First Evening, Utter Peace


all about the water

swaying all about

birds obviously at their computers

tweeting nonstop

ducks check out my kayak

honking in approval

falcons ripping apart their catch

tend to stare a bit feral

curious and daring all

eyes darting back to me

wondering why I’m not in bed

but floating precariously

all alone in a fading dusk

fish leaping at bugs in glee

splashing rings of happiness

and floating peace across to me

in waves that wiggle my camera

ruining every shot I need

and telling me to enjoy it live

while it’s right in front of me


I cannot

in my wildest dreams

think of anything



except paragliding 😛

Praise God


2 thoughts on “First Evening, Utter Peace

    • I didn’t actually paraglide while camping, it was gusting and there were too many fires surrounding us… I’m not insane!!! 🙂 But I might have, just to see them from the air… hahaha there was a fire to the north of us, and one to the south the entire time we were camping, and two others southeast…. we were in a level 3 evacuation situation.. but luckily the wind started pushing them past us, so it wasn’t smoky and since we were in the only green zone, we were fine. made it a bit exciting tho… 🙂

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