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DSCN0630Lil Misster Kitty 9-2016

Lil Misster Kitty… before …                 and now………….  3 weeks later



NOT ONLY for my four cats who are all dying now, but for the evil neighbor who has poisoned them with rat poison, I think. He needs help…and so do his three daughters and wife, who have to live with him. 

The EVIL neighbor, we’ll call him Satan… doesn’t understand … much of anything… but especially the fact that the people who lived there before him had 11 cats, and mine are still trying to claim their territory, doing what they naturally do, pee and spraying all over the place. 

I can understand Satan’s frustration, and disgust, not having pets himself, but there are better ways to make my cats stop visiting his home…. like shooting bee-bee’s at their behinds, which only sting, but don’t maim or kill, or do much of anything but run them off.  Or he could scare them, putting one of my cat traps in the spot they’re peeing in and trapping them, so I know which one it is…and so it also scares them out of going over there again.

BUT NO… nothing humane … he’s an evil asshole who has poisoned all four of them, with Lil Misster Kitty on deaths doorstep.  He went from being a fat little ornery fart, to a skeleton in two weeks, with stuff oozing from his eyes and nose to the point he’s wheezing, losing his hair, not moving … and now the other three are following suit.  They’re dying of thirst, which is the first clue to a poisoning with rat poison, not eating, and running fevers. All classic symptoms, which breaks my heart. There’s no way to prove it was Satan, but they make rat poison to taste wonderful, and Lil Misster has always been a greedy eater. Which is why he’s going first, would be my guess.

I want to put them down so they don’t suffer, but it will break my heart four times over…so all I can say is Please Pray everyone, for them and him… and maybe a tiny bit for me.  You all know… I love them, I hate them, I love them, I hate them…. and on and on.  BUT A CRUEL DEATH like this… NOTHING DESERVES THIS! Well, maybe the neighbor does… still, just say a quick prayer for my kits… at the least, that they don’t hurt!  They don’t seem to be in pain, yet, so I’m waiting… hoping now that I’ve locked them inside the house, they might recover.  But I think it’s a long shot. 

And do add a mention for the evil neighbor, he’s headed straight for hell, a well deserved hell, but maybe if we all pray for his lost soul, we might still save him.  (You go first, I’m still thinking about it… hahaha) No.. I’m serious, it’s about loving your enemies… and not flattening his tires… not spray painting his house with the words “MURDERER”, etc… lol  Can you tell I’m struggling… I am!

Thanks all, and hope you are all having a Blessed Day! Smile


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