Thou Shalt Not Take YHVH’s Name In Vain!

Reblogging to REMIND MYSELF of my own words 6 years ago! To this day I struggle with HONORING YHVH correctly!

Shards Of DuBois

I don’t know about you…..

but I get REALLY tired of people trying to CORRECT me when I use swear words in my speech and writing.


READ the Scripture in Hebrew, if you are truly concerned for my soul or YOURS.  BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVEN’T!!!


To take YHVH’s Name in Vain, does NOT mean you are sinning when you say,

“dammit!”  or “Fuck You!” or even “Shit!”  Although He does say, you will be responsible for every Word you utter.


Although I think it IS sinful when you say “God dammit!”, because you are basically yelling at God or blaming Him in some way, and also you are bringing what you refer to Him as His name to FALSE WORDS, nothing, empty, void, useless words: VAIN words.

Not TAKING YHVH’S NAME IN VAIN, according to scripture basically…

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Proverbs 26:2 “As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so a curse without cause shall not come.”

Happy 6th Anniversary to me…. here on WP. Can’t BELIEVE you have all LISTENED TO ME for 6 years!!! hahahaha
Reblogging this… because I forgot I wrote it! 🙂

Shards Of DuBois

What if all our diseases were created through sin?

Why don’t we think this is possible any longer?

Sure in the old days, preachers and priests alike would go around screaming all day, condemning others, saying your sin is what is killing you.

But what if it’s true?  To this day, scientists don’t know what triggers our body’s basic cells into doing what they do.  They guess, they make theories all day long, but not ONE can tell you why a non smoker gets lung cancer and a lifelong smoker doesn’t.  Not one can explain why a child would get a horrible disease, or why some of the cruelest monsters ever born never get sick.  They say its our immune systems, or our DNA is different; but not one scientist can tell you why your cancer went ballistic and turned malignant.  The only difference between a non-malignant cyst and a…

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stellar 1



is but a word

that can’t begin to describe Him.


dripping from His palms

floods into oceans with a flick.


becomes a word

at the atoms’ first glimpse.


creating worlds

of life to love and care for.


of all kings

the word only lacking His Majesty.


He fills with time

inching forward on a spec of dust.





circling arms of light

warming our every moment of sight.


after oath He gave

showering us with all His love.


the Author of it all

carved in sapphire with a sigh.





held in His hand

dances for the first time.


answers His call

shining as his Father asks.


He filled with Holy Spirit

giving choice to us colored with hope.


abound each moment

with eyes to see and ears to hear.


how deeply God

the only God loves His children.


will He walk away

for He carries us wherever He goes.


He pours to fill space

As Time He Counts Us Eternally.




Thank You YHVH… for it all



Bless-ed Beyond




There is blessed, as in by the slate colored rain

Or you’re bless-ed, deep in your soul without stain

You may be loved, as if you were a shimmering star

Or you’re belov-ed, marked in honor with each scar

Which is more worthy, which is giving more?

Which is just good enough,

Sliding through the slamming door.

Bleed from deep down below your woes,

Washing your darkness into a rose.

Don’t waste your time wishing on stars,

Only God’s Mercy will pry open the bars.

For you will always be blessed from above,

Just as the Bless-ed are flowing with love.

God’s Love…

Seen as the rain tickles the flowers into wilting.

God’s Belov-ed…

The weight of His Love bore in the planets tilting.




I love that this tree has given it’s life, for 12 others.

You may not be able to see them all, but I counted up close and in person

… isn’t God amazing? This is the epitome of Bless-ed! 



So… this was me in October

Roughing it in Yuma Arizona, as always, hotter than a MoFo, sand storm blowing in our teeth, but hey… it was Mom and Don’s 50th Anniversary… and WE ALL MADE IT!

This picture is the result of my oldest son Brandon taking the shot…


All ten mugging it at 50th in 2017

Who… is of course, to my right! (I’m right behind Ma, next to my sis, Kimmy.) He’s my favorite brother, and I love the shit out of him. Of course, I love everyone in my family, but my bro Kendon has been my partner in crime as far back as I can remember. We have been the black sheep of the family for years, yet neither of us care. We love life, live life to its fullest, and we have a blast.

This is really the only picture I need to mark this occasion. Congrats to Mom and Don! 50 years is a long time for a second marriage. You should see the zoo that is the kids….what we have unleashed on the earth… is chaos in it’s greatest form! Hahaha Way to go Mom and Don!

