if I wrote three stories

all about horrible things

what would that say about me

would you think Iā€™m sick and twisted

or creative

or in a dark place without escape


so if you read four stories

all about wonderful things

what would that say about you

wanting to read about happy endings

or crap

dished up on a plate with whip cream


12 thoughts on “What…?

  1. I’ve had this problem. I wrote a thoroughly unpleasant story about a man who tortured and maimed his wife by adulterating her hair remover cream. The reaction to it was odd.
    ‘How could you DO such a thing?’
    ‘I didn’t. It’s a story. There’s a hint there.’
    ‘But you must have thought it!’
    ‘I’ve written about assassins, hitmen, serial killers, somebody who literally frightened somebody to death. I’ve also written about zombies, aliens, fairies, you name it. I’ve never met any of the abovve.’
    ‘But this, you must have thought about it!’
    ‘No. I’m a writer. I imagined it. It’s what I do. I make up stuff.’

    • Me too, which was what prompted my post… I’ve written three horrible stories about little girls getting taken, and some idiot thinks because I’m writing about it, it must be true. (I was a little girl, once long ago… and have a grand daughter) I write a lot of true stuff, but I also do fiction… which I love best. So now I can’t decide if I should post the last horror story or not, because it worries me people are that stupid.!! the name of the site is “WordPress” for crying out loud! you’d think they’d get it… but no, I have to post DISCLAIMERs so as to not offend them… because naturally they expect me to always be writing about God, because I do so often. SO NOW, THEY HAVE DECIDED TO RESTRICT MY WRITING…… NOT!!!! not today, or tomorrow! We can’t always write about sunshine and rainbows!!!!! lol that would be just too dull!

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