Proverbs 26:2 “As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so a curse without cause shall not come.”

Happy 6th Anniversary to me…. here on WP. Can’t BELIEVE you have all LISTENED TO ME for 6 years!!! hahahaha
Reblogging this… because I forgot I wrote it! 🙂

Shards Of DuBois

What if all our diseases were created through sin?

Why don’t we think this is possible any longer?

Sure in the old days, preachers and priests alike would go around screaming all day, condemning others, saying your sin is what is killing you.

But what if it’s true?  To this day, scientists don’t know what triggers our body’s basic cells into doing what they do.  They guess, they make theories all day long, but not ONE can tell you why a non smoker gets lung cancer and a lifelong smoker doesn’t.  Not one can explain why a child would get a horrible disease, or why some of the cruelest monsters ever born never get sick.  They say its our immune systems, or our DNA is different; but not one scientist can tell you why your cancer went ballistic and turned malignant.  The only difference between a non-malignant cyst and a…

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