One Verse

God spoke just one verse

A line curved by a breeze

One verse became our universe

But He meant for us to please

A poetic creation at best

His license in every tiny thing

One whisper a haunting melody

The next a flock to sing

He spoke our verse into being

Seeing possibilities beyond the old

Only hope and love required

As He draped the heavens in cold

In folds of rainbows without end

He tucked in a promise or two

Colored like unbroken gems

One, His never ending love for you

He hummed a bright blue sky

Then called for an ocean deep

Warming us with a sunny smile

Carefully tending to all His sheep

While Yeshuah gave us only Eternity

For the simple price of a horrible death

Humbly, I thank Him, for I can’t repay

What they stole with His final breath


trees and fog

not haunted

simply soft, echoing

a deep flutter

a twig heartbroken

one becomes three, four

whispers chilled to drops

grasping the tips of leaves

pierced by needles


in anticipation

of the warm kiss

of light




(taken at dawn below our paragliding launch zone)



Just a week or so ago, we got this new dusting of snow, much to our dismay… but when I walked outside the sun was just coming up and I saw this! This beautiful GREEN strip across the sky, that actually seemed to be almost circular. It was gorgeous! I keep wondering if this is due to us getting some of our very own Northern Lights?? Which is super rare! Or if once again the glorious color is due to all the chemicals they are spraying in our sky’s to reflect light. We have ruined our atmosphere folks, it’s time to face it. And it’s also time you faced what you see in the sky’s above … the chemical trails that are clearly visible. ANY PILOT in the known world will tell you that CON trails last about 30 seconds. No matter how SLOW the winds are. And CHEM trails last for days, spreading out… visibly making a gorgeous day into an overcast one.

It happens here EVERY DAMN sunny day we get! and it makes ME LIVID!!!  They’re poisoning our air, our water, our FOOD!!!  Wake up people, we have got to get together and stop this.

Last year, there were hundreds of demonstrations AROUND THE GLOBE IN OVER 60 DIFFERENT countries, where we are trying to make the government STOP THIS!!!  IT IS NO JOKE!  IT IS NO STUPID CONSPIRACY, BUT IT IS NEVER IN THE PAPERS OR ON THE NEWS!!! HAVE YOU NOTICED THIS????  THE POPERAZZI NEVER COVER THE DEMO’S… WHY IS THAT?????  HUGE PROTESTS!! yet they are never covered by the media!!! The one in Seattle last year didn’t get a blurb. huh?

Just makes me wonder!  How much longer we’re going to sit around like SHEEPLE and do nothing. They are in effect killing our children and grandchildren’s future… which in turn IS killing our children. What about that don’t you get??? 

Oh well, think about it. There will be hundreds of protests again this year… look em up in your closest city. PLEASE!!!!   JOIN IN!!! It’s usually in July or August.

Nothing you do…



If you did a pole on people across the world, how many do you think believe that ‘their actions’ will get them into Heaven? Being a good Christian woman or man; going to church every sunday, giving an entire dollar bill to the homeless guy with the sign, baking cookies for hours to raise money so the youth league can purchase a new basketball hoop, dressing your daughters in matching pink dresses with black paten shoes and your sons in matching suits every sunday, being kind to others, earning good Karma, giving 10% of your income to your church each month, helping to usher or passing the plate, singing in the choir, going to church at Christmas time and Easter, or any other time you want… ETC.

Sadly, you will find that about 90% actually think this is true.

I am here to tell you… you missed the point.

All of those things will slowly make you a better person… but GOD doesn’t care if you are a better person. He will take you as you ARE… RIGHT NOW… and could care less if you are a good person.

The point you missed, was PUTTING GOD FIRST… not the image you want others to see. NOT following others like a lamb to slaughter. But instead, LETTING GOD RUN YOUR LIFE.

Every day, morning noon or night, TELL GOD TO DO WITH YOU WHAT HE WILL!!  Tell God, USE ME today Lord, in any way you need.

THIS WILL INSURE YOUR FUTURE IN HEAVEN… nothing in that first paragraph will do!

(GBAbyG on Christmas Eve, so bummed she got a new unicorn helmet, because her bike is broken and Grammy didn’t know it… bad Grammy…. Gbabygirl forgave me. Smile)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

OK… so I’m going to be upfront here… I’m cheating!!  LOL  These are all pictures I took in the past, but when the prompt came up “Mirror”, well, I just had to pull up some of my favorites!  I love a good reflective shot!  They should be postcards, don’t you think?

