Nothing you do…



If you did a pole on people across the world, how many do you think believe that ‘their actions’ will get them into Heaven? Being a good Christian woman or man; going to church every sunday, giving an entire dollar bill to the homeless guy with the sign, baking cookies for hours to raise money so the youth league can purchase a new basketball hoop, dressing your daughters in matching pink dresses with black paten shoes and your sons in matching suits every sunday, being kind to others, earning good Karma, giving 10% of your income to your church each month, helping to usher or passing the plate, singing in the choir, going to church at Christmas time and Easter, or any other time you want… ETC.

Sadly, you will find that about 90% actually think this is true.

I am here to tell you… you missed the point.

All of those things will slowly make you a better person… but GOD doesn’t care if you are a better person. He will take you as you ARE… RIGHT NOW… and could care less if you are a good person.

The point you missed, was PUTTING GOD FIRST… not the image you want others to see. NOT following others like a lamb to slaughter. But instead, LETTING GOD RUN YOUR LIFE.

Every day, morning noon or night, TELL GOD TO DO WITH YOU WHAT HE WILL!!  Tell God, USE ME today Lord, in any way you need.

THIS WILL INSURE YOUR FUTURE IN HEAVEN… nothing in that first paragraph will do!

(GBAbyG on Christmas Eve, so bummed she got a new unicorn helmet, because her bike is broken and Grammy didn’t know it… bad Grammy…. Gbabygirl forgave me. Smile)

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