Not a Soul


not a soul around to hear

a haunting call in the wind

drawn into brushed clouds

vanishing in a single stroke

the world below too far

to care to feel to see to hear

the song of silent space

whipping by in an echo

of voices of time of shifting

drifting in a seamless flow

of paint on a canvas gliding

across an ocean of blue heaven

one gust away from beyond

where the stars reach out

brightening a shining lure

to fill the emptiness aloft

the loneliness soaring high

spreading outward in infinity

the sound of yearning singing

of one hope

one dream



not a soul around to hear



5 thoughts on “Not a Soul

  1. A call in the wind is like a song of silence, Just like an instrumental with no song, with only the invisible instruments playing away… As a space in a long tunnel, the end of which shines up into a bright sunshine, Caresing one’s hope for the unknown, the unseen and unsung.. Your stuff really inspires my immagination… Ricky N

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