I snuck a few oddballs in too, just for fun.

Hope you enjoy my mountains! Smile


mirror RS lake stumpmirror north fork sunlight with cross


mirror mt si with lake


mirror ocean with birds

mirror of kitty with spot on her nose


mirror porch light


mirror snake teeth in river


mirror RS pond by rock walkway


mirror RS lake cover of my book


mirror snoq slew in pink and purple


mirror favorite snoq river at dusk


mirror RS lake and mountains


mirror mt si with lake in fall


mirror cachess lake


mirror RS lake in smoke from fires

Gliding In Emptiness



busy, always so busy

buzzing from one stray thought to another

around a stalk of witless obsession

a deep need filled with perceptions

of life, the edges of a feathered fracture

to tap dance across

or fluttering

on a breeze of easy answers

as life, bored into years of numbness 

becomes a drone hovering


you are gliding in emptiness

and your heart has missed its journey

never pausing your flight to wonder why

not even for one slender moment

so long as you are busy,

busy, always so busy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top

“God’s Version of Cherry On Top”



The Cherry on Top of my mountains still making me smile. Sorry to have to repost this so soon, but I couldn’t resist, with the challenge being Cherry on Top.  Smile

When God Walked By


When God walked by, the Holy Spirit was seen

swirling with Joy and Hope in the sway of His Being


The truck screeched to a halt to capture this amazing moment in time, my heart beating wildly as I grab the phone and jump out, my only thoughts “wait, wait, wait…”  There is no added colors or enhancements to this photo other than turning the brightness down a touch. The clouds were on fire yesterday… just another reason I have to point out to all, that living here is heaven. People say it rains here all the time, but we only say that to deter people from coming here to live. The beautiful town I have lived in for 25 years or so makes me smile every day. You call it a rain forest, I call it heaven. From January to June, it is neon green with new growth on the trees and plants everywhere. From March to October it becomes every shade of neon with Rhodies and Peonies and mountain flowers loose their minds, roses go insane and that’s just a few of my fav’s. And from October to February all the giant leaf Maples and smuggled in Japanese Maples turn from bright reds to orange to yellow. So if you think my world is just green pine trees, rolling across a few XXL hills, you’d be wrong. Even with the overcast clouds, once in a while they are grey and menacing, but for the most part, they’re cool every day. And believe me, I watch those clouds daily, to see what days I’m going to be able to fly! I watch them all the time. And I see patterns from gorgeous giant storm formations to the criss-cross hell of the government planes spraying the sky to reflect the light away from earth.  Huge giant plaid sky’s that start out with just one trail of a plane, that should dissipate within 40 seconds or so like a normal contrail, but turns out, it spreads in every direction and is in fact a chem trial, or what they now try to hide by calling them “consistent contrails”.  HA!  NO SHIT! Chemicals the government is slowly killing us with, making the most beautiful patterns in the sky. I hate them, but the chemicals are making for spectacular sunsets and sunrises. The chemicals take days to fall from the sky, barium, aluminum, silica…whatever they’re poisoning us with, raising the degree of brightness and is magnified in so many of my shots, I am constantly turning down the brightness just to get a shot.

Like God’s Artwork needs any improvements!

