I’m Plum Tired


What is Plum Tired? Is it a knock-off of ‘Plain,’ a slur, possibly? It was something my Grandparents and Parents used to say, only when they said it, it sounded like Plumm Tard. I’m curious where the word originated, and may just have to google it… lol  Kind of like Tee-ToteLin Drunk and Given ‘em What For. What?? Although I do find it fkn hilarious when people ask me how I am, and I answer, “Fine as a Frog’s Hair!” Stops ‘em cold every time. lol Unless of course I’m telling it to someone from the Midwest. They’ve heard it all before. Its also fun to add in a southern accent, so I sound like a hick. lol pretty much how I sounded while growing up in Indiana.

I still don’t get the Plum Tired, thing tho.

My Plum tree doesn’t sag, but then again, it’s only 2 years old now, and this was the first bloom it made this year! It was huge, like a foot wide, with three long points, but unusual in that the bunch of flowers was all on one single stem. I’m guessing I may get ONE single plum off it, too. I didn’t know it had a bloom similar to my Butterfly Bushes, that are now trees, and also my Lilac tree. How weird that all the trees in my yard, have the same type of blooms, all in purple. You’d think purple was my favorite color, which it is… by I had no idea my plum tree had a purple bloom. Now I have three shades of the same flower. I would say it was 3 years old, but the drunk landscape guy weed-eated it the first year. To the dirt.

I planted four or five twigs, 15 years ago, knowing they were Butterfly Bushes, and would have the multi-flower cones in dark purple…but I didn’t know they would grow into two huge trees, that are now almost 30 feet tall. The trunks are a foot round, and look like three twigs gnarled into one. It makes then look ancient, and really cool. The Lilac tree was here when I moved in, but only had 5-9 separate trunks; which has morphed into this multi-trunked mangled mess, with about 25-30 individual trunks, all crammed into a 3 foot circle. Didn’t know Lilac’s grew like that either…and if anyone out there knows, here is question for ya: CAN YOU DIG UP THE INDIVIDUAL STEMS/TRUNKS of a Lilac Tree AND MOVE THEM?? OR IS IT ALL ONE ROOT SYSTEM, AND IT WOULD KILL IT TO CUT INTO IT??  If anyone knows that answer, feel free to chime in… I would love to move them to other parts of the yard, but don’t want to damage it by digging, if it’s not a good idea.

Anyway, like I said, I’m Plum Tired, so off I go to bed, instead of flying… after weeks, it’s nice to have a cloudy overcast day, where I can sleep for 15 hours!  Smile Have a BLESSED DAY ALL, ZZZZzzzzzz

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butterfly on the left, lilac on the right, although it looks pink in this pic, it’s really a pale purple. this was the end of the flowering cycle, and it was fading into pink.  nice, huh?


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  1. Hmm…what about “Plumb-bob is from 1835. Adj. sense of “perpendicular, vertical” is from mid-15c.; the notion of “exact measurement” led to extended sense of “completely, downright” (1748), sometimes spelled plump or plunk.” So perhaps plum = plumb…resulting in a meaning of “completely tired”…just a random thought.

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