…but a drop



my life is but a drop

in an ocean raging

in one bleak moment

tossed under thunder

tears crashing in waves

and stunningly still the next

with the kiss of a breeze

blown beyond my awareness

I reel at the emptiness

as my being is sucked

into a roaring whirlpool

churning inside and out

squeezing my squeals

into moans and stutters

and when my last breath

and my final thought

are suddenly stolen

all I hear

is the ocean’s heartbeat

lapping against

a distant shore


8 thoughts on “…but a drop

  1. My life as a drop against an ocean is just like my life against other lives! Learn to appreciate and co-exist with other fellow humans helps us to navigate safely through these vast ocean of lives! And let us not make one’s life as a single drop against the ocean of other lives, but one big ocean connecting all the seas and waters together! I just see it differently, but your work seems to be very inspirational..

  2. “….the ocean’s heartbeat” I love that! So beautiful of a description of the huge body of water we call ocean. That very statement made it come alive….to breathe. Great poem!

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