Forgiveness is Sunshine


best above launch clouds


do you feel His arms surrounding you

curled in gripping you tight

through the nightmares in your life

never letting go

not once all night



do you hear His calling for you

soft yet echoing in your ear

rising with hope screaming with joy

that insistent loving

voice you hear



do you wonder why He loves you so

as any parent aching with the loss

seeing His children floundering in sin

you are still special

loved at all cost



do you not see how Greatly He Loves

when darkness looses its sickly masks

when you choose the graceful light

forgiveness is sunshine

and trying is all He asks


Amongst the Slime

20 best

show your elegant petals, open wide

no matter how tough or strong

they have a subtle purpose, pad aside

designed to echo a simple song

of love from one singing, to another

where slime creeps trying to belong

a mire of sad souls calling, don’t bother

they just keep singing the same old song

but you are special, in so many ways

not like the scum on the surface

let the ooze of life, seen for all your days

float on by a sludge without purpose

while you are rare, you will remain

strong at heart, beauty hidden inside

ignore the slime, their power will wane

you’ll shine gloriously, they’ll run and hide

Lion of Light


just a wisp of dandy perfection

this tiny feathered flight

such is God’s amazing design

His little Lion of the Light

with a feathered flower seed

to float on boneless wings

for a Grace-filled rebirth

just like His Lion of All Kings

even as a dusty desert rose

the only beauty in rough sand

her seeds are beyond precious

dancing across the driest land

growing by seeds in a milky cocoon

butterfly children are painted

born with a bright life in mind

their acceptance of color sainted

as ever amongst nature’s life

from massive to micro-Glory He shines

for no one has God’s creative heart

or can fathom His Holy designs

It is the lanquish of those who do not fear dying — thefeatheredsleep

At what moment did we forget how it used to be and carry on, this shingle road, another version of ourselves? Those who fear death, wrap themselves in marathon blankets and sprint to the juice counter, their flush cheeks a world of outdoor health and vitality, they scorn us who live in rapture, beneath the […]

via It is the lanquish of those who do not fear dying — thefeatheredsleep



they began as a seed, tiny thoughts growing in my mind

touched by a whisper and nudged lightly on occasion

burst into action when truth no longer mattered

as His Holy Spirit feeds me with wise intent

I bloom into majesty the color of spring

following the gracefulness in His step

listening to kind loving guidance

spoken into a peaceful heart

His pride roaring on that

Grace filled morning

when His eternal

hints became





Inspired by the Book of Thomas, The Nag Hammadi Scriptures

29a. Jesus said: If flesh (sarx) came into being because of spirit it is wonderful.

If spirit came into being because of the body

it is exceedingly wonderful.



through the forced rain

trampled without thought

bending her elegant bow

abandoned to rot

lying alone she trembled

her color fading fast

the cold creeping about

her future lucidly cast

unable in any way to hide

unwilling to spiritually stray

her natural light shines

before a pallet of gray

her sole purpose ingrained

giving life to others fully

God’s Glorious plan

her soul purpose Holy

never waning once

grasping no longer growing

now quenched of thirst

faithfully she’s glowing



nesting in your soul

just beneath a cloudy day

right above a dried up creek

lies a motionless rubble strewn path

covered in weak branches

chipped at boulders

and burnt sage of all colors

waiting foolishly stubbornly

for a deluge

to save them

to meet their need

to relieve its loneliest limb

down to it’s deepest root

but the clouds won’t give

and the water walked away

the very same moment you did

So… Congrats to me!

anniversary for blog, started in 2012


Evidently March of 2012 I started this blog, and have managed to keep it going for 4 years! Congrats to ME! lol You have to understand, being ADHD, this is quite the feat. I normally last about 2 years doing anything, before I’m bored and move on. This includes any type of exercise, sex, work, or play I get involved in. I’m not joking in the least, most of life has come and gone for me. I’ve lived in 10 different states, and only plan on leaving here… for Alaska… but still haven’t talked my self into that one… it would be a one way trip, I’m sure. lol  I’ve had so many different types of employment, from military to factory worker to secretary to field geologist, security officer…hahaha… to property manager, postal worker…eeeek….and that’s just what I can think of off the top of my pointy head… good Lord!… not counting motherhood of course… and I can’t remember how many there are… at least 20 or some awful amount I‘m sure.  My running record is 3 years max at any one job. Well, other than writing, of course. I mean a job that pays!

And you know what, I could care less that I don’t have a huge pension coming from some company I slaved at for 30 years… doing the same damn thing over and over and over again….by now I would have blown my head off! Jumped off a tall building, something… to bring life into me. ha!  I say congrats to all of you who have managed to do this… I wish you luck… and a happy retirement.  But for me… I LIVE FOR TODAY BABY!

I spend all my extra money on playing, because saving more than $5000 is ridiculous in my book. Money is always losing value, you can’t trust the stock market, or bonds even… so I say “have a blast”!

Anyway, sorry, got distracted there…hahaha I said ADHD!!!

So, managing to keep this blog up and running… well, I have to say… I owe it all to you! All of YOU!!! out there, who comment sincerely, I love you all!!

I also thank GOD, YHVH, The One and Only, for inspiring me to start it, and gives me the words when I ask. He gives me ALL my poetry for Him, even helps me write other stories, He inspires my stained glass, and steadies my hand for photography, but mostly… HE GIVES ME PEACE AND JOY!!!  Like nothing else I’ve ever found.

