So… this was me in October

Roughing it in Yuma Arizona, as always, hotter than a MoFo, sand storm blowing in our teeth, but hey… it was Mom and Don’s 50th Anniversary… and WE ALL MADE IT!

This picture is the result of my oldest son Brandon taking the shot…


All ten mugging it at 50th in 2017

Who… is of course, to my right! (I’m right behind Ma, next to my sis, Kimmy.) He’s my favorite brother, and I love the shit out of him. Of course, I love everyone in my family, but my bro Kendon has been my partner in crime as far back as I can remember. We have been the black sheep of the family for years, yet neither of us care. We love life, live life to its fullest, and we have a blast.

This is really the only picture I need to mark this occasion. Congrats to Mom and Don! 50 years is a long time for a second marriage. You should see the zoo that is the kids….what we have unleashed on the earth… is chaos in it’s greatest form! Hahaha Way to go Mom and Don!


3 thoughts on “So… this was me in October

  1. Thanks to Facebook, I could recognize you before reading the post. Hehehe

    It’s interesting from a few pictures of you I have seen to note: even though you seem somewhat cheeky in your pics, you are apparently infinitely more mischievous in imagination in person. Hahahahaha

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