Rise Up


surrounded by indifference

shivering from the chill of their backs

tears fall as if by mistake

the plan had been to be brave

but the weight of ignorant spurning

arms never quite reaching

curving a fresh strong back

soon sparkling with the sweat

from standing tall and strong

for the seeds of love you carry inside

will live on

it shouldn’t matter how you sparkle

as an amethyst forged in fire

in a world of emerald objections

shunned and dismissed directly

from those without enough sight

to see beauty in difference

stand up there is no alternative

you must dig to your roots

finding the truth of your worth

in knowing God makes no mistakes

and the longer you shine brightly

despite the silence of the deaf

surrounding you at a distance

who refuse to hear a new song

rise up my beauty and sing to the birds

for they will take your soul to Heaven


6 thoughts on “Rise Up

    • not left behind, but those who lack the courage to be different and be happy about it!! I think being unique is the only way to go! and I think we need to praise it, to boot! 🙂 course, I’ve always been a one of a kind! lol

  1. Rise up to the fullest and stand tall against those tears and weights! Weariness drags you down and makes you crawl. So just let go, and everything will be alright! Rise up above all your worries and problems! You are very inspirational! We need to have these kind of people in this world! Ricky N

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