You ALL make my day! You give me inspiration! and you give me FRIENDSHIP I can’t find anywhere else!




life seems heavier

balanced across our backs

holding us in place far longer

than the welcome was intended

moving forward in some small way

blends into a more fluid journey

a flow of experiences too deep

and too powerful to imagine

how easy it is to transcend

watching or standing still is useless

supporting the bulk of inertia

lumped together with reality

surrounded by perpetual motion

results in veracious roots

clinging to rotting vegetation

in a disturbed current

collapsing into an avalanche

of loneliness

soiled in the past



the blues of winter marching away

into amethyst skies and mountain peaks

d’amore blossoming to be sure

Not a Soul


not a soul around to hear

a haunting call in the wind

drawn into brushed clouds

vanishing in a single stroke

the world below too far

to care to feel to see to hear

the song of silent space

whipping by in an echo

of voices of time of shifting

drifting in a seamless flow

of paint on a canvas gliding

across an ocean of blue heaven

one gust away from beyond

where the stars reach out

brightening a shining lure

to fill the emptiness aloft

the loneliness soaring high

spreading outward in infinity

the sound of yearning singing

of one hope

one dream



not a soul around to hear


Without Rest


yes the love of writing

layers upon my soul

the petals of a rose

could never the less pull

my heart spilled in a mess

letters dancing without rest

a ballet of pages swirl

with grace faintly blessed

one voice tipping the right

another swaying low

flying across a stage

in my life merely billow

back around growing light

a moshing of thoughts flow

from rainbow shades of hope

to a whirlpool of sorrow

tinted words twirl wildly

my mind a flowing banshee

a pirouette of fonted words

plie’ding to be set free



The most beautiful couple I know… my nephew Josh and his new lovely wife Steffi!!

Both stars dancing in Ballet’s around the world! Bless them for many many years, Lord!

They just make life beautiful!


The Window Frame

mountain 1

the window frame sagged

her finger trailed through dust

the floor rose up in a swirl as she passed

the ratty piece of carpet lying just here

and there

along with the memory of clattering dishes

burnt onions and a hunched vacuum cleaner

still plugged in

Perry Mason arguing a case

echoing behind naïve voices arguing a case

floating on the mites fleeing for cover

as the ancient desk filled the room

struggling to hold up

the rainbow of folders and fluttering notebooks

flying their way to the floor

one by one

some finding refuge on the paisley cushion

crushed into a canoe and now home to mice

becoming a new roof on a den

but the pen

chewed cap still in place

lay amongst her life

listing as her last thoughts lay beneath

… eyes blurring she blinked the words into focus

“YOU completed me… still, they suffered. Why…

didn’t You tell me?”

a sigh escaped as a rolled and worn sheet

leaped with hope

tapping once before finding rest

while its turbulence chases a fur ball

into fleeing for the sunshine

through the front door swinging wide

and following its own dream

of becoming a butterfly


for Jeannie XXOOO

Winter Strength

beauty in winter

fingers trailing

flowers on a railing

tangled ropes

into strangled hopes

washing away the bone

      of a faceless stone

pounding tears

casting mirrors

confessing rage

carving a new page

in a river of deepest chill

      do you have the will

      do you

The Power

rocks with water 2

the power

to move mountains

one rocky bit at a time

begins with a tear drop

or two

cast together

shameless and unswerving

lured by a deep desire

becoming a legion


by a singular longing


picking up speed



unable to resist

only restrained

by reflection


a tiny grain slips away


by another

and another





So… I was thinkin’….



Ever since I took this picture, I’ve been thinkin’ about using it for the cover of my second novel, Long Before Time.  I have to resubmit my novel if I want to sell any more copies, because it was attacked by a viscous virus and I lost the original version. It’s tragic yes, but I’ve been wanting to rewrite it for some time now, because as much as I loved the story, it wasn’t very exciting, or poignant, or anything much really, other than my thoughts. I’ve never felt like it was finished… and I would really love your opinions here…. keep in mind…. the old photo didn’t get submitted at the right dpi, so it was blurry to boot. If I used it again I would make sure it wasn’t blurry this time, but I just can’t decide. This picture speaks to me. And it looks like a scene in my novel.



Thanks wordpress!

spider and flies and house

Have you all noticed… actually registered in your mind… how as you stroll through the myriad of others’ blogs, absorbing their takes on life and what is happening in their lives…. that your brain is triggered into inspiration???

