Hey God, can you hear me now?


I must say, I’ve neglected my writing for two months now… because I am getting ready to SOLO for the first time… just like the guy in this picture. I haven’t had time to do anything, because our weather has been just glorious, if not a bit gusty, but perfect for learning to paraglide on most days.

So I wanted to say, sorry all, but my site and the poetry and any novel work has been pretty much ignored…. because I have always dreamed of flying and now my dream is about to come true.

My instructor, who is my good friend also, is a 5th level pilot instructor and we have flown together so many times, he tells people I’m his “frequent flier” and I actually get frequent flier miles discounts! He saved my life one time when a beginner pilot almost hit us, so I trust him with my life.

But for the last two months he had me training on a racing wing, because of all his students this year, he thought I would be the one most able to learn to fly it, mostly because when we fly together he lets me take the controls and play around in the sky.  He only had so many wings to loan out to the other students. So grumbling and complaining that he was trying to kill me, I learned to fly his racing wing, while everyone else used the beginner wings, which are designed differently. He assumed after I mastered his racing wing, all other wings would be so easy I would be able to fly anything… and well, that was not the case.

I honed my skills on this racing wing, to the point where I could kite it, which is what we call flying them on flat ground, without using my hands. It was great, I could get it launched in the air, and then direct it with just my body, not needing the breaking lines in any way.

And then…. he broke the news to me that I would not be allowed to use the racing wing for my first solo flight, because legally he could lose his license if I did, because legally I must use a beginner wing as a first time pilot.

Bamm! He set me up with a nice new beginner wing, and I must tell you, it’s like starting over. They are designed so differently, I am back to square one, and the dream of soloing just got pushed back about two more weeks, I think. I don’t feel confident enough right now to run off a mountain with this new wing, when I can just barely get it launched properly.

Back to ground work I go… and he still thinks it will be easy as pie for me, once I get used to the differences, but I must say, I lost it completely the other day when a huge gusty wind hit it, folded it over, then blew it around me so quickly, the lines actually almost strangled me. The wind kept wrapping me up in it, until the lines drew tighter and tighter, and two of them wrapped around my neck. It not only scared the piss out of me, but it pissed me off like nothing else has in quite some time. If I had had a knife on me that day, which we are supposed to have on us during flight, I think in my anger I just might have cut that damn wing up like a Thanksgiving turkey! I was that pissed. And I would have owed my friend about $5000!!  Thank God, I did not have a knife that day.

But… I am determined to master it, even if it is slow and stupid and seems to have a poltergeist! My other wing was referred to as the Red Bull, because it had Red Bull racing stickers on it, but this new wing has a new nickname, it is The Poltergeist! lol

I’ve even thought about baptizing it with holy water, just in case!! But I don’t have any holy water, so I guess we’ll just say a huge prayer before I solo with it!

Anyway, I just thought I would let you all know, hopefully in two weeks at the most, I will solo, fly like an eagle through the sky…. it is probably the greatest thing I have ever come across in my life… and I recommend it highly! Then maybe I will get back to some sort of normal and start writing again. My poetry has lacked to the point even I see most of what I’ve posted is crap. My second novel will soon be remade, because I might have the time to work on it again, and it got destroyed when the hacker killed my computer last winter, which means I have to resubmit it again, after rewriting it, and the cover will be done differently. The picture was so blurry and messed up, I apologize to any of you who purchased it, you couldn’t read the back of it and it looked awful. So I’ve been slowly creating a new one. My third novel, which is supposed to be a comedy – murder novel, is done for the most part, but still just waiting for me to get around to finishing it, too.

I am still looking for a good artist to draw the cover picture for it, so if any of you would like to do it, feel free to contact me. I’m hoping to get a good drawing of a crazy looking older woman riding a horse wildly through town while ripping her coat or shirt off…. lol… because this is what the story is about. So if any of you would like to draw that for me… I can’t pay much, but your artwork would be out there in the world, and of course you would get complete credit for it, so please contact me if you’re interested. And hopefully in a month or so, I will get back to writing here and leave you all with some much better poems to ponder to boot. 

Have a great day all, and may God Bless You and Yours! Since we have a low pressure system right now, with rain in the forecast, I will try to write something good today… I will try, anyway, and once again hope God will give me the words!

And yes… every single time I fly, touching the edge of the horizon of the sky, I scream to God… Can you hear me now!!!  LMAO   I’m pretty sure He has!  🙂


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