1 ryan and guys

In the ICE COLD DUMPING RAIN, 30 degrees outside, on a spike destroyed golf course that was slipperier than an ice rink….


I was so proud to have my nephew Ryan here to race, along with his friend Bernie, who was here two years ago also…all the way from Arizona… to run probably the most difficult race of the year… and do so well. All the teams here were winners already from all over!!

The ONLY winners of this race were the young men who DIDN’T QUIT!!!

It was the most brutal freezing muddy nightmare of a day, and they all made it across the line!!!

It was a team race, a 10 Kilometer muddy ice bath!!! It was to determine who would become All American’s, (I think, am not 100% sure about the race’s title, we were too cold to read! lol) and the winners would have a shot at Nationals… and it was the final race my nephew would run in, before he heads off the Air Force Academy to become a Pilot!!! That’s him there in the dark purple uniform, looking right at me! So PROUD of him!!!

I never heard the results, other than none of our guys would be going on, and wasn’t at all shocked to hear the Washington teams were the winners… because our guys run in this crap all year long! Poor guys from Arizona State wanted to die!

I wanted to die, and I was just a spectator!!!  I had to run to the mall to buy NEW clothes so I could go out to dinner afterwards with my brother and his wife without shivering! We were all drenched to the bone! And FREEZING….and we had clothes on!!!! So while my brother Kris was busy coaching and who is a runner himself, he flew all over the place to cheer the guys, us ladies worked our way towards the finish line.  Anyway, it was fun, my sis-n-law Julie and I ran from one side of the track they were on, to the other, as they made their way around several times, cheering them all on…and nearly gave ourselves heart attacks just trying to do that… run 100 feet… each time… lmao…. we are pathetically old.

Which we did… without slipping down the hills or doing a faceplant!! We were so proud of ourselves.

Even managed to take a few pics before we drowned our cameras!

Anyway… just wanted to post this and say WELL DONE GUYS!!!! ALL OF YOU!!!!

(You know who)