Oh so stubborn


Oh but he’s so stubborn

wanting to live outdoors

under no man but every man

living off the land

filled with garbage cans

dumpsters and oh ick

how can he eat that

he hasn’t showered

I can smell him from here

shooting the moon

hanging around all day

grazing as if he’s free

through the piles of ashtrays

rolling around

in God knows what

shooing away the flies

swirling in his swirling eyes

oh yes he chose this life

to be free

he chose this life



6 thoughts on “Oh so stubborn

    • The only heinous crime is the one he’s committing all over my heart. And I don’t blame him in any way. His stepfather is the one who gave him his first hit of meth… he’s the one I’ll go to hell for, for not being able to forgive.

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