Wow! another one bites the dust. And I’m one year closer to being dust!!

Hope you all had wonderful holidays, and made it home safely from your new years partying!

I had a WONDERFUL Christmas, with BOTH MY BOYS and an extra girlfriend to boot. Had to work new years, but it’s not like I didn’t get hammered for Christmas… so that was already taken care of!! lol

I have missed you all and your posts, so will try to go as far back as I can to catch up.

After the writing frenzy of November, I … ONCE AGAIN… got a freaking trojan virus!  Wiped my puter out again, and had to go all the way back to my factory settings… losing more than I can admit to myself just yet. I am sick and tired of this virus crap, and would love for you all to chime in with the type of virus protection you use… just one word or two, to let me know yours works well.

I am done with MS Defender, which should be titled MS Pretender! I am done with Norton, too, so don’t bother with those pieces of shit!  I did hear of an AVG or AVI, that was supposed to be really good, so once I find it, I might try it. 

But PLEASE pop in a comment if you have NEVER had a virus… I would LOVE to hear how that happened.

Take care all, and will be posting my usual soon! XXOO


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