Without Rest


yes the love of writing

layers upon my soul

the petals of a rose

could never the less pull

my heart spilled in a mess

letters dancing without rest

a ballet of pages swirl

with grace faintly blessed

one voice tipping the right

another swaying low

flying across a stage

in my life merely billow

back around growing light

a moshing of thoughts flow

from rainbow shades of hope

to a whirlpool of sorrow

tinted words twirl wildly

my mind a flowing banshee

a pirouette of fonted words

plie’ding to be set free


2 thoughts on “Without Rest

  1. Yes! Writing is the eye to your soul! It directs and guides yourself into your inner being. The thing that is so deep, the thing is so high, the thing that can not be expressed in other ways than through writing…… Therefore, keep writing to keep in touch with your soul! An inspiring piece for writer!…. I just add on…. Ricky N

    • Thank you again Ricky! Your comments are wonderful, and I’m so glad you got something out of it. I make a point sometimes to try to write in a way that clearly can have several meanings.. it appeals to people in different ways… and I truly love a good double entendre. It can change the entire meaning of a poem. And I like that you get me. I must say though, I believe that the Holy Spirit is the eye to my soul. It directs me, guides me, takes me so high and is there when I’m low… and usually it gives me the words for my poems. I tend to ask God each time I write a poem, to tell me what he wants me to say… and then it just comes out…. 🙂

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