A Rock

castle rock with ridge in front 

“A rock in the road

will not deter my

steps forward,

my soul lightens

the weight of the

world on these


The fine print (& other nonsense)

Tyler C. Pedersen and The Ancient Eavesdropper

(my photo, Castle Dome Rock in Arizona)


10 thoughts on “A Rock

    • OMG IT’S ALIVE….. lol where have YOU been my friend? now that you’re all rich and famous… you been gone so long I had to go to your site the other day just to see if it was still up…. missed you too… and just been getting ready to solo paraglide in my spare time… not had time to write didly. 🙂

      • Paragliding! That’s awesome, Shards. I’m not rich and famous by half, just busier than all get-out at the moment. Look, I better see you up in the sky when I gaze upwards…

              • Oh my gosh Deb – I just saw that. And that both terrified and exhilirated me. Weren’t you a little concerned that there were so many people up there already? Is it that easy to steer? How the heck do you land???

                • that’s one of the greatest fears up there, like on the day I went, I waited in line to go after 10 others, most students, who don’t know how to steer… like me…. which is truly scary. It’s not easy, but doable, and don’t ask my opinion on landings… mine was near death. lol I came in to the landing zone too low, and ended up just a foot or so above the treetops, freaked at the earth coming up at me… and then turned at the last moment, a 180 right turn, and seesawed twice 20 feet above the earth before landing. IT was awesome!!! lmao…. thank God no one video’d that! but I took lessons and practiced kiting the wing on flat ground for 2 months before jumping off the mountain!! and landing isn’t hard, its more about having a large enough space to land in based on your ability’s.. that has no trees, no stickerbushes, no water… etc. but that’s what practice is about… with friends nearby to call 911! lol

                • You are way braver than me, and I totally respect that. Being a foot above trees… I would have lost it, I know I would have. I have a horrible fear of heights, and I always thought that something like this would cure me – if I had the nerve to try.

                  Shards, you should totally post the video to the blog and let people see this. I think it’s inspiring, and totally cool.

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