Grafted (Travel Theme: Wind)


A lifetime of fury

grafted into a push

leaves rioting

amongst the broken boughs


trees bent in Oregon

Only to be cast off

into a hazy purple mist

where the strong reclaim their home

from what was once a dusky dream

house in fog in Oregon

My trip through Oregon a few years ago… there was no wind in the trees of the upper picture, they grew that way; and isn’t that house too cool? Nothing like placing the house where you get the most shade!  LOL 

This is part of the “Weekly Travel Theme”

Thanks Ailsa, fun challenge 🙂


12 thoughts on “Grafted (Travel Theme: Wind)

  1. In the Pennines where I come from, all the trees grow with the prevailing wind. There’s hardly a straight one to be seen, but if you find one you know you can have a picnic out of the wind. 🙂

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