As I drove away from work this morning, I had to stop and take this…. it says “serenity” to me.

Good Morning All. Have a wonderful day. Give a stranger a hug. Stop and give that homeless

guy a couple bucks. Love someone. Someone you don’t know. Your entire day will be peaceful.


4 thoughts on “Serenity!

  1. wonderful words…help someone today, even if it is a dollar to help with a meal, even if you don’t know if that will really go for food, it is what YOU do that counts most. we must not give up on our brothers and sisters of this sad world.

    • you got that right, sister!! 🙂 my X used to get so mad at me when I’d give money to the homeless, always saying they’d spend it on drugs and alcohol… but you never know… it could be the amount they need to go take a shower, and go to a job interview… or it could be the only food they have that day!!! which is probably why he’s my X! hahaha

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