I find being on wordpress has literally expanded not only my knowledge of events and life around the globe… but I am inspired daily by you all!!! New ideas come flooding into my mind as I read through everyone else’s blogs. It is making me a better writer!!

I think maybe for just a second or two … we should all stop what we’re doing… and think about life before the internet… as writers; were you all writing daily, in your own way… or were the dreams of writing hidden behind the rest of your life?

Until one day… bamm…. you discover wordpress… and began for the first time to really express your inner thoughts and desires… to have a voice… even if only one other person hears it…

I truly believe that the internet is bringing us closer as a global species… yet farther away as a family. We spend hours glued to laptops reading and watching others living life… missing out on moments with the lives in the next room… to draw closer to the world as a whole.

Maybe a hundred years from now, if we haven’t blown ourselves to bits, we can look back and say… this saved the planet. This… communication on a mass scale from every corner or round spot on the planet to every dip and dimple. Surely now… we will realize how we are all the same… all human… all hurt… all need love…

But I love being inspired with new ideas each day, even if I don’t have time to write about them.

So THANKS WORDPRESS… well done! and thanks to all the other writers, artists, photographers, and crazy people who inspire us all!


It’s NOT halloween yet!

spider and flies

Little Miss Debi sat in her Chevy

eating her hamburger and fries

along came a spider, sat down beside her

and said,

“Can you pass me the ketchup… for my flies?”

(at this point in the conversation I was fleeing the truck, and all you could really hear was AAAAAAA!)


the Bridge

me on bridge best

thoughts stretching out

reaching for hope

traveling on… and on

to the next bend

over a mount of wisdom

but then beyond

around the corners

of swelling peace

across an overpass

formed as abundant love

leaping into the sky

banking on a wing

and turned into a bond

that only wants to be free


arching past time

is knowledge

the arch in a bridge

between YHVH’s fingers

and his current mold



after all the petals are dried

and twilight turns into a deep rust

shadows linger and grow tall

creeping across in a frosted breath

cold is felt beneath the bones

when wind no longer simply dusts

but chills the green to blood red

painting the beauty of autumns death

Me Lil’ Bistro





This is what I did to my kitchen wall a few weeks ago… I covered it in cigar boxes!!

I have a tiny kitchen, so I thought I would dress it up!

I used the back side of wall board, it had a weave pattern on it that was made with fibers. Then I spray painted them to look like cement. I tried to line up the boxes in relatively straight lines, but they were all different sizes, and my walls are no longer straight. I love the texture of it all though. I got all the cigar boxes for free from the casino.

This is what happens when you live alone and have no one but cats to entertain you!!!





her hands wrinkled veins

dangling from a stem


has come and gone

her age spots soon merge

into truth

Where Autumn Lives

spider with clouds blowing past

where autumn lives

glooming above the trees

slicing the air with chill

sinking deep into stone

driving a mountain

over the edge

at the speed

of a summer sigh

over another cracked

and broken bluff

of torturous winds

whipping its back

into a beaten serf

too slow to escape

the frosted facade

of slow death

where autumn loves

Looking to God


both looking to God

the sun beaming the way

not quite hidden amongst the rays

now set

your imagination… free

…for Majesty!


I should probably have a sign on the back of my pickup that says, “This vehicle makes sudden stops for Majesty!” I literally swerved at about 45 mph off the road and came to a halt to get this shot. And a few more. I was driving along in the dreary smoke covered hills, worried about the fires that were basically surrounding us. We had one fire to the northeast and one to the southwest. If we hadn’t been camping on a lake, in a lush green valley, we might have left sooner, but we were all willing to take the chance.  Heading back into town to try and check my messages, I came around the corner to this… and my heart flew. Right out the window. You can’t alter pictures to look this awesome. ONLY GOD can! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times…

Nothing is greater than God’s Art!

Have a lovely day all, may God Bless each and every one of you!!! 🙂

First Evening, Utter Peace


all about the water

swaying all about

birds obviously at their computers

tweeting nonstop

ducks check out my kayak

honking in approval

falcons ripping apart their catch

tend to stare a bit feral

curious and daring all

eyes darting back to me

wondering why I’m not in bed

but floating precariously

all alone in a fading dusk

fish leaping at bugs in glee

splashing rings of happiness

and floating peace across to me

in waves that wiggle my camera

ruining every shot I need

and telling me to enjoy it live

while it’s right in front of me


I cannot

in my wildest dreams

think of anything



except paragliding 😛

Praise God