Never EVER think He won’t help you if you ask.

And may God Bless Each and Every One of You Today!!!


hillside tree



How do you reach the lost, confirmed in their own mind

stumbling around angry unsure, so sure they know what is fine?

How do you teach the lost, broken from bad teachers before

no parents to imprint, no friends except the forsworn?

How do you touch the lost, they run from embrace

reach for material fake, miss life’s purpose and grace?

How do you give to the lost, the one thing you see clearly

they simply can’t see, blinded by emptiness wearily?

How do you love the lost, bent on only a hundred years

in a universe of universes, when eternity is eternity’s fears?

How do you pray for the lost, knowing the incredibly missed love

the peace they will never feel, the Glory of God above?







and for my 200th post…da.da.da.daaaa… favorite poem of all…. (it’s about Mary Magdalene, the first female Apostle and of course, her Savior.)

Beyond The Emptiness


She cried, He let go,

He looked beyond the emptiness,

eyes glassy and fixed on a far away rock.

One lifetime not nearly enough

to prove it’s possible to walk in love,

watching the rise and fall and sway of the flock.

Speaking love, showing love, being love,

He came,

knowing the end before the beginning.

Why would He waste his time,

with Glory waiting,

the lost still consumed in sinning?

His heart swells to bursting sun,

saddened He’s the only one,

He wanted us to feel the Grace.

He cried, she let go,

she looked beyond the emptiness,

eyes weeping and fixed on His face.

In reaction to Chief of the Least, a follower of mine:

Reading through his Facebook blog today, I realized something I hadn’t thought of before.  Of course he has a wonderfully kind and inspirational blog/website, and the name of it is really what caught my eye, but then as I read through his post…something dawned on me.

He writes how Paul, the Apostle, called himself “Chief of the Least” in a few different scriptures and ways.  Having read most of the Bible, more of the Dead Sea Scrolls really, it never occurred to me once he was being humble when he said this.  Granted I did most of my reading years ago, and rarely open my Bible these days, because I like most, think I know it all…lol  not really.  But I had always inferred that this meant he was in charge of all the lessor beings, the least of his everyday world, like the poor, or homeless, etc.

Today, thank you Bryan Daniels, I have come to realize what he actually meant.

Why did this effect me so….because I just recently learned in the hardest way known to man, that I was far from humble.  Too far, actually.  Soo far actually, that the Good Lord decided I needed to learn to be humble immediately….and brought me crashing down to Earth from the incredibly high elevation I was circling at!

What astonishes me most….is Paul was humble enough to realize that EVERY single time, EVERY single day, he would be shown his mistakes, or he would come to realize he had sinned AGAIN, and again and again.

It was like, as he slowly stepped down from his ladder of authority, each step brought him closer to Jesus, because each step showed him JUST HOW FAR  away from perfect he really was.   Each day he stumbled, he realized how AS HE GREW CLOSER TO GOD, HE REALIZED HOW FAR FROM HIM he was….and it was almost exponential.  Each time he had a condemning thought, or judged someone, thinking he had this right as an apostle and a learned man, he realized he was just that much farther from his goal.

It almost seems like guilt multiplied, but it is exactly how I felt these last few weeks.

I was SO angry at myself for NOT reaching out to God in the ONE moment I should have…the ONE moment that could have saved a life, and I completely forget I believe in God.  The ONE time my faith was needed desperately…and I failed.

How very humbling that was for me, as I am sure Paul felt the same at moments, maybe not in the same situation, but feeling such incredible guilt and regret, and realizing how far I have to go!

So thank you, Chief of the Least!  I know God guided me to your blog for a reason, and I thank Him and You for helping me see, I am not alone on my walk behind the Savior.  Others have fallen as far as I, and of course, He still loves us….

we must just continue to walk on…without our head held so dang high!

Every Living Thing


His heart bleeds even in winter

Surrounded in chilling enchantment

After spending a wonder sculpting

Etching essence to behold

Creating this Glory in Grace

Everlasting yet overnight

 Crocheting sunshine through clouds

Knitting doves watching over

Each sleepy leaf, idle twig, they will return

Woven stronger stark winter growth

Not just weeping icicles of life

His blood

His promise in every tiny living thing

His Spirit is everywhere


Is His Spirit

He nourishes everything


Is His Glory

You Are


You Are



You are the shine that is Glory,

The wonder that is life,

The sparkle in each tiny piece,

The peace after the strife.

You light the world,

With spectacular Glory,

Shining love in each atom,

Known before history.

Your Son loves brighter,

Than our sun below,

He shone like no other,

A forest fires’ glow.

Pure as crystal ice,

A Lamb led the way,

Glimmering in Hope,

Taught us to pray.

Decided to save us all,

For some strange reason,

Not caring who we’d become,

Forgiving each season.

Shining He inspired us,

Forever now and then,

You are Light and Majesty,

Holy loving sin.

Pondering Majesty


I see the Majesty of God looking back at me from a pond

and wonder if He’s watching too.

Does He see His own Glory from all the way out there,

us a tiny spec of dust.

I AM the universe, He shows me His Grace, His Glory surrounding I AM.

I gave you eyes, He scolds, witness the testament of My Majesty.

What more could I possibly need?

His Way!

his way

His Way!


His blood flows freely down the edge of a tree

His love flowed over every inch we see

His tears flow daily to cover the Earth

His sight grows weary judging our worth

His thoughts are chaos patiently calmed

His hands gripping us slightly palmed

His mercy drenches in a thunderous roar

His healing comes through tears before

His light alone shows us the way

His life given on that righteous day

His angels sing a harmonious praise

His hope in us never leaves His gaze.



