sprinkles dancing

splatters of life

where will they hit

absorbed in dirt

the top of my head

burst on the window

a million to one

the same odds

you will be eaten

by a great white shark

or hit by lightning

have a baby in a cab

or die by a falling piano

sprinkles that normally

beat up the flowers

danced and slid

across my view

the flowers arched up

embracing the rain

but their love

wasn’t returned today

they barely received a peck

and I was hit by three

three single drops of rain

maybe four

I lost count

as I spun in joy

halfway around


2 thoughts on “Sprinkles

  1. Shards! That was a really fun read, and so full of joy… thank you for this. You made my Sunday morning and now I’m going to play some music and dance for a bit.

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