This is what happens…

like Mother, like sons

… when you raise your children on TV. My eldest, the big mouth on the right, and two of my adopted sons and I went to the road show version of the Price is Right this last week. It started around 7:30; we were hammered by 6. I should clarify that… I was hammered by 6. I was the lightweight in this group of 30ish wild young men, who are all single… amazingly enough, and laughed their asses off when they realized I was gone by my third drink.

We had a blast though, me and my boys, well three or four were missing, but we still entertained ourselves and many others, who actually LOVED our SAVE THE BOOBIE’S HOT PINK FOR BREAST CANCER AWARENESS OCTOBER…T-shirts… with THE PRICE IS RIGHT on the front! Still, none of us made it to the wheel, which nearly made my oldest cry!

He so wanted to play the Mountain Climber game so he could yodel! goofballs!

me and me boys

….ending the night like this….

 brandon at price is right


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