(inspired by my enchanted soul-mista)

Surfing My Agony

Surfing My Agony


I inhale deeply as the tide crashes in,

awash in a flood I know I’m drowning,

buffeted by a riptide of remorse.

Pain flows in a current running through my thoughts,

cresting on the edge of insight,

how can I let go, let it sink in, give in to become aware.

Paralyzed by a surge rushing ahead,

thundering pain a levee breaking,

dousing hope it rips apart the memories.

Regret rolls in surfing my agony,

I can’t breach the rising swell,

grief now steeping in a visceral eddy.

Breaking against the reef, it begins to calm,

my arms lifted whitecaps, knees bent below,

begging for release, splashed with pity.

Whipped into a foam of ballast,

my screams echo back a forgiven wave,

drenched in mercy my tears drained,

a wretched moment redeemed.

Dis Grace

Dis Grace


Beauty comes from way deep inside,

Loving others you have nothing to hide.

Lowering yourself causing others pain,

Seems extremely cruel for little gain.

Thinking before you injure another,

Lessons learned early from a good Mother.

Maybe she just didn’t bother,

Leaving it to a careless Father.

Both fail before the Light from above,

Compassion is truly greater than love.

Because love can be with out discernment,

but, compassion is always without judgement.

Teach your children to take the high road,

Wisdom and kindness are a very light load.

Those careless words drag you far below,

They carry that pain longer than you know.


Gossip I fear takes the wind from my wings,

My greatest sin,

I can’t seem to stop and think.

My mouth has a mind of its own,

my brain rushes ahead spewing crap,

before I blink.

I write notes on my hand to remind me,

it’s one of the Ten,

I pray for forgiveness but don’t feel I deserve it.

I despise it in others,

and I know exactly why,

we all hate our own worst characteristics.

Anyone out there know how to change this,

how to stop from responding when others begin,

how not to join in?

Of all the commandments I truly try to follow,

barring my two failed marriages, (smirk)

this is my greatest failing, makes me sad within.

As I write this I pause once again, for a prayer,

Dear Lord, help this fool at your feet,

(peace comes into my heart in an instant, thank You again.)

Yet, I wish You would take my voice instead,

making me mute every time I start to sin,

love you My Messiah, My Holy Savior, Amen.

To Walk In Love

To Walk In Love


To walk in love, just put on your shoes,

Head out the door, you have nothing to lose.

Your heart will guide you, follow your nose,

People are everywhere who still need to know.

Bring on the anger, walk in the rain,

God is with you through any pain.

Walk to the very first person you see,

Instead of saying hello, say Bless You Times Three.

Smile at the world, show your joy from below,

Shine like the sunshine, let your heart glow.

Try to be an example for all to follow,

Bite your tongue, remember to swallow.

Never hate, slander, gossip or cause discord,

You will be responsible for every single word.

Each day you will climb closer to His Amazing Glory,

Don’t let today be the end to your story.

Walk in His shoes, Put on His love,

Show the world you love ALMIGHTY GOD ABOVE!

Happy New Year … to those of you who are Jewish.


I am not Jewish, but I believe that the ten days you will spend “Repenting” and  “Seeking the Lords’ Face”

during the 10 days of Awe…  IS A MAGNIFICENT IDEA!  GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

(forgive me if I have this wrong…lol..still a great way to spend 10 days!)



He watches clearly from a cloudy storm,

He’s hoping you realize you’re never forlorn,

He’s waiting patiently since you were born.




Watching you ferociously like momma bears,

Hoping always you know how much He cares,

Waiting for a request to answer all your prayers.








He’s watching to see if you will ever trust Him,

He’s hoping today you will go out on a limb,

He’s waiting happily for your journey to begin.





Watching you stumble trying to walk in His shoes,

Hoping eternally you will come to choose,

Waiting for the Angels to bring the good news.





He’s watching in pain every day you’re gone,

He’s hoping like hell you won’t be long,

He’s waiting in Glory for you to come home.

Word of God Speak

Word of God Speak


Speak to me of peace and love,

how to echo the holiness of You.

Speak to me of kindness,

how You shroud it in the truth.

Speak to me of how to live,

revealing Your grace to the world.

Speak to me Your Word in the silence,

when You know my faith is unfurled.

Speak to me lighting the darkness,

when I’m scared to speak alone.

Speak to me through Your Majesty,

giving me wings ’til I’ve flown.

Speak to me how worship is easy,

just singing For You any ol’ time.

Speak to me musing Your Amazing Glory,

Lord, teach me how to shine.

Beyond The Emptiness

Beyond The Emptiness


She cried, He let go,

He looked beyond the emptiness,

eyes glassy and fixed on a far away rock.

One lifetime not nearly enough

to prove it’s possible to walk in love,

watching the rise and fall and sway of the flock.

Speaking love, showing love, being love,

He came,

knowing the end before the beginning.

Why would He waste his time,

with Glory waiting,

the lost still consumed in sinning?

His heart swells to bursting sun,

saddened He’s the only one,

He wanted us to feel the Grace.

He cried, she let go,

she looked beyond the emptiness,

eyes weeping and fixed on His face.

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time


Is it really that hard of a concept,

One species in harmony JUST ONCE.

Pick a Day, ANY damn day you want,

Love every person you see FOR ONCE.

Put down the weapons, swallow your fears,

Forgive on a Mass Scale, PRAY ONCE.

Skin color determined by Sunlight, Oh My,

Science right there to see, OPEN ONCE.

Money does not bring genius nor wisdom,

Look deeply inside, for truth will SPEAK ONCE.

Compassion will fill you with Glory, brimming with Grace,

Lifting your arms, judging NOT ONCE.

Encircle with hugs while holding on dearly,

They may be gone in a flash, BLINK ONCE.

Admit WE are all related, yes, family,

Human race with NO RACE… TRY ONCE.