One Verse

God spoke just one verse

A line curved by a breeze

One verse became our universe

But He meant for us to please

A poetic creation at best

His license in every tiny thing

One whisper a haunting melody

The next a flock to sing

He spoke our verse into being

Seeing possibilities beyond the old

Only hope and love required

As He draped the heavens in cold

In folds of rainbows without end

He tucked in a promise or two

Colored like unbroken gems

One, His never ending love for you

He hummed a bright blue sky

Then called for an ocean deep

Warming us with a sunny smile

Carefully tending to all His sheep

While Yeshuah gave us only Eternity

For the simple price of a horrible death

Humbly, I thank Him, for I can’t repay

What they stole with His final breath


6 thoughts on “One Verse

    • cut off my internet… ticked off at AT&T, scam artists, corrupt…aaaaaa…. don’t get me going. lol now I have a hot spot on my phone… so I can at least update and blog. Missed you too, sky-walker! where have YOU been??? lol

        • Everything’s already been written… I find myself screaming when I look back and have written the same thing over and over again… just how many different ways can you say, “LISTEN UP PEEPS!” lols have a great day Chris, on my way UP to join the eagles. 🙂

          • Hmmmmm. That’s a scary thing. I’m afraid I fear to even dwell on that thought. You know that may also mean we are incredibly blind to never realize the same truth thrown in our faces a million different ways?
            I shudder.

            But, ain’t knowledge supposed to increase? Ain’t we supposed to get new things and do what’s never be done before?

            Hahahah! You have got to stop making me envious.

            • I have no idea how to increase the knowledge for anyone, other than what I do, which is google the shit out of things… hahaha I love to read the old scriptures… before they were changed… but in the end I say the same thing over and over again. I guess I’m burnt out a bit, can’t think of anything new to say… so inspire me! Go find a paraglider and go tandem with them, and FLY!!! 🙂 THEN you’ll have something